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Fuzzy Wubble

Fuzzy Wubbles are stuffed plush animal toys which can be rolled, tossed, and cuddled due to their squishable inflated structure. This product uses the Wubble Bubble Ball, the properties of which are similar to those of a blown bubble. At the same time, the toy has the durability of an inflated ball and has the size of 24-30 inches to ensure that the elasticity and stretchiness. It is claimed to stay durable even when inflated to its maximal capacity. These animals can be squeezed, stacked, tossed, and contorted. However, they can be also rather delicate after the week of purchase. According to the manufacturer, this product is made from three-quarters of a pound of plastic but once you inflate it you will get the feeling of a lightweight experience. The plastic is actually a contrived synthetic rubber that does not use phthalates, Latex, PVC, BPA's or any other harmful substances. This makes the toy great for children to play with. The company behind the product claims that all the components fall on the medical spectrum.

Fuzzy Wubble comes with a pump that can be used to inflate the toy. The pump features a fitted nozzle for the small Wubble. But generally, the product can be inflated with any high volume and low pressure pump with a fitted nozzle. It should be noted that the pump works slowly, so you don't need to worry about the risk of overinflating the product. You can easily pump it to its maximum size. Fuzzy Wubble is available in six characters - Lulu the Panda, Pixie the Unicorn, Daisy the Pig, Ollie the Monkey, Roxy the Husky, and Bee Bee the Cat. The manufacturer plans to introduce more new characters in future. Before we dive into the other characteristics of the toy, let's take a look at the company behind the product. They are called NSI International, Inc. and they make other toys for children including marbles, slime, brite and other products. The official website is low-informative when it comes to the details about the manufacturer. You can contact by sending your message to help@wubbleball.com.

Customer Reviews - Does Fuzzy Wubble Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Fuzzy Wubble on third-party websites with an average rating of about three stars. The product is associated with many negative points. Since Fuzzy Wubblesare plush animals meant for indoor use, unlike the standard Wubble, they could cause a lot of ruckus in your home. To avoid this, ensure to explain to your children where they can play with it and how they can use their new toy. Another concern about Fuzzy Wubble is its smell once you take it out of the box. It can be compared to a combination of toxic fumes or paint thinner. The product is reported to be prone to holes. Many users found out that the toy was getting a hole just a few minutes or hours after playing. There is a problem with a patch that seems not to restore the product correctly to its former state. It is perpetually leaky too.

There is a number of warnings for you to take into account when using Fuzzy Wubbles. Avoid sun exposure for several days because the toy can get damaged. Its functionality may suffer too. Besides, the product can pop easily if put under pressure from sharp objects. There is oil in the inside of the ball and it should not come into contact with any clothing or permeable surface because it may leave greasy stains. The stains can be removed with water and dish soap but remember to treat the issue immediately. Do not allow children under three play with this toy. It can be dangerous for them. There are many concerns about returning and replacement of Fuzzy Wubbles. You will need to pay a charge for processing a replacement for your damaged or defective product. Canadian customers cannot take part in the lifetime warranty and guaranteed replacement. Unfortunately, you will not have a choice in color, but you will be sent whatever color is available at the moment.

We took a look at customer feedback and most customers report that Fuzzy Wubble is not worth the money it costs. The most common complaint was that it "only lasted several hours or days" and got too many holes. It seems that the company recognizes that the product is not as durable as shown in the advertising videos. They are not willing to replace the Wubble. Many users claim that the product has poor construction, due to which it gets damaged after a few days already. One woman says that it is nothing more than an overpriced balloon with cover. It didn't hold air well. She bought it for her nine-year old daughter who blew it up and it took about two minutes for it to be deflated again. Many people say that these toys are all on clearance. They ask everyone not to waste your money. One guy writes in his review that he bought four unicorn balloons and was very disappointed with their small size. They are also too cheaply made, according to his words. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"My granddaughter wanted one of these Fuzzy Wubbles for her birthday, so I decided to make her wish come true. I can say that it is an expensive balloon. After she played with it for an hour, it deflated. I blew it up again but it didn't last long. Now it does not inflate anymore. My granddaughter cried because the toy "died". It is certainly not worth the money. Don't purchase this product.

"I purchased Fuzzy Wubble for my seven-year daughter but it tends to deflate within 24-72 hours after being inflated, even with gentle care. I will not buy these animals simply because they deflate all the time. And they are very hard to blow up! This piece of junk is not worth the money. It is better to purchase another kind of a toy that will stay inflated."

"My five-year old son was happy to receive a Fuzzy Wubble! It was Bee Bee the Cat. After blowing it up, I noticed that one eye of the cat was painted darker than the other one. It made me question the quality of the product. Luckily my son did not notice that. It took two days for the leg to fall off. The son was disappointed. I paid a lot of money for the wubble and I will not buy another fuzzy wubble. Save your money."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about Fuzzy Wubble, this toy appears to have too many disadvantages. First of all, it has poor quality and tends to get holes really fast. It also deflates all the time, based on the customer feedback. The product may come with defects and often appears to have a smaller size than advertised. Many people who have ordered the product were disappointed with it, especially with the price, because the toy is not worth the money it costs. They claim they wouldn't order another Fuzzy Wubble. The product may not be safe for children under three years of age. Even though the Wubble has a lifetime replacement guarantee it is available for US customers only. Still the company seldom sends replacements. Be ready not to receive what you have ordered online. Many users report that the balloon is hardtop inflate, which becomes even more problematic if you have to do it every day. Fuzzy Wubbles come with a nozzle adaptor. When your kids are done playing with their toy, drain all the air inside of it. It can be stored in a plastic bag. Many customers complain of an unpleasant chemical smell of the product. There is no guarantee that it is easy for use by children. Since the product as so many cons, I cannot recommend Fuzzy Wubble to buying.

Where To Buy Fuzzy Wubble In Stores?

The cost of Fuzzy Wubble on the official website (bigwubble.com) is $19.99. The shipping is free. Not all characters are currently available to buying. Amazon sells one Fuzzy Wubble at the price of $12.28 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.