Gap Credit Card Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Gap Credit Card Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Gap Credit Card

Gap is a company that has long owned a store offering bargains on clothes and other goods. Recently they have presented a Gap Credit Card. It is quite easy to sign up for this card. You can find the card at the register and fill out the application. That's all. Owning a store card is not as simple though. It's associated with a high-risk, high-reward decision that can pay off for a responsible cardholder. This review will inform you all of the advantages and disadvantages of this card. We will also take a look at what other people are saying about their GapCard experience. It should be noted that Gap offers a GapCard and a Gap Visa. We are going to discuss the GapCard, the store credit card that can only be used at the company's stores under the Gap umbrella.

The company behind the Gap Credit Card has been on the market for a while but it has not gained great popularity with the store only. The card has a number of concerns, but at first let us take a look at the rewards it offers. There is one major up-front reward and a host of ongoing rewards. You will get 20% off your first purchase after you get an approval for your GapCard. Actually, you will have only 30 days to use a 20%-off coupon. It cannot be combined with any other discounts. Besides, while you can use your card at Old Navy, Gap, Athleta and Banana Republic, only Gap-branded items are eligible for this discount. You will also get free shipping if you use the discount online. Every time you use your card for purchases, you will get five rewards points for every dollar you spend. Every 100 points are worth $1 and for every 500 points Gap will issue a $5 credit for you to use at their stores. According to Gap, it will take up to two billing cycles for your rewards to show up. They can be redeemed for Gap cash in increments of 500 points. These rewards can be combined with store promotions and sale items.

Customer Reviews - Does Gap Credit Card Really Work?

Before we move to the real customers' reviews, let us take a look at some other benefits the card offers. There are everyday discounts on purchases, according to the official website of the company. You are promised to get a 5% rewards rate on purchases as well as a 10% discount on all purchases made at Gap Outlet, Gap stores, and the Gap website. Remember that this discount cannot be combined with the first-purchase discount or with an employee discount. The 10% discount applies to any item you purchase and not to any shipping charges or taxes. The 10% discount is good to the end of the year but there is no guarantee that it will continue the next year. Besides, GapCard customers have a chance to get a series of scheduled and random discounts including on certain days with bonus rewards rates, some special events with discounts and birthday gift. Another important benefit is that you won't need a receipt if you want to make a return from your purchases with the card.

Big spenders are offered the rewards program called Gap Silver. It is reserved for customers who rack up 5,000 rewards points on their Gap Credit Card. As soon as you hit the mark, you will be provided with an upgraded level of benefits. One of these perks is the code "MYCARD" you can use on checkout to enjoy free shipping on orders from,,, and If you make ten orders a year, you can save about $50 on shipping your purchases. Combine that with the 10% discount on your purchases and you will potentially save $150 (if you are a Silver customer, of course). You will also get a 20% quarterly points bonus. Some other benefits you can enjoy with the Silver program include free alterations on purchases at Banana Republic (except for leather or suede items), sale days, and special invite-only Silver events.

To learnt public opinion about the Gap Credit Card, we looked for online reviews on third-party websites and found out that many customers were unsatisfied with their experience of using this card. Almost all of them were negative with the most common complaints about unwarranted fraud alerts and poor customer service. The fraud alert scenarios and difficulties with customer service are extremely frustrating the consumers. Your card can easily be declined just because you traveled to another state, unless you call the bank running Gap's credit cards to resolve the situation. There are many reports that cardholders had their accounts closed without any notification. Some of these people did not even have a chance to make a purchase. Some cardholders had their credit limit reduced from 500 to 380. Many users are not pleased with the fact that APR was like 26%. Let us take a look at some of the actual customer reviews available online.

"I paid off my Gap CreditCard early, a few days ago. These days, I tried to use it but every time I learnt that it was declined. I called the company's customer service and was said that it takes ten days for the payment to post to my account. When I called I was said that I have a balance of $5 but the rep of the customer service says I still cannot use the card for five more days. What a bunch of idiots! I am going to close this card. I am not a fool to pay in full on time and to be unable even to use it!"

"I have had GapCredit card a little over a year and suddenly they simply closed my account. I paid money on time and I still had it closed. I think credit card companies are interested in customers who pay on time and more than requested. Probably I was wrong. Do not apply for this card ever in your life. I had accumulated rewards and I cannot even use them because they closed my account. I do not recommend dealing neither with this company nor with their card."

"I have had Gap Credit Card for a few months. Although I hadn't received a statement I paid through internet. I paid the full balance on time; however, they charged a late payment fee which was never discussed with me. That late payment appeared in the credit report. Another card was denied because my report showed that I was in "default". This is a team of bastards! Stay away from this company!"

My Final Summary

Before doing a deep research we believed that the Gap Credit Card was one of the best store credit cards available on the modern financial market. It seems to offer generous rewards and discounts on making purchases such as a 5% rewards rate and a 10%-off discount on all purchases made with the card. But this credit card turned out to be not as beneficial as claimed by the company. It is associated with a great number of customer complaints. Many of them report having accumulated a lot of rewards on their card after which it was closed for no reason. The customer service turned out to be completely unhelpful. The card's APR is very high too. Based on our research, we cannot recommend Gap Credit Card.

Gap Credit Card Pricing and Rates

If the rewards and discounts are the card's upsides, it's the fees and rates which are the downsides. To be honest, Gap doesn't offer crazy discounts. The card comes with a 25.99% APR, which very high compared to the cards of the kind. In fact, credit cards with rates above 24% are considered to be the worst ones. If you carry a $300 balance on your Gap Credit Card, carrying that balance will cost you $47.97 w/a 15.99% APR on the Chase Freedom Unlimited and $77.97 on your GapCard. In this way, you will pay $30 more in interest on your GapCard than you will with another credit card, for instance, the Chase Freedom Unlimited, which has a low APR of 15.99%. This rate is reserved for people with credit scores in the 700s but if your scores are in the low 600s, you may get the highest APR: 24.74%. The GapCard's APR has a single APR for both good and bad credit scores. It may not be a good option if you are going to carry a balance but if you pay your balance in full on a monthly basis you will not have to worry about APRs. Late or returned payment fee may reach $37.