Genie Leggings Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Genie Leggings Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Genie Leggings

Genie Leggings are made from a mixture of spandex and nylon, which gives the wearer a slim outlook from under your breasts down to her ankles. What is interesting about this piece of clothing is the use of a unique compression technology which helps to accentuate your natural body curves at the right places. At the same time, this technology hides unattractive fatty tissue and cellulite present in undesired places on the body. These leggings do not cling to your flesh, so you will be able to move freely. As a rule, leggings either support the contours of your body in a positive way or provide a smooth finish to your skin. According to the manufacturer, Genie Leggings can boast both of these features, so you will not need to buy two separate products. The item is made up of the material composed of about 90% of Nylon and about 10% of Spandex. This "fusion" technology gives it comfortable feel and provides proper compression.

Genie Leggings is not only a good problem area solver but also provides adjustable support. The matter is that every woman is made differently, in terms of physiology and anatomy. For this reason, it is important to find the right type of leggings. The leggings we are discussing today come with an adjustable waistline support. It can be moved to a higher or lower position to suit your body type ideally. Another unique feature of these leggings, according to the manufacturer, is non-clingy technology. As a rule, when one wears leggings, there seems to be a pull on one's skin with each move of the body, creating an illusion that they are going to give way or even tear. This tension within the leggings can be very frustrating, especially for women who lead an active way of life and want to get fit. Let's study other aspects about Genie Leggings but at first it is necessary to find out what is known about the company behind the product. There is no information about the manufacturer online. The official website is low-informative.

Customer Reviews - Does Genie Leggings Really Work?

There are quite many customer reviews about the product on third party websites. They are not as positive as the manufacturer's claims about Genie Leggings. One woman writes in her testimonial that she is a size 16/18 in regular clothes. She ordered a three-color pack of regular slimjeggings size 2X without plush lining upgrade. She received her order after two weeks from ordering. The woman was excited to get them but soon she faced disappointment because she couldn't get them over her thighs and butt. Besides, they also sent her the super plush lined ones which she didn't order. According to the woman's words, they don't have a lot of stretch. She asks everyone else not to waste their time and money. You can find better products on Walmart.

Another woman bought the leggings with a 60-day warranty but they began falling apart after around 80 days. She wanted to return them but it was too late. The woman says that cheap $5 leggings last for years, unlike Genie Leggings. One more woman ordered "jeggings" but they do not even resemble jeans and they are not high-waisted. The woman has contacted Genie customer service but it turned out to be rude and inept. She faced a lot of difficulties returning these leggings. Another reviewer writes that she purchased Genie Leggings and their seams started to tear after the first day of wearing. A hole formed in a seam. The customer feels very disappointed and ripped off. One woman bought the buy 1 get 2 free Slim Jeggings. According to her words, the blue pair fits well but the quality leaves much to be desired. They just fell apart after several wears. Another problem was that these two pairs had two different sizes. Besides, the woman waited for her order for two months. She justified the purchase by convincing herself that she was getting three cheap pairs of leggings for $10 a piece. However, size variations completely spoilt her deal. One young lady reports that she purchased a pair of Genie Leggings from Walmart a few years ago. They were great, so she ordered another pair from the same website and was ripped down. It was a defective pair, so the woman ordered another one. The second pair torn just at her work, so that she hardly came back home. The leggings from this brand used to be great but not any longer. Their quality is really poor at present. Another buyer had also horrible experience with Genie Leggings and asks other not to buy this product. The leggings she ordered did not fit right. She ordered buy 1 get 1 free with a full refund. The woman purchased two sets of leggings with a bra for about $80. When she called the customer service to return the purchase, the rep said that she would certainly get her full refund. They kept $32.00 in shipping costs but they were unwilling to work with the customer. The woman is at a loss. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left online.

"I just received my Genie Leggings after I have been waiting for them for more than a month! The product is awful and doesn't even fit me. Poor quality and cheap materials! There should be a law forbidding misinformation in infomercials. The leggings I received don't look anything like those in the infomercial! What a waste of money! Save your money."

"I already have one pair of GenieLeggings. I purchased them from somewhere else but the last pair was not even close even though the brand is still the same. I bought a large size piece but received a very small pair. I am very confused. It seems that the company who manufactures these leggings has no quality control. This par scared me away from buying anything from this company."

"Don't buy Genie leggings. I ordered these leggings quite recently and these are horrible. They feature low waist, although the infomercial clams that their legging have high waist. They are not comfortable at all. I cannot get my money back. At present I am trying to find someone who would want the leggings and I can't find anyone. The manufacturer should be ashamed."

My Final Summary

Leggings can be found almost anywhere these days. They are designed to conceal blemishes and scars over the wearer's skin. Genie Leggings are claimed to be manufactured from superior material consisting of two synthetics; nylon and spandex. However, based on customer reviews, this shaping technology is nothing more than a marketing trick to attract more buyers. There are many other complaints, mainly referencing the poor quality of the product and arrival of wrong sizes. Some users reported that the leggings featured low waist instead of high waist, as claimed by the manufacturer. A lot of customers reported shredding away and tearing with the slightest pressures or exposure to rough surfaces. Thus, the product is not as durable as promised. The only advantage of these leggings is that they can be washed in your washing machine and dried using its tumble dryer (on a cold, delicate cycle). The modern market offers a number of better alternatives. Taking into account all pros and cons, I cannot recommend Genie Leggings to buying.

Where To Buy Genie Leggings In Stores?

You can buy the product directly from the official website of the company or from any of retail stores. The cost of one pair of Genie Leggings is $6 plus free shipping. The official website is There is a thirty-day money back guarantee but you will have to pay for the shipping back.