Get It Free Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Get It Free Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Get It Free

Get It Free is a website that promises to provide you with a number of different ways to save money, including discounted gift cards, coupons, free offers, and strategies from all around the internet. You can buy anything from everyday to luxury things and services, including grocery and food items, popular restaurants, beauty products, etc. The company claims to offer new money-saving offers during the same day, in addition to a big collection of informative videos and articles to help you get more benefits. Would you like to get anything for free? I think it is always pleasant to get something for nothing. But does Get It Free really offer the products for free? We are going to learn this by taking a look at how its website works.

At its most basic, the official website of the company contains five major money-saving sections. Coupons have to be printed and can save your money at the register on some definite products. Freebies are offers that include grocery items, food products, beauty products, and services for household items, etc. Deals allow you to have deep discounts and big savings on a variety of products. Travel Deals allow you to find other websites for car rental, hotel, flight, cruise, and vacation package deals. You will also find some other travel deals, including price, location, and some included amenities. Sweepstakes give you the ability to win almost everything, even cars. No matter which section you are browsing through on the website, you will see if the offer remains active and how other users have redeemed the offers. This is because many freebies, deals, and coupons can be removed once a definite number of customers claim them. Besides, they have an expiration date.

Customer Reviews - Does Get It Free Really Work?

Most users of Get It Free Really claim that it is very easy and convenient to use. When browsing through the Coupons section on the site, just click on the scissors icon underneath the coupon you like. This will clip it, which is very similar to adding things to an online shopping cart. After you have finished browsing, just print the coupons you have "clipped". To do it you will need to click on the Print Coupons icon at the upper part of the page. Before that you will need to download Get It Free's coupon installer, which allows printing coupons from your computer. You can find Get It Free account on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can follow the company to learn when a new deal is added. If you are not into social media, you can get email notifications by signing up.

Initially, Get It Free was created with the goal to help consumers to get free, or almost free, items. Because of such a noble nature, its website appears to have a mostly positive online reputation. People do appreciate the opportunities given to them. However, there are a few negative customers' opinions too. The most common complaints reference the fact that the site sends too many emails and the company's representatives make phone calls after you have redeemed a deal. In general, the company and its official website hold an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. Believe it or not but there are only three closed complaints, all of which focus on excessive phone calls and emails. We are going to explore this complaint in detail a bit later. Now it is high time to take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

"I really love GetIt Free website. I have redeemed a few items from this site already and I am going to continue using it in future. I haven't got them all, but have got most of them. I didn't do any surveys and I succeeded to use this website correctly. I am sure that anyone with common sense can easily understand this site and work with it. Everything is clear and transparent. I completely recommend this company and its site. Even though I use several other sites, this one is my favorite!"

"I am completely satisfied with GetItFree. I try to check the website several times a day, and I have already received free items. It is not correct to say that you should apply for multiple free items at a time. Usually I choose free makeup or cleaning supplies. As a rule, I want some specific items. It is so pleasant to receive items for free."

"Get It Free does allow me to receive free samples. It usually takes them several weeks to arrive after requesting them. All of the samples I have received were just awesome! The only thing I don't like bout the company is a big number of emails and phone calls. Usually I ignore their emails and do not answer phone calls. What I have received includes hand lotion, shampoo, creme rinse, feminine items, cat food, dog food, bumper stickers, etc. I would recommend this website to my friends."

My Final Summary

After having learnt everything about Get It Free, I can say with confidence that this website can really help you get items for free. But you probably know that nothing in life comes free and you may still need to pay for using the official website. It is important to mention that redeeming anything on the site may take you to another website. You will be able to fulfill freebies and deals by entering your contact information. As it was already mentioned that the most common complaint related to the company is excessive phone calls and emails to the customers. It can be really annoying but it can be explained by the company's desire to keep their customers informed of new tendencies on the website. Get It Free provides a place to post these deals. Even third-party companies can be engaged in these practices.

Some people are not pleased with the fact that Get It Free collects their personal information but this doesn't mean that the company will necessarily pass it to third-party companies. Actually, according to the website's Privacy Policy, they can share your information with other companies for promotional and marketing purposes; however, there is no evidence that they really do this. None of their customers has ever received phone calls or emails from other companies. The great advantage of the company is that you may give them only some basic information. This will ensure that your information is safe and secure. In addition, the official website provides some great tips on how you to get free products without any hassles. For instance, you can set up a new email address to be used only when redeeming free offers. Taking into account all pros and cons of Get It Free, I do recommend this website and company.

Get It Free Pricing and Rates

You can sign up for a Get It Free account completely for free. It should be remembered that you are not required to sign up to redeem deals and freebies. If you have any concerns or questions about Get It Free, just contact the company's customer service by calling at (619) 519-7933. The professional and polite representatives will consult you on any issue. I am sure you will benefit a lot.