Gettington Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Gettington Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Gettington is an online retailer that provides a great variety of goods, including women's, men's, and children's clothing, baby and children's products, kitchen and bath goods, accessories, furniture, fitness and sports items, electronics, and much more. The company is based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to the official website, Gettington is created for family and their needs. Remembering, the company makes a great effort to be in contact with their customers, by offering them budget-conscious goods through online shopping completely hassle-free. provides more than 20,000 products that are used by all families of any size.

The company tries to do their best to encourage interaction with their clients. For instance, Gettington. Such customers are provided a 10% coupon whenever their family members or friends click on the link. The latter will also receive a 10% discount. Besides, claims that they participate to random acts of kindness - they send virtual "Goodie Bags" to their clients, which can include links to secret sales, promotional codes, special merchandise, and even freebies. The customers are encouraged to check their goodie bags frequently, as they may come with expiration dates. To better understand how the company works and if it is worth cooperation let us take a look at the experience that real customers have with Gettington.

Customer Reviews - Does Gettington Really Work?

In fact, you can find a great number of customer reviews about the company and its services on different websites online. Overall, most people appear to have a very good experience. Thus, Gettington is mainly associated with positive customer feedback. However, the only negative thing was the staff's inability to put in "promotional code" during checkout. Still, the customer presupposes that he could have missed it himself. Most customers are grateful to the company for making worthy purchasing products. Shopping is made without any hassles and stresses. Most customers report that they really enjoy with their experiences with the website. They seem to highly appreciate the quality of the goods offered by Gettington. Many users claim that they are happy with the wide range of products and a great number of hot items. It seems that everyone is hunting for them but they are still available. The customer service offers responsible and helpful people who are always ready to resolve any of your issues and answer your questions.

One customer writes that he has bought products from Gettington for more than five years and he still remains very satisfied with the service. He would certainly recommend them to anyone, according to his words. The man feels grateful to the company's staff for always being there when he needed their help or just to find something special. He loves the website, their products and services! Another pleased user reports that it was really easy for him to check out. The website is also easy to navigate and use. At presented he has a great experience with Gettington. He often buys products from this company and is satisfied with the shipping rates completely. The man does the payments every month and says that it is very easy to do. The next customer who is just in love with the company says that he shops on their website each weekend. He is happy with always great products, their shipping process and service. He can always find something that fits his taste and preferences. The only complaint of his is that there is lack of responses.

As you can see, most customers are fond of shopping with Gettington, while some of them have been doing so for a few years already. The only problem you may face while shopping with Gettington is absence of some product, for instance high end sun glasses. However, there is a large selection in men's and women's clothing. It would be a wonderful idea to take a look at what actual website users think about their experience with the company. Here are some of their testimonials.

"I don't understand why there are negative reviews about Gettington. I really love shopping with this website and I am just pleased with their customer service. I have never had any bad experience with this company, all of the staff are polite and helpful. The products they offer are much cheaper than in other places like Fingerhut. The quality of the products is good. In my opinion, the prices are similar to those at Wal-Mart. but Gettington credit plans come with lower interest rates than those at retail stores."

"As soon as I signed up, I got on line on Gettington and ordered two items. Both of them were reasonably priced and had high quality. My purchases came six days earlier than expected. That was great because I was looking forward to seeing my goods. I was completely happy with what I ordered. Everything has gone smoothly and I am going to continue shopping with this website. Don't be afraid of buying anything from this company, you won't regret. Thank you for the fast delivery."

"Gettington website is really very easy to use. It was easy to place an order on line. I did not even need the help of their customer service. I am ready to give this website and service five stars. They sell worthy products at reasonable prices. The shipping and handling are not expensive as well. I absolutely love shopping with this company and I will continue doing so. You are going to appreciate their low interest payments. By the way, my credit score has gone up due to my making on time payments. I would recommend this website to my friends."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that Gettington is a reputable and highly appreciated online store. It can boast positive overall customer reputation. Most people using the service appear to be satisfied with it. They are free to choose the necessary items from more than 20,000 products offered on the site. The company follows a family-oriented approach that helps customers to stick to their limited family budget. In addition, the company offers high level of customer interaction, including occasional "Goodie Bags" and discounts for sharing via social networks. Another advantage of Gettington is that it provides easy repayment terms and financing options. The customers can also benefit from flexible refund and return options.

If you are not satisfied with any of your purchase, Gettington is ready to process a refund or exchange for most items. They must be returned within a 30-day period of purchase, in the initial condition. After the 30-day period returns require prior approval. It should be kept in mind that the company does not return money for items returned after 180 days of buying them. Besides, handling and shipping charges are non-refundable. If you have any questions about refunds or anything else, contact the company's customer service at 866-688-1091. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can undoubtedly recommend Gettington.

Gettington Pricing and Rates

According to the company, they focus on helping families to stick to their budget, which is why they offer two in-house payment options with the use of their own credit card. You can also make payments through standard credit cards. Fast Option will help you to repay your loans faster with lower payment amounts. The APR is 14.90%. Easy Option can extend your repayment for up to 24 months. The APR is 19.90%. Payments are segmented into 5.5% of the balance (or $20.00).