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GloPRO Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY GloPRO Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The GloPRO MicroStimulation Facial Tool is a microneedle device made to injure and renew your skin in a gentle manner, revealing a brighter, firmer, and smoother appearance. How does this patented treatment work? Well, the device uses 540 stainless steel "MicroTips" designed to form little channels in the surface of skin. Due to the use of LED light this allows your skin to be peeled off, so that your cream and serum can deeply penetrate your skin and result in a more radiant complexion. The manufacturer of the product claims that one minute of this treatment three times a week will decrease age-related skin issues for a long period in future. It is said to be a non-invasive and painless procedure, but we will check it up later in this review. For better flexibility, each GloPRO subscription comes with two MicroTip head attachments (body and facial), which means that you can use the tool on any part of your skin.

What differentiates GloPRO from other beauty products available on the market? Let's take a closer look at how it works. According to their YouTube video and the website of the company, the use of the GloPRO microneedling skin roller of the device involves three basic steps. First, you will need to plug the device into an electrical outlet. You can also use the batteries that are also included. Before starting the procedure (it is better to do in the evening), clean and dry your skin. Roll the facial tool across your cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. It is recommended to use moderate pressure between four and ten times for each area. You can fill the included Sterilizing Spritzer bottle with alcohol to spray down the MicroTips after each pass. When you are finished, apply your facial lotion onto the skin within 60 seconds while its channels are still open. There is no information about the company behind the GloPRO device online.

Customer Reviews - Does GloPRO Really Work?


According to the official website, their device was the 2017 Editors Pick Award Winner from totalbeauty.com. It has also been featured in Vogue, the New York Times, and Allure. However, all of these articles were written mainly about the process of microneedling, and the GloPRO was just mentioned as an example of home treatment options available on the market. Nevertheless, the device has become rather popular after it was launched on the Home Shopping Network March 31, 2016. Many units were sold out on the very first day. Customer reception was much less enthusiastic on third-party websites, such as Amazon. The device has got just about twenty reviews from real users that averaged three stars. While some users were happy with the product saying that it was efficient and quick to use, the others said that the procedure caused them much stress and undesired reactions. Some customers noted that they didn't see much difference after using the GloPRO for four weeks of, and said that the device was overpriced when compared to microneedle devices without a LED.

The author of the article on Allure.com found the method less painful than expected and that the device helped her to get a glowing skin after three weeks of regular use. In fact, the company promises that you will start seeing positive results after four to six sessions already. This claim is not true for everyone. The GloPRO device is not limited to use on face only. The company's website reports that its body attachment head is suitable for any other part of your body, including your chest, legs, and even backside. Are there any risks associated with the use of this device? According to the New York Times article, microneedling may increase the risk of infection, especially if it gets rolled through an irritated skin or an infected hair follicle. To avoid this, it is recommended to treat the tool in alcohol after and before each uses. However, there is no 100% guarantee that alcohol will kill all pathogens and germs. There is also a risk that using the device can cause an allergic reaction to the cream or serum you use after the procedure, because it will penetrate directly into the damaged skin. For this reason, some dermatologists do not back us the in-home use of the GloPRO but they recommend professional microneedling treatments, when the specialist can control serum application. Let us take a look at what actual users of the device are saying about their experience of using this method of skin treatment.

"I was very excited to buy the GloPRO device. I met a vendor for this product in a department store. I purchased the device on Amazon at a great discount. I took before and after photos to see whether it really works. I used my unit as directed on a daily basis but I did not see any big improvement in the wrinkles or fine lines around my mouth. I had such high hopes and was so disappointed! Maybe it works for others but not for me."

"I over paid for Glo pro $199. Now it is much cheaper. This upsets me a lot. This method has not improved the condition of my skin, even though I have used all the provided instructions. I feel really ripped off and like a fool. Do not waste your time and money. My face has not improved in its look and feel. This staff cost me a lot of money. I wish my money back!"

"GloPro is too overpriced! There is no point for the LED aspect and no reason for such a high price. One minute will not give any improvement, as promised by the manufacturer. You need to use it at least three minutes for optimal results and no less than twelve weeks. If you want to buy a good LED tool, this product is not for you, especially as you get older and have certain aging issues already. Save your money for a high-quality device better."

Where To Buy GloPRO?

There are two ways to get the device on the GloPRO website. You can sign up for the "Subscription Benefits" by paying three installments of $49.99 each. The shipping will cost you $7.99. The order comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee and a bonus Body MicroTip Attachment Head. This attachment is designed to improve your skin's texture on your thighs, kneecaps, arms, and buttocks. The automatic enrollment program means that you will receive a new Body MicroTip Attachment Head and Facial MicroTip Attachment Head every three months for $19.95 per month plus $4.99 shipping. You can also buy the GloPRO without the Body Attachment Head for $199.

My Final Summary

We didn't try the GloPRO device ourselves, but we made a thorough research of the most recent articles, news and professional studies about microneedling. It can be concluded that this method of skin treatment is becoming more and more popular in the fight with skin-aging signs. It is widely used by professional dermatologists and can be found in many home-based products. Speaking about the GloPRO, it should be said that it is not the best microneedling device available on the market. Our research for reviews has shown that many users are not pleased with their purchase at all. The device doesn't always work as claimed and can even cause a number of allergic reactions. In our opinion, it requires more scientific research and improvements.

Microneedling can be beneficial for better collagen, but the research for the GloPRO device is very limited. When we contacted the company's customer service, we received a copy of the results of their summary survey, but no hard research. If you are interested in microneedling, you should look for another home-based option that would provide better results at a lower cost. The GloPRO device may be risky to use, thus it cannot be recommended to purchasing. The only positive moment about it is that the company offers 30-day refund policy.