Gotham Steel Double Grill Reviews - What Is It?

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Gotham Steel Double Grill

Gotham Steel Double Grill is relatively new product that features a raised grilling surface with ridges. If you flip this grill over, you will find a flat and large griddle surface. It has a built-in basin for storing grease. The device is safe up to 500 degrees. It uses "ultra-strong" ceramic and titanium to deliver non-stick properties of the cooking surface on both sides. This surface never scratches even if you are using metal utensils. The manufacturer of this grill claims that you won't need any butter or oil for cooking food. And it will slide right off very easily. According to the company, Gotham Steel Double Grill is ideal for any stovetop and is dishwasher safe for cleanup. It contains no PTFE/PFOA/PFOS and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Another great feature of the product is that it is constructed from titanium, an incredibly strong material. Another characteristic feature of titanium is that it is exceptionally lightweight. As it poorly conducts heat, the grill can maintain high temperature for a long period of time. The Gotham Steel Double Grill can be bought at a reasonable price, so it is affordable for almost everyone. But is this product really worth paying the money it costs? Does it really possess non-stick capabilities? Let's try to answer these questions by looking at the users' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Gotham Steel Double Grill Really Work?

There are numerous testimonials about the product on different websites on the Internet, including Amazon and HighYa. The team of the latter website specializes in reviewing ASOTV products, including Double Grill, however, it hadn't had enough time to get many online customer reviews. The good news is that other product of the company, such as Double Pan, Steel Pans and Knives, have gained great reputation among users. There are nearly 60 reviews on these products had an average rating of four stars. Speaking about Gotham Steel Double Grill, it has a great number of user reviews on Amazon. Common compliments cited great performance, non-stick surface, good customer service, etc. Of course there are a few complaints but they seem insignificant.

Most people who have ordered and used Gotham Steel Double Grill are quite satisfied with this product. They are pleased with the construction of this device. It is made from high-quality titanium and ceramic. Due to these materials it is very durable and will serve for many years. For this reason, most people think it is a product that is worth money. if you are looking for a good grill, you should take into consideration some of the next users' testimonials. Those people are sharing their experience of using this product.

"I just purchased Gotham Steel Double Grill last weekend, and I have used it a few times for cooking different foods. I was very glad that there is no need to use any type of grease, oil, or cooking spray. But what is more important that nothing stuck to its surface. I used this grill on my stove top. It is easy to clean and maintain. I cooked eggs and cheese omelet on it. Nothing stuck to it even though I didn't use any oil or grease. Even my sausage patties did not stick like they usually do on my other pans. Pork chops didn't stick either. I would certainly recommend this grill to my relatives and friends. I would like to buy the bigger one in order to be able to cook more food at a time, like fried potatoes for my big family!"

"I am very satisfied with my Gotham Steel Double Grill. I ordered it online, got an email verifying my order, then another email informing me of the shipping date. The product arrived a day earlier than expected. So, when it arrived, I went online to look for some easy yet delicious recipes for the grill. Unfortunately, I found some complaints about this product too. I was upset, but I decided to go ahead with dinner. I grilled lemon slices, chicken, and asparagus. Everything turned out delicious, nothing stuck to it. The device washed up easily. I prepared asparagus with a small amount of olive oil. All those complaints were fake ones. The grill is worth buying. I'm looking forward to using it again."

"Gotham Steel Double Grill is an excellent over the stove grill. I am a bit shocked with the negative reviews for the product, because I cannot find anything bad about it. I bought my grill yesterday from Walmart for $19.88. Today I used the grill for the first time. I grilled some chicken breasts, and I am pleased with the results. They came out tasty with nice grill marks. The food did not get stuck on the grill, even though I didn't use any oil. The breasts were easy to lift and turn. It was not difficult to clean up the grill too. I am going to cook some eggs next time. I would definitely recommend this grill to my friends."

My Final Summary

Let's quickly recollect what we have learned about the Gotham Steel Double Grill. The device contains a significant amount of titanium, a strong material that can maintain high temperatures longer (which is good for cooking food on the grill). It is a unique non-stick stovetop grill that can cook meat, fish or vegetables without any oil or grease. You can easily make hot dogs, chicken, and hamburgers on this grill and be sure that nothing will stick. This product is really amazing, according to numerous users' reviews.

Speaking about the cost of this product, it is necessary to say that it isn't expensive at all. It costs just $20. This is another advantage of this grill. For some people, money is the main motivating factor, so they would not hesitate to buy the Gotham Steel Double Grill. Shipping charges aren't high too. If you are looking for a high-quality grill from a reputable company, you should consider ordering one. Be sure, it will provide you with healthy and delicious food fast and with less calories and fat.

Where To Buy Gotham Steel Double Grill In Stores?

The product can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer, as well as from the number of reputable retail stores including Amazon. The price may vary from website to website. The official website offers one Gotham Steel Double Grill for $19.99 plus $6.95 shipping. At checkout, you will get an opportunity to purchase a set of Ti-Cerama coated Gotham Grabbers for just $6 shipping. This Double Grill comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can request your money back by calling their customer service at 844-822-2346.