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Many modern businesses are operating without the use of too much paper, but the classic business card remains in style even these days. This kind of printed material has been subjected to changing with the times, since a number of services offer an opportunity to create your own card design. GotPrint is a printing company based in the USA that offers printing custom online business cards and a web-based card-designing tool. Most of the competing services offer you printing of standard rectangular and square cards, but GotPrint allows you to choose oval, circular, and leaf-shaped cards. You can also benefit from the services of professional designers. The company boasts having the lowest entry prices when compared to similar services from other companies, so it is worth considering. Beside business cards, GotPrint prints every type of paper product including banners, greeting cards, brochures, catalogs, calendars, flyers, stickers and folders. The company can make non-paper printed objects such as magnets, DVD cases, aluminum or PVC boards, mouse pads, T-shirts, and puzzles. GotPrint provides Every Door Direct Mail, or USPS EDDM service allowing you to blanket a neighborhood with no need to make a mailing list. The company offers professional design services that start at $39 for up to two images (graphics or logos), and basic copy with up to eight revisions.

GotPrint allows designing your own business card. The design of business cards' interface is clear. There is a column of buttons across the left, so you can easily add text, images, shapes, and clipart. You can choose from numerous templates that are organized into certain categories like Sports & Fitness, Food & Beverage, and Real Estate. There are no style filters like classic or modern, and the designs are not as stylish as those offered by MOO. However, GotPrint's interface is more capable than that at MOO. You can add image and text boxes to your preferences, as well as move and resize them if you wish. You can type in WYSIWYG mode or in a text box. You won't be able to snap text entries to align with current ones, which makes designing easier. A color picker allows to match colors to your images. The font selection is somewhat limited (26 available), but in most cases that's enough. Before submitting the order, you will need to accept a proof of your project. You can view a checklist of your actions, such as the safety zone, bleed line (the print edge), and resolution. For additional money, you can order a PDF proof with a 24-hour turnaround. Then your design needs to be approved. Then you will need to choose a shipping method. If you can any questions, you can contact GotPrint by calling at 877-922-7374.

Customer Reviews - Does GotPrint Really Work?

The major company's goal is to provide convenient and fast service of high quality at a reasonable price. GotPrint is associated with numerous testimonials from real customers of the company. Most customers are satisfied with the results and print quality. Thus, one man reports that his cards arrived via UPS Ground after four business days. The packing materials were somewhat better than Vistaprint's outer box, but not as chic as MOO's box and double-padded envelope shipment. The outer box from GotPrint had foam rubber that held the inner one, while Vistaprint had looser packaging. The GotPrint cards were made from hard cardstock and the printing was black and sharp, and the colored logo was rather vivid. The more luxurious cards arrived in double-box packaging in a box with flowers printed inside it. The quality of that order was very high, since the cards were made from thick three-ply Trifecta cardstock.

What customers really appreciate about GotPrint is that it is one of the printing companies offering the lowest cost business card printing services online. Its design tool operates well online, it is functional and its design templates are rather stylish. The company also prints a large number of other project types, and offers professional design services at reasonable prices. The quality of entry-level business cards is very good when compared to other tested services. The final job is usually well executed. One guy writes in his online review that he ordered banners for their VBS at their church. They were highly satisfied with the job and now they are doing another order for their Fall Festival banners. According to his words, the company offers some of the most affordable banners that can be bought. The quality is pretty high, the shipping is fast. The man says they will definitely make purchases in the future. Their customer service is perfect too. One of the company's reps managed to walk the customer through downloading template to make the banner of the proper size in photoshop. In general, the man and his friends were pleased with the service.

Another man reports that he has been a customer of GotPrint for many years already and he loves the company a lot. They demonstrate real professionalism and high quality of products. The man has referred many of his friends and has never got any complaints. The price policy is reasonable, the products are somewhat more pricey but the shipping fees are much lower than those from the competitive companies. Overall, GotPrint provides excellent services. Another customer claims that this is one of his favorite vendors. He uses their services at his office. He likes the fact that ordering online is fast and easy. Their prices are always great. The quality is always excellent and turn around times are fast. The customer has placed over ten orders with the company and has been happy with each of them. GotPrint has long-term customers too. One woman reports that she has been using their services for over fifteen years. I always addresses the company because they provide phenomenal deals and the client is sure he will get what he orders. At present the man is rebranding his business, so he is glad to come back to this printing company again. Here are some more actual users' testimonials found online.

"This was my first time of using the GotPrint website and I liked using it since it was easy and clear. It was snot at all difficult to create the design of my cards. I have made them the way I wanted. I also appreciated the fact that they had an active promo code that made my order even cheaper. They even offer an option for group shipping. All this makes it the most affordable option ever. I will definitely use the services from the company again. these guys finally did it."

"I like just everything about GotPrint - their comprehensive website, the wide variety of products and services they offer, the free sample provides with their products, helpful customer service and great design tools online. The only thing I don't like is the cost of shipping. Even the shipping of small print products is surprisingly high. It has a negative impact on my budget. But in general, I like their business cards."

"GotPrint is the best printing company ever! They have good turn-around time, fast shipping, reordering options, and reasonable pricing. I appreciate the ability to order the services and products online. The delivery was in the proper time, which is the sign of a responsible company. Even though I have never created my own cards, their site was so easy to use that I understood how to do it. Thank you for getting me through the process."

My Final Summary

GotPrint is a reputable printing company that offering in-browser postcard design and business card services. It is a private company with the high customer rating online. What differentiates GotPrint from its competitors is the perfect online card design tool and the fact that their services are inexpensive. The card-designing interface is very good. It has everything to create a nice design of business cards. The only drawback of GotPrint's card builder is that it doesn't remember your last font choice. Even though it offers less modern templates than some competitors, their products are much cheaper. The company gets you business cards at a lower price and a decent design interface. Most customers are satisfied with the quality of the products sold by GotPrint. Some of them have used the service for over ten years and remain constant clients. The company has been great in terms of quality of print jobs like business cards, bookmarks, brochures, and post cards. Taking into consideration all pros and cons of GotPrint, we can recommend addressing this printing company in the USA.

GotPrint Pricing and Rates

GotPrint is considered to be one the companies offering the least expensive card-printing services. They start at just $8.30 for a 100-card job. It is only PSPrint that offers a lowest entry price for cards - $8.06 for 50 cards on glossy C1S 14-pt. stock. Buying 500 cards from GotPrint, you will enjoy the per-card cost that is less than 2 cents, when compared to 4 cents for at Vistaprint, 3 cents at Staples and 3.3 cents at PSPrint. MOO offers batches of 400 and 600. The latter costs 2.5 cents per card. The price for cards of the sportier shapes, such as leaf or square is much higher. The minimal price of 100 cards with the leaf shape is $27.95. Premium cardstock starts at $27.95. GotPrint's shipping fees are quite low. For an order of 100 Standard cards you will need to pay $3.65 (shipping takes 7-14 business days), compared with $5.50 for MOO and $4.99 for Vistaprint. Next Day AM is the fastest option; it costs $21.49. Vistaprint's three-business-day Express service is $19.99 and MOO's next-morning shipping costs $41.75.