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Graeter's is a network of ice cream stores with a long history located across the USA. The Graeter family founded the first store in 1870 and ever since four generations have been committed to handcrafting the tastiest ice cream ever. In fact, everything started from serving ice cream from a cart in Cincinnati and today Graeter's Ice Cream is present nationwide. In 1870, Louis Charles Graeter started selling ice cream and he managed to sell two carts of ice cream per day after hand-crafting it in French Pots. In 1900, he married Regina and moved to 967 E McMillan Street with his wife. There, they started selling ice cream. After being widowed in 1920, Regina continued their family ice cream business and ensured it thrived. In 1922 she opened a new ice cream store in Hyde Park. At that period of time other ice cream companies increased production methods offering cheaper ice-cream, abandoning old traditions. Regina was stubborn enough to continue making ice cream based on their family recipes and selling it in small-batch French Pots. Later on, she was joined by her sons, Wilmer and Paul. During The Great Depression, they bought a factory in Mt. Auburn to bring some happiness to people. Then the World War II started, which caused the sugar shortage; however, they did their best to continue producing ice cream.

Paul introduced a bakery to the ice cream store, which was a great addition in the winter. Wilmer invented a blend of chocolate which he poured into a batch of freezing ice cream. They use this method of making chocolate chips even now. After Paul's retirement and Regina's death, Wilmer's children: Lou, Dick, Jon, and Kathy continued the business. Since the French Pot machines were old enough they started looking for innovations and created more refined and safer devices. Even though they updated the machines, the traditional process remained the same. The family significantly expanded the factory in Mt. Auburn, thus the production of ice cream was intensified. Such expansions enabled them to reach more people. They started shipping ice cream in boxes with dry ice to customers becoming more and more popular across the country. Wilmer's children have passed the torch to the next generation - Chip, Rich, and Bob - who now continue the business with the same high quality and commitment.

Customer Reviews - Does Graeter's Really Work?

Graeter's offers a wide variety of ice cream. Ice cream with Classic Flavors features natural ingredients. It includes Butter Pecan, Cookies - Cream, Dutch Milk Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Oregon Strawberry, Original Salted Caramel, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Signature Chip Flavors, Vienna Coffee and Signature Chip Flavors. The following kinds of ice cream feature their signature soft, large, dark or milk chocolate chips: Chocolate Chip, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Buckeye Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, S'mores, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip, Toffee Chocolate Chip and Fruit Sorbets and Sorbet Mango. Graeter's ice cream is made with real fruit: mango, lemon and raspberry.

The store offers a wide choice of Signature Sundaes including 1870 Tower, Banana Split, Brownie Sundae, Turtle Sundae, Cookie Monster, Buckeye Sundae. There are Homemade Toppings made from premium ingredients: Black Raspberry, Bittersweet, Butterscotch, Chocolate Sprinkles, Cherry Fruit, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow, Pecans, Raspberry, Pineapple, Rainbow Sprinkles and Whipped Cream. You may also order sparkling soda water, shakes and malts made with Vanilla ice cream and homemade toppings, smoothies from blended ice cream and fresh fruit and To-Go-Packs that can be a great gift to anyone you love. Their Ultimate Gift Package is a nice alternative to traditional gifts like candy or flowers. Graeter's Ultimate Gift Includes: cups, napkins, spoons, and an ice cream scooper; Pints of Graeter's sorbet or ice cream. Everything is carefully packaged inside an insulated Graeter's cooler bag packed in dry ice. The gift is guaranteed to stay frozen for up to eight hours. These gift packages can be order from Monday through Friday.

There is a great number of positive customer reviews about Graeter's on third party websites. The clients of the numerous stores across the country are more than happy with the offered ice cream, its variety of flavors and tastes, as well as other foods provided by the parlors. The company also offers fresh bakery. Since they bake fresh items daily, they may run out of their most popular products! To avoid stress, you are advised to order whatever you wish in advance. This is especially a wise idea when making large orders or around holidays. You can make an advance order either by phone, or in person at the store. It is better to place all bakery orders by 2pm the day before you are going to pick it up. Many customer are just crazy about Graeter's ice-cream pies. What makes them so irresistible? According to the official website, they take use freshly baked yellow or chocolate 8-inch cakes, slice them through the middle and place over one pound of their ice cream in between. They make a layer of homemade topping and decorate the sides with a delicious frosting. Let us take a look at what actual customers of Graeter's think about their experience of buying items from these stores.

"Graeter's offers an absolutely new level of high-quality ice cream. Our family recently moved to Cincinnati, and now we cannot imagine our lives without this ice cream. The seasonal flavors are the most appealing to me, but my husband swears by the Black Raspberry Chip. He likes large chocolate chunks made from high quality chocolate. In fact, it is hard to find anything bad about Graeter's ice cream. It can seem more expensive but you definitely get what you pay for! I also love the cookies they bake."

"Graeter's brand is the best one I have ever had in my life! Their ice cream is so creamy and flavorful that I cannot resist my desire to buy it whenever I pass one of their locations. The chocolate chucks melt in your mouth and are so delicious! I have tasted all of flavors they have and I like each one of them but probably the coconut chocolate chip is my favorite one. It contains two tasty ingredients and these guys manage to combine them in the best proportions. The chocolate chips complete the taste just fine."

"I like Graeter's ice cream most of all on Earth! I have never had a flavor I didn't like. My favorite, though, is the Buckeye Chip. This is the most creamy ice cream I have ever tried. In general, all of the flavors deserve trying. The chocolate chunks pleasantly melt in your mouth. The price of this ice cream is quite comparable to other high-rate ice cream brands."

My Final Summary

Graeter's is an American ice cream chain based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company was founded in 1870 by Louis C. Graeter and has expanded to fifty retail locations across the country. The company distributes its ice cream to 6,000 stores throughout the USA. Each of the stores also sells baked goods and candies. Initially, the company offered only chocolate and vanilla flavors and then they started offering seasonal lemon, strawberry, peach flavors, black cherry, butter pecan, coffee, and several sorbet flavors. Graeter's has retained its recipe of combining cream, eggs, sugar, and flavorings. All products are sourced from the USA with the only exception - vanilla is imported from Madagascar. The company has invented a technique of adding melted chocolate mixed with some vegetable oil to ice cream in the end of the stirring process, Graeter's also sells pies made with a 9-inch chocolate cookie crust filled with ice cream, capped with a topping and trimmed with a frosting. Each cake or pie will serve 10-12 people. Based on the customer reputation online, the majority of people adore Graeter's ice cream and their bakery. With this in mind, we can certainly recommend Graeter's every ice cream fan.

Graeter's Pricing and Rates

The Graeter's menu is very abundant, so we will take a look at just some of the products' prices. Turtle Sundae costs $6.25. Double Classic Sundae is priced at $6.25. Double Scoop Specialty Cone can be ordered for $5.75. Frozen Drinks cost $4.95. Double Scoop Dish is priced at $4.95. Traditional Dish can be bought for $4.45. Extra Topping can be added for $0.75. Bottled Drinks (20 Oz) are priced at $1.89. Ic Pies cost $34.95. The price of Chip Wheelies is $3.75. Major League Sundae can be bought for $5.25. Brownie Sundae costs $6.25. Large Double Dip Soda (24 Oz) can be ordered for $5.50. The price of Large Milkshake (24 Oz) is $6.25. Specialty Sundae costs $6.25. You can buy Double Scoop Sugar Cone for $4.95. Single Scoop Specialty Sprinkle Dip is priced at $5.50. Double Scoop Choc Dipped Waffle Cone costs $6.25. Extra Scoop can be bought for $1.20. The price of Cookie Monster is $6.25. Traditional Classic Sundae is priced at $5.75. Medium Milkshake 20 Oz can be ordered for $5.75. Single Scoop Specialty Cone costs $4.75. The price of Big Scoops is $3.75. You can get Extra Syrup for $0.75. Ic Cakes are priced at $34.95. Kid's Sundae can be bought for $4.75. 1870 Tower is priced at $6.25. You'll give the same money for Banana Split. Medium Double Dip Soda (20 Oz) is priced at $4.75. Small Milkshake (16 Oz) costs $4.95. Single Scoop Sugar Cone is priced at $3.75.