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Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a higher educational institution that was founded in 1949 and specializes in online and campus-based education. Actually, this is a private Christian university located near Phoenix, AZ. It has more than 100 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. The college is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It can boast holding program-specific and college-specific accreditations. These include Teaching and Education Administration, Business and Leadership, Psychology and Counseling, Nursing, Health Care, Theology and Youth Ministry, MBA and EMBA, Health Sciences and Pre-Med, Liberal Arts, as well as Performing Arts and Digital Design. If you are attending another college at present, but you would lie to transfer to Grand Canyon University, it is quite easy to transfer your credits because they meet all necessary requirements.

Just like other online universities, the major goal of the university is to provide busy individuals having jobs and family commitments with higher education in the most accessible and affordable way. They do it by bridging the gap between campus-based and online learning. Their Angel technology gives everyone access to course staff information, syllabuses, discussion boards, tests, assignments, and supporting materials. Grand Canyon University offers flexibility in the studying process in terms of the assignments, tests and pace. Online discussions are mandatory and the schedules must be followed, though. Courses are taken during sixteen-week semesters divided into two eight-week segments. This structure allows students to focus on one topic and to get the maximum benefit from each of them. New classes start every two months and all exams are taken electronically. The college provides all video and audio coursework through their iTunes U channel. A student is recommended to devote 10-12 hours per week to studying.

Customer Reviews - Does Grand Canyon University Really Work?

During our research we have encountered a surprising number of customer reviews on different website online. They appear to be mostly positive, as the students are amazed with the opportunities provided by Grand Canyon University. One student reports that he was hesitant to start an online program at first, but he wanted so much to get his bachelor's degree. At present, he is beyond happy with his knowledge. Now the young man plans to pursue his M.Ed. through the same college. His supervisor and advisor were always available when he needed their help or had a question. Another student writes that she is an online student in the Master of Science in Professional Counseling program. She confesses that it was easy and effective to get enrolled. Her enrollment advisor, Derek Harada, was available to guide the woman through the process. She is also grateful to Professor Sheia Dwyer who was helpful, organized, and informative. Her enrollment advisor even gave her a phone call to contact her whenever it is necessary. And her professor gave this student a phone call because she was worried that she wouldn't pass the online class successfully.

One more student reports that this is the final week of his online class, and he feels sorry that the class is coming to an end. His positive experience, as well as high quality of instruction make him recommend Grand Canyon University. The young guy feels that his critical thinking skills, paper writing skills, and research ability have improved significantly. To his mind, you won't find another college with the same caring and knowledgeable professors. Another student graduated from the University of California Irvine but she claims that Grand Canyon University is much better than her traditional classroom experience. Professor Sheia Dwyer asks thought-provoking questions during all class making you think all the time. Of course, the work is challenging, and one needs to work hard sometimes. Despite this, many former and current students would definitely recommend this university to their friends! Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews found online.

"GrandCanyon University has been great for me. I am satisfied with the pace of the online MBA program and the course content. Even though group projects are a bit challenging for me, I try to succeed. My professors are helpful and responsive taking their time to deal with my assignments and posts. I do not use their financial aid and loans, so I cannot say anything about those services. But my student services councilor has helped me a lot."

"I am involved into an online program with Grand Canyon University, but I feel like I am in the classroom. I have very positive impression from the professors who present the material in an easy and comprehensive way. I am looking forward to the next classes and my dissertation process too. I am highly pleased with everything about this university and I do recommend it to everyone."

"Grand Canyon university is a great college with excellent professors but a little challenging program. The program I am covering at present requires 20 hours per week. I have not gone through dissertation yet but I am waiting for it. The online structure of the university is easy-to-understand. Most of all I like their learning environment and different teaching methods applied. You should give it a try."

My Final Summary

Grand Canyon University comes with a new "cohort-based" online learning model. It gives an opportunity to collaborate on a number of core courses with other students, and then to emphasize individual areas. In this way, students are able to receive the necessary support, develop lasting relationships, focus on one course at a time, expand their knowledge, and plan for graduation. All of the university's full-time and adjunct faculty are properly trained to meet special needs of online students. The video tutorial answers the most common questions and resolves possible issues that online students may face.

Grand Canyon University offers a wide variety of programs for you to choose from to guarantee success of your future career. You may be challenged by the courses, so you should be aware of the necessity to work hard. Nevertheless, you are always given enough time to complete the assignments. If you need financial aid you can address the specifically created team online. Student web page is comprehensive and easy to navigate. According to many customer reviews, academic advisors are just amazing and the teachers are great. If you want to get high quality education online Grand Canyon University can be a perfect option for you. Don't hesitate.

Grand Canyon University Pricing and Rates

Based on your degree program and your military status, tuition and fees for the university can vary a lot. Online undergraduate degrees cost $350-$465 per credit hour, while online graduate degrees are priced at $495-$600 per credit hour. You can get Doctoral graduate degrees for $630 per credit hour. Current military personnel have the right to use discounts. Thus, Undergraduate will cost them $250.00 per credit hour; Graduate is priced at $400.00 per credit hour, while Doctoral costs $598.50 per credit hour. In addition, Grand Canyon University offers students loans, grants, and scholarships.