Granite Rock Pan Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Granite Rock Pan Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Granite Rock Pan

The Granite Rock Pan is a nonstick pan from the company called Emson. It is made from aluminum with three coatings of a granite rock finish that is claimed to be incredibly sturdy. According to the official website of the product, this frying pan comes in different sizes including the 10-inch, which is the most popular one. There is a square pan if you prefer this shape rather than the round one. The website of the company was registered in March 2018, which means that the company is rather new and probably should not be trusted to the fullest. The website claims that the inner layer of the Granite Rock Pan is made from high-grade pressed aluminum. In fact, many cookware relies on an aluminum core due to its high heat conductivity. The cooking surface of the pan uses triple food-grade granite layers. There is also a natural nonstick mineral coating, but we will still have to check its performance.

The Granite Rock pan is marketed as a highly durable product that doesn't warp. It can be used for frying, baking, sauteing and searing. You can put it in the oven with a threshold of 500 degrees F. The pan is also dishwasher-safe and PFOA-free. According to the site, the pan is very lightweight and heats evenly. Due to its nonstick coating of granite rock it does not require any butter or oil. It is able to withstand heat up to 500 degrees. It is safe to use with metal utensils too. It seems that this product is just magic. But does it really work as promised by the manufacturer? Is the Granite Rock Pan safe to use? We will answer these and more questions further in this review. At the moment, we are concerned with the fact that the official website of the company contains very limited information about the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews - Does Granite Rock Pan Really Work?

Many potential users may be concerned about the harmful PFOA in the nonstick coating of this pan, but the manufacturer claims that it is free of this particular chemical. At least this is wat the packaging says. In that respect, it is safe but it is not mentioned what its coating actually contains. It should be remembered that many nonstick cookware have PTFE in their coating. They are often advertised as PFOA-free because PFOA has been phased out in the manufacturing process of nonstick coatings in the country because of its harmful effects. PTFE is not the same as PFOA and it can be found in a cookware. So, if you need a PFOA and PTFE-free pan, you are advised to go for ceramic cookware which have none of these ingredients (the Tefal Initiatives Ceramic and WearEver Pure Living cookware).

We have encountered a great number of real customers' reviews about the Granite Rock Pan on third-party websites, but many of them appear to carry a negative character. They say this pan is far from non-stick. According to the ad on TV, it can fry an egg and it slides right out. This is not true, based on the photos posted by real users of the product. Don't believe the nonsense you can see on TV. One disappointed woman reports that she fried eggs on this pan as shown in TV commercial. Eggs did not slide out. The woman tried to turn eggs over but they were stuck to the pan too much. It was hard for the user to get what stuck to that pan afterwards. Another honest review says that you will still need oil to fry on the Granite Rock Pan, otherwise your food will stick to it. This pan does not have a smooth finish; it has a quite rough texture. Any food sticks to its surface. It is horrible. Many people returned this product to the seller but not each of them managed to get their money back for these or those reasons.

One buyer reports that she just received her pan and the first thing she tried to fry on it was a egg. According to this user's words, it stuck to the pan so much that she had to scrape it off. The woman is going to send it back to the manufacturer but it costs $10.00 to return it. She asks everyone not to buy this pan. You will be disappointed. Another customer writes in his testimonial that he never used this pan without oil and he never used metal on it. Nevertheless, eggs started sticking by the third use. It is even worse than the cheap Teflon pans the man had bought on Amazon before. He gave two stars to the product for value. Even on the lowest heat the eggs stuck, as it can be seen from his photo posted on Amazon. Let's real actual reviews of the users of the Granite Rock Pan.

"I ordered my Granite Rock Pan from Amazon and I have used it only twice just to see that both times my eggs stuck to the pan. By the way, I preheated the pan on the stove, as recommended by the manufacturer. To my mind, this pan is not worth the $95.95. I regret having wasted the money on this product. I will never buy another Granite Rock product."

"I purchased the 9" square Granite Rock Pan. The size and the shape seemed to be just perfect for me, as I needed it for making two hamburgers. My complaint is the handles; they are too skinny and thin. I can't grasp it and hold easily. Most pans have thicker handles to grasp. I am an old man and it is a problem for me. Anyway, this pan doesn't work as promised. Sorry to have purchased it."

"I ordered my Granite Rock Pan in December of 2018 and still have not received this product yet. I thoroughly studied their site but there is no contact information. I cannot contact the company to request a refund or anything. I think this is a scam. Do not deal with this company."

My Final Summary

Granite Rock Pan does not appear to be the product that is advertised on TV. It is linked to many complaints from buyers. The major one is inability to get their eggs to slide out of the pan as advertised by the manufacturer. The eggs stick to the cooking surface even when a lot of oil or butter is used. Do not expect to cook without any lubricant on this pan. Food gets stuck easily and almost immediately. There are also buyers who found the pans to be too sticky. The Granite Rock pan can hardly be called a nonstick pan. It is unable to pass the egg test.

Many buyers share photos showing burnt and stuck food. Preheating does not help either. Many users had to scrape their food out of the pan. It is not that easy to get a refund from the company. To send your purchase back you will have to pay $9.99. This does not guarantee that you will get your money back. There are several customers who have ordered the product but never got it. There is no way to contact the company, so you can forget about your money. Based on the online Granite Rock reviews from real buyers of the product, I cannot recommend this pan to anyone. The modern market is full of high-quality nonstick cookware you can opt for.

Where To Buy Granite Rock Pan In Stores?

You can order the product from the official website of the company. The 10" Granite Rock Pan costs $19.99. the shipping is free. Every order comes with a free Egg Pan. You can find a 12" square Granite Rock Pan at Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.99. If you use a 20% coupon you will be able to buy it for $24. Amazon sells Granite Rock Pan (10-inch) at the price of $19.70 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.