Green Gobbler Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Green Gobbler

Green Gobbler is a drain opener produced and sold by the company called Telebrands. It is said to be safe for all pipes and EPA-approved. The product comes in pre-measured packages, so you will only have to pour it into the sink and add some hot water. As a result, all the hair, grease, paper, soap scum, and other debris are "gobbled" away. According to the official website of Telebrands, this company has been in the "As Seen On TV" business for more than thirty years. Their average rating is B, due to some complaints of the customers.

Green Gobbler works due to its proprietary formula that is considered to be "eco-friendly" and safe for all kinds of pipes, including copper, PVC, and metal. It is mentioned on the official website that this product can be used with septic tanks and garbage disposals. It is also EPA-approved. Green Gobbler comes with a detailed list of recommendations and instructions. All you will have to do is to follow the directions thoroughly. This product is effective enough to clean any clogged shower, sink, or tub. Any kind of debris will be easily dissolved. However, to understand whether this product is as effective as claimed, let us have a look at what real users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Green Gobbler Really Work?

You can see a great number of users' reviews about Green Gobbler online. There are both positive and negative opinions, but the number of praises prevails significantly. Many people say that Green Gobbler worked for them. One woman from Texas writes that their double-basin stainless steel kitchen sinks got clogged and no traditional methods really worked to dislodge these clogs. Neither snaking the drain from the inside nor removal of the P-trap worked. Then this woman's friend recommended her to use Green Gobbler and she used a single dose (8.25 oz) packet to see wonderful results. It should be mentioned that the woman skipped the initial Instructions for Use, however, everything worked perfectly. By the way, for tough clogs, it is recommended to use two packets of the product and let it stand in drain overnight. In the morning just flush it with a lot of hot water. You can use boiling water for better results.

Another reviewer writes that her husband used Green Gobbler in the morning and it proved to be very effective. He poured about ten gallons of boiling water down the drain and he also ran cold water for a few minutes. The results were perfect, the clog was dissolved completely and they didn't need to call a plumbing company or contact the water district. The product worked very well. Another woman says that her house is very old. It has a septic tank that was replaced about a year ago. But they haven't replaced the drain lines in the crawlspace yet. It is needless to say how much build up was created inside. This has led to slow drains and hairballs clogged in the shower drain. After the woman added Green Gobbler to the shower sink drains and tub drains, the problem was solved. To her surprise, the drainage got just great.

Another American woman reports that the product is wonderful. She has had a plumber come twice a year for the last thirteen years only. Her mother in law purchased this product from QVC and it was a real blessing for her. Both women highly recommend Green Gobbler to everyone. The next user of the product has not seen a plumber for two years due to the product. This is unbelievable. This is the product that really works. That man says that the product worked within only twenty minutes. It can be used on a regular basis. Green Gobbler is much easier to use than cleaning drains with the old-fashioned methods. The only disadvantage of the product is its smell. It stinks horribly, that is why it is not recommended to stay in the room where it is being used. In fact, it smells like sulfuric acid or rotten eggs. But that main thing is that it works. It is a wise idea to take a look at the actual reviews of true users of Green Gobbler. Here are some of the opinions.

"Green Gobbler is a great stuff! We used this product on a drain that had been clogged for a few weeks. We had tried everything but nothing really worked. We left the stuff overnight and in the morning we checked the results. It has worked ideally. Recently we used the stuff for our toilet that backed up. The results impressed us again. I swear by this product and recommend using it as a preventive. Take half a pack in sink drains with hot water and keep them running smoothly. You will like the results."

"My toilet clogged so much that no water passed. So, I tried a lot of different methods including Liquid Plumber, plungers, electric snake, Drano, and other, but I saw no success. Then I called my mother to share my problem and she told me to buy the Green Gobbler. I used packets of the product and followed all the instructions. The next afternoon, I flushed it with a bucket of scalding water and was surprised how easily the clog was gone. This stuff really works."

"I had a slow drain in the sinks of my kitchen and bathroom since I moved into a new apartment. I was very disappointed with the apartment at first but then I decided to look for a solution. GreenGobbler worked better than any other product I have ever tried in my life for improving the drainage. I put one packet of this product into each of the sinks, left for several hours and flushed with hot water. Both drains were cleared. By the way, I did not notice any awful smell in my apartment after using the product."

My Final Summary

Green Gobbler is a perfect solution for many drain problems, as it works fast and effectively. It is said to be an "EPA-approved" product. It contains sodium hydroxide as its main ingredient that is considered safe. This home remedy does work to open clean drains from different kinds of debris including hair. Green Gobbler comes in pre-measured packages, which makes the usage very easy and effortless. All you will have to do is to open one package and pour it down the drain with hot or boiling water.

The company behind the product, Telebrands, has an average rating, which means that the company can be trusted. To my mind, Green Gobbler is a perfect drain cleaning alternative that will help you also prevent clogs in future. People who have tried this product are pleasantly surprised with the results they saw. They had their drains opened. Another advantage of the product is its reasonable price. It can be bought at Home Depot for only $9.95. Green Gobbler is worth the money it costs. This is my choice from now on. I can certainly recommend buying this home remedy.

Where To Buy Green Gobbler In Stores?

Green Gobbler costs $12.99 . Telebrands offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, but you can get your money back only if you return the product unopened and unused. It is important to add a written explanation as to why you did not like the product.

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