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GreenLight Loans

Greenlight Loans is a direct lender based out of Irvine, CA. It has been in business since 2001 and promises to provide refinance and new mortgage loans at great rates with fast, personalized service and customized options. Each client is provided with a dedicated mortgage professional who takes care of every step of the way. You can also get a pre-qualification letter the day of applying. Greenlight Loans provide a wide variety of flexible financing solutions approved by HUD and FDA, as well as financing for bank-owned homes. Those solutions can be closed in just 30 days. If you are looking for a new mortgage or refinancing options, you have probably heard the same claims from other lenders. But what differentiates Greenlight Loans from other companies of the kind?

According to the official website of the company, they offer diverse 10-30 year refinancing options and mortgages. Let us have a look at each of them. Fixed and Adjustable Rate comes with a lower interest rate, shorter terms, and monthly payments. FHA is suitable for individuals with the credit that is less than perfect and those who have lower equity when refinancing. HARP provides the ability to reduce your payment or repayment terms, with more lenient underwriting, no or little equity required, and no appraisal needed. In addition, Greenlight Loans is a preferred lender of Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's programs, which can help you to buy a bank-owned home at a lower price. The company also cooperates with to help you find the ideal piece of real estate.

Customer Reviews - Does GreenLight Loans Really Work?

There are a lot of testimonials of real clients of the company. Some of them are positive, while others are negative; however, the number of positive reviews prevails. People like the work of the company, its services and the customer service. They say that the staff or the company is really professional, knowledgeable and attentive. In the most difficult situation they will find a way out. Hundreds of people are pleased with the help of the Greenlight Loans just at the moment when it was necessary the most. One woman writes that no lender agreed to give her money. She was in despair, but the company came to help and resolved that poor woman's financial problems. At the time of our research, there were several customer complaints too. The most common of them referenced drawn-out closings and difficulty with the refinancing process.

Greenlight Loans has a 4-star average rating online. It is a rather high rating, I should say. It means that the company's services are necessary to people. They are leased with excellent customer service, little documentation and fast funding process. 5 HighYa readers provided their feedback about their experience of work with Greenlight Loans. They gave an average rating of 4,5 stars to this lender. Common compliments referenced reasonable fees, timely financial help and great customer service. Greenlight Loans together with Nationstar Mortgage, their parent company, held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There were just 44 closed complaints over the past three years. The customers had no problems with appraisals. They could call the customer service any moment and get consultation on their issues.

Let us take a closer look at what real people are saying about their experience with the company. Nicole is extremely grateful to two people, Ryan and Janice, who worked with her. Both of them have contributed greatly in her smooth process during her refinance. At present, she is a Nationstar client and her refinance process was completed less than in six weeks. Richard can also boast an awesome experience with Greenlight loans. He was positively impressed with Jack, a company's representative who patiently explained how the process would go and answered all of his questions. The rep remained in contact with him throughout the whole process. The customer was also pleased with Jorge who handled the approval and final paperwork. Here are some of the actual testimonials found online.

"I desperately needed money half a year ago, so I addressed Greenlight Loans. Believe it or not but the speed of the loan process is just impressive. I was so happy to receive the funds fast. The process closed within two months. All of the staff was kind and did everything to meet my needs. The work environment was also very good. I loved to work with people from this company. Thank you so much!"

"I had great experience with Greenlight Loans with my refinance. Bob Keys and Glenda Ahmed did their best to provide me with wonderful customer service. Both of them were professional and friendly. They worked up to the highest standard to expedite my refinance. We managed to process the loan really quickly. I am very happy with the experience I had with this company. I would certainly recommend it to everyone who needs financial help."

"I worked for Greenlight Loans and I was happy with my job. It was a fun place to work. I learnt a lot of important things and enjoyed being a part of their team. During my work day I talked to borrowers via phone and emails; checked loan documents, funded loans and verified the closing of borrowers loans. I had a strong communication with Loan Officer and kept a good relationship with my co-workers and third party vendors. I managed a pipeline of more than 40 loans. I had to work long hours but I enjoyed my work."

My Final Summary

Greenlight Loans is an unusual national mortgage lender, as it offers more services with less requirements. Be sure that this company will help you whenever you are in a financial trouble. If you are in despair and need money, this company will stretch their helping hand to you. So, you will become happy again. Greenlight Loans is associated with highly professional, educated and patient customer service representatives. They will immediately answer all of your questions. By the way, there are many positive users' reviews about the company and specifically the customer service. The fees are quite reasonable.

According to our research, Greenlight Loans has a friendly sales tactics individual approach. It is recommended to give them a call to insure that they are what you need. Before applying for a loan, be sure to read through their Disclosures section thoroughly. Based on the experience of people who have used the services of the Greenlight Loans, as well as higher mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the company I can certainly recommend them to those who need finances.

GreenLight Loans Pricing and Rates

The company's quotes are free; however, mortgage rates may change frequently. To get an idea of what you will need to pay, you can use their loan calculator. You can earn money by taking part in the Greenlight Loans's Purchase Rewards Program. It offers a Cash Reward bonus (up to $3,100) for working with one of the program's qualified Real Estate agents after closing in return. If you have questions you can contact their customer service at 866-66-FASTER (327837).