Grizzly Coolers Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Grizzly Coolers

Food coolers have become very popular lately since people travel a lot and need to keep their foods cooled. There are many brands manufacturing and selling food coolers but which one is the best? To narrow the amount of choice we are going to discuss Grizzly Coolers in this review. The feature that differentiates these coolers from other brands is their internal ranking system. Grizzly specializes mainly in hard-sided coolers and has expanded their collection to soft-sided coolers (Grizzly Drifter Coolers) and different drinkware products. It can be a great cooling solution for people who are going to stay outdoors for a long period of time, for example, for fishing, hunting, camping, or any other activity. An additional bonus is that this product has impressive durability, so the it is expected to hold up to the possible abuse. At the same time, the product has a reasonable price tag.

Grizzly Coolers have other unique benefits so if you are looking for a high-end cooler you are recommended to check out this review. This kind of coolers has an optimal construction to demonstrate really long ice life. The manufacturer has stated that the product has the longest ice life of any other cooler available on the market. This is a loud statement, especially considering the big number of other cooler brands out there. But only Grizzly advertises a long ice retaining ability, which will make you feel confident when using this product. And there are numbers to back it up. The official website claims that these coolers are able to hold ice for up to 19 days. This is just unbelievable, especially considering the fact that most other cooler brands advertise up to 12 days of ice retention. In fact, this figure comes from their G400 model able to hold over 500 cans inside. We didn't see these huge numbers in real-life tests, but the results were stunning. Most people report that they saw from a couple of days up to 10 of ice life. To find out if Grizzly Coolers are really as efficient as claimed by the manufacturer, let us take a closer look at their construction and what actual users are saying about it.

Customer Reviews - Do Grizzly Coolers Really Work?

Grizzly Coolers are constructed with the use of rotationally molded plastic. It means that they use a single, seamless piece of plastic instead of multiple pieces that need to be attached to one another. As a result, they receive a thick mold without any weak points or leak paths for hot air to get inside or for cold air to get out. It should be noted that the process of roto-molding takes much more time and is more expensive than other manufacturing processes like conventional cooler assembly. It has definitely positive impact on the cooler's performance. Grizzly Coolers are also constructed with the use of a unique material known as Eco-mate 2# foam. It is an EPA-friendly and sustainable polyurethane foam that possesses unbelievable insulation ability being rather heavy. The entire shell and lid are made of this foam to protect your food and drinks in all directions from the outer negative impact. This material is thick enough to guarantee better insulation. In fact, Grizzly has some of the thickest foam walls on the market. This increases the size of the cooler but also makes ice life longer at a small price. Remember, though, that these products are not designed to be highly mobile. They are designed to keep foods cold for a long period of time.

Grizzly Coolers feature an impressive latching system. Generally, a common weakness of coolers is in the latch system because when a latch fails it loses its cooler latch "bite". As a result you can face a gap between the body of the cooler and the lid. It makes it much easier for cold air to get out of the cooler, reducing the ice life. These coolers feature mold-in brass inserts in their latching systems, unlike a plastic mechanism used by many competitors on the market. This technology makes the cooler better performing and longer-lasting. It is also user-friendly, and anyone can easily use a Grizzly cooler. This kind of coolers also use molded hinges with stainless steel pins. Some cooler manufacturers skimp on the hinge and use plastic to save money. The hinge is an important moving part of the cooler subjected to constant strain and stress from the opening and closing of the lid. Plastics can easily crack, resulting in loss of cooling performance. Stainless steel can perfectly handle numerous cycles of opening and closing as well as resist potential rusting.

During our research we have seen a great number of customers' testimonials available online. Most customers are highly satisfied with their Grizzly Coolers saying that they are very functional, durable and not very expensive for what they offer. The customers like the design and the sturdy and thick materials used in the manufacturing process of their coolers. They even mention that the product features a thick rubber gasket saying that the seal between the body and the lid of the cooler is very important. If a gasket is not well-sealed this can allow cold air to escape, reducing your ice life. Grizzly coolers have a thick rubber gasket forms a perfect seal. All of the units are IGBC Bear Resistant. It means that the product can withstand the force of a bear trying to open it! Due to the combination of the stainless steel hinges, the thick roto-molded polyurethane, and the premium latch system, no bear will ever open your cooler. Of course, you are unlikely to ever deal with a bear but you may be 100% sure in the quality of this product. It's high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews available on third-party websites.

"Grizzly Coolers are just great! We loaded ours with frozen beef in Minnesota and traveled back through Nebraska, so we arrived home to Texas after five long days. When we came home I checked our meat and found out there was only a small amount of thawing on the outsides of the cooler. We were very pleased about this and with our Grizzly cooler. By the way, it was June and it was hot in Minnesota and Texas!"

"I am very pleased with Grizzly Coolers. The product is solidly built and is manufactured from high-quality materials. I was impressed with the quality, to tell you the truth. Ice retention was about eight days in about 50-60 degree weather. Buying this cooler is a way cheaper than coolers from other brands, especially taking into account comparable ice retention."

"I was not sure about the actual size of Grizzly Coolers Grizzly 165 Quart as they make larger ones too, but it turned out to be a great option for my son-in-law. Last week he took it to Louisiana on a fishing trip and it he told me he kept everything ideal the whole time they were on a trip and back to Birmingham. I do recommend this wonderful product."

My Final Summary

Grizzly Coolers are premium coolers manufactured in the United States of America; thus, they are made with the environment in mind, high-quality, well-constructed and durable. The major differentiating feature of these coolers from those of other brands is the special technology of the ice chest that maximally increases ice life while withstanding the harsh outdoor impact. These products are roto-molded, which means that they are made from a solid piece of hard and tough plastic. The stainless steel hardware is designed in such a way as to resist rust or failure. The hinge is properly molded in place too. Other beneficial features include a 2" drain plug, non-slip rubber feet, BearClaw latches that require no hardware and guarantee a secure grip, and embossed ruler. The cooling capabilities are unbelievable due to the use of a premium rubber gasket and pressure-injected insulation. For better mobility, the cooler is equipped with side rope handles that feature a nylon grip sleeve on both sides.

Grizzly Coolers are available in different colors for you to choose from. They come in 15, 20, 40, 60, 75, 150, and 400-quart options, and are made of metal, plastic, and rubber. Based on the customer feedback online, the majority of customers are pleased with their coolers from the brand. They appreciate their insulation ability that is provided by the thick roto-molded walls. In many places wall thickness exceeds two inches. The secure BearClaw latches and well-fitted gasket help to avoid cold escaping through the cooler's lid. The raised minimize heat exchange through the ground. These features mean that this cooler is able to keep foods cold for a very long time - up to 19 days, according to the manufacturer. The customers are satisfied with the mobility and durability of Grizzly Coolers. They have well-constructed ice chests and can handle a lot of abuse. The walls are one piece, which prevents the occurrence of any weak points. The latches and hinges on the lid are really strong and are either made of tough stainless steel or are molded directly onto the cooler's body. The side handles are so strong that they allow carrying a full load with no risk of breaking the nylon grips. These coolers are visually appealing and cost-effective too. The overall rating of the product is 4.5 stars. With all this in mind, Grizzly Coolers can be recommended to buying.

Grizzly Coolers Pricing and Rates

Like most premium coolers, Grizzly coolers are quite expensive. They simply cannot be cheap, since are associated with the process of roto-molding manufacturing, the use of high-quality components, and implementation of pertinent features. If you are looking for optimal toughness, maximum ice life, and good looks, you will need to pay quite a penny for a Grizzly Cooler. Be sure it is more than worth it. Amazon offers several options of Grizzly Coolers for you to choose from. The products are different, so they can vary in price. For example, Grizzly 6 Quart Roto-molded Cooler can be bought for $299.99. Grizzly 75 Quart Cooler is priced at $349.99. The price of Grizzly 100 quart is $399.99.