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If you have a car and you want to earn some additional money, you might want to give Grubhub a try. According to Finder, about 10 percent of Americans make additional money by being engaged in driving services. You could drive people around for Lyft, but if you don't like to have small talk with passengers, you could deliver food for Grubhub. Let's take a look at these delivery services to find out if they make any sense for you. Actually, in 2013, Grubhub merged with food delivery service called Seamless. At present they offer high-tech food ordering and delivery for their clients. You could deliver food after you sign up as a driver; however, you will need to use your own car, motorcycle, scooter, or even a bicycle. The company claims to partner with more than 75,000 takeout restaurants in over 1,300 cities of the USA. Grubhub lists many full-time positions on their careers website.

Their drivers sign up to work in multi-hour "blocks" or shifts and are called independent contractors. For their work they use a mobile app on their smartphone, which allows them to accept "offers". In this way, they pick up an order from a restaurant and deliver food to a customer's address or destination. The driver's work is limited with the borders of a definite zoned map that is provided by the app. It means that you wouldn't be asked to deliver food to San Diego and Los Angeles during the same shift. Once you are in your zoned map, you can switch your status in the app from "unavailable" to "active." Let us take a closer look at a Grubhub delivery job and we will start from applying for it.

Customer Reviews - Does Grubhub Really Work?

You will need about five minutes to complete a dummy application through the company's site online. Before you fill out the online application, make sure that you will be able to deliver for Grubhub in your state. You can find the company's general map of delivery locations on the site. After you land on the application, you can choose the cities which you would like to serve. The form also contains some questions. For instance, you may be asked if you are comfortable dealing directly with customers and restaurants. Or you may be asked to give the reasons why you want to deliver for Grubhub. If this delivery job is available in your area, you can expedite your application by having your car insurance and state ID handy. In this way, you will be able to drive completely legally.

Other requirements for drivers include: having at least two years of driving experience, being at least 19 years old (21 in Chicago), having a data plan for an Android or iPhone smartphone, passing a background check, providing a checking account for direct deposit. If the company's directing staff likes your application, you will be asked to visit a training session. You may start within a week of completing the necessary paperwork. Usually, they are very quick with background check. Be ready to get on the road really soon.

How to earn money working at Grubhub? When you deliver for this company, you will keep 100% of your tips. Speaking about your standard pay, you are guaranteed to get $5 per delivery. If you make less than $12 in an hour, the company will fill in the difference. The minimum sum you can earn with Grubhub might vary depending on your city's minimum wage. For instance, in Chicago, you could earn at least $15 per hour. No matter where you live, the more deliveries you make, the more you can earn. The money you earn can be seen in the pay summary section in your Grubhub app. Beside signing up for blocks of time, you can use some other ways to increase your earnings. You are advised to deliver food during dinner hours, when more people order food. Serve areas of your city that have a greater number of take-out restaurants. You could look for these areas on Grubhub's app to ensure that you are somewhere nearby. Sign up for days that are popular for ordering, such as during some big events in the city.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Grubhub on third-party websites. But not all employees are happy with their job. They say that it is a very low-payment job, taking into account the money they spend on gas. The company reimburses a very low percentage of expenses on gas, which seems to be not as helpful. It should be noted that the average American driver spends $0.56 per mile, according to AAA. That cost includes not only fuel, but also insurance, maintenance, and other expenses. You might face other expenses such as buying a dashboard mount for your smartphone or a car charger. To check whether Grubhub is worth considering let us take a look at the real company's employees' testimonials.

"I expected more from contract delivering. Grubhub is a big scammer! If you want to earn $100.00 work for a week and then leave them. The rest of the weeks will bring you more losses than earnings. Their app is the worst. The device deprivatizes your life through the microphone and camera. Besides, the company requires a minimum acceptance rate to qualify for earnings. They don't pay after sending you to a restaurant that the diner cancels an order. Stay away from Grubhub money grubbers!"

"I worked enough at Grubhub to destroy my automobile and get paid so little that it was not enough even to repair my car. The orders were far away from each other that I had to spend a lot of money on gas. The dispatchers had no respect for my time and sent me on thirty-minute drives for less than a dollar. I would never work for them."

"Grubhub was a bad job for me, since they took away my guaranteed payment without even explaining the reasons to me. Besides, it was impossible to reach the driver specialist whenever I had critical issues. She was unhelpful and not reliable. The only good thing was the ability to work when I wanted to work. I started to look for another job. I wouldn't recommend getting a position with Grubhub, especially for a primary income."

My Final Summary

Grubhub delivery job has a great number of drawbacks. First, their official website is hard to navigate, while their app is poor and completely deprivatizes your life. The majority of user reviews online are negative giving the average rating to the company of 2.4 stars out of five. The job of a driver is very uninteresting and monotonous. So, if you quickly become sick of routines, this job might not be the right choice for you. There is competition for shifts. You will not be able to become a full-time employee at Grubhub even if you try to do everything for it. There are many complaints from former drivers. One of them even sued Grubhub over being labeled as an independent contractor. Remember that you are responsible for your own expenses, since the company has a very poor financial support system. Grubhub has too few advantages. One of them is that you can work when you want. The app makes life easier but you may face certain difficulties with it. If you want to get a good job, I would not recommend Grubhub even as a part-time option.

Grubhub Pricing and Rates

You can make not so much money with Grubhub. As for your standard pay, this delivery job guarantees $5 per delivery. If you earn less than $12 per hour, Grubhub promises to fill in the difference. However, based on the real employees' reviews, this is a lie. The tip money goes to the delivery drivers. If an order includes an additional "delivery fee", a driver does not receive this money.