Guard Llama Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Guard Llama Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Guard Llama

The Guard Llama is an app meant to help you receive the necessary services to your threshold, in case of a medical or non-medical emergency. Based on the chosen plan, this app offers the option of receiving a handheld device too. It can be a terrifying feeling when you are experiencing an emergency, especially if you are completely alone. There are many circumstances that could occur, ranging from a mild injury to a major issue that can be threatening to someone's life. Sometimes, you may not even have your phone with you, or be unable to let someone know what is happening to you. Calling 911 you also need some time and ability to talk in order to provide an agent with the necessary details and to get the right treatment quickly. Fortunately, Guard Llama can help you no matter where you are. It is more than just an alert system but this is a device that can be used at any age for any emergency. Its technology allows it to be used by senior citizens, business owners or specialized employees (like individuals on TDY or real estate agents), outdoor enthusiasts/joggers/runners, students and just everyone.

While you may be unable to call 911, the Guard Llama app will continue to initiate the signal through voice calling automatically until the connection is achieved. It should be kept in mind, that if your phone is off, the app will not work. You may think that it is a waste of money, because the modern market is full of many different emergency apps and devices at present. You may be right, but we will give facts further. The advantage of the Guard Llama app is that it alerts not only friends and family. It is also able to store the same amount of personal data for the EMT at the scene. The company behind the device is not very reputable or popular in the country, which means that it cannot be trusted completely. However, you can contact the creators of the program. The customer service team can be reached by calling at 1-855-423-0066. You can share your concerns with the representative of the company. There are no hours of operation indicated on the official website, though. You can also reach out to the company via email, by sending a message to Let us take a look at how the Guard Llama needs to be used and what real users are writing about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Guard Llama Really Work?

In order to activate your alarm, you will need to use the handheld device and press the button on twice. If you press it two times instead of one time, you will not have to worry about alerting emergency services accidentally. The signal uses Bluetooth technology in order to connect with your cell phone. The downloaded Guard Llama app on your phone allows it to alert authorities in case of emergencies. If you choose the plan without the handheld, you will need to activate the app on your phone manually. In this way, the program will act as your resource for all the details for the emergency personnel. It is the GPS tool that emits your data (address, account picture and medical information) to inform the EMT of as much information as possible to help you. This information is vital for the unfortunate episodes of being unconscious when the aid arrives. According to the company, their emergency services arrive three times faster than a 911 call, because they do not waste precious time on learning any additional information from you.

This security device promises to immediately send information to those who will help you in an emergency. All you will need to do is to push a button twice. It is used in combination with a smart phone. It is not required to unlock the phone to activate the app. Actually, the smartphone can be 150 feet away from the device, and everything will still function. The GPS produced by the device will pinpoint the location of the individual within nine feet. The user's smartphone will immediately send the user's medical information, too. These promises sound really fantastic; however, there are also some negative aspects about the program. To have it working you will need to have Bluetooth and your smartphone on all the time. This will lead to the fast discharge of the phone’s battery, which is a big disadvantage. Guard Llama won’t work if the smartphone is too far away from the device (more than 150 feet. Not all users will remember about the necessity of locating the smartphone in the right distance and having it turned on. Let us take a look what real customers are writing about their experience of using the product. In general, they carry a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. While some people consider Guard Llama to be a practical device, others find it completely useless and ineffective. Some users even say that the device doesn't work at all and they are unable to contact the company's customer service.

"It was the sale agent who sold me this device. It cost me $99.00 together with the service. I was told that if my remax logo was forward to the company I could write this off on my taxes for two years. The agent set up my phone to have the app on it. However, it does not work, it constantly stops and I cannot make it work. I haven't received the fob with the logo on it. I have tried to contact the Guard Llama customer service several times through by email but without any response. How can I get a refund for buying this useless product? Can anyone who represents this service call or email. I want my money back!"

"Guard Llama customer service is not helpful and unresponsive. Only after writing a negative review about them online, I received a call from Adam who offered his help about my issue. I must say he was really helpful and promised to send me the refund; however, I have been waiting for my money for five days already. It seems strange... By the way, Adam mentioned that the service will work only when the Bluetooth is connected. I m nor satisfied with this kind of service and I don't recommend it to anyone else."

"I received the GuardLlama FOB rather fast. I was surprised that the company's co-founder called me and emailed videos and links to help me set up the app on my telephone. After that I was completely forgotten. I had to enter all the necessary information into the system on my own, which was quite difficult for me. I haven't had any emergencies yet, but in reality I don't feel completely safe. I don't know yet whether tis system works."

My Final Summary

The Guard Llama seems to be a wise idea when it comes to your health and safety, but the system is associated with a number of drawbacks. Based on customers' testimonials left on third-party websites, it is not as functional as promised by the manufacturer. Some users confess that their application does not work at all. And when they try to reach the company, they remain without any response. Even though the company offers a money back guarantee, it appears not to work either, since few customers manage to get their money back for different reasons. If you stay alone too often, have health concerns and you need to feel in safety, I don't think that the Guard Llama is the right option for you. You are recommended to consider other safety systems available on the market.

Where To Buy Guard Llama In Stores?

You can purchase the system from the official website of the company only. First, you will need to pay for a subscription. To get a handheld device you will need to buy at least the Premium Plan. In general, there are three plans available right now. They include The Basic Plan ($2.95) that offers Access to the phone app; The Premium Plan ($9.95) that offers a handheld device for notifications and benefits of the Basic Plan; and The Family Plan ($29.95) that offers all benefits of the Premium Plan for a family of up to four persons. Those are rates for a monthly subscription. You can pay the fees for the year too. It is not indicated on the website whether this subscription comes with a trial period. Theoretically, there is a chance to get a refund, if you are not satisfied with the service.