Gwynnie Bee Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Gwynnie Bee Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Gwynnie Bee

Being a woman and having the size more than 8 used can be a real challenge when it comes to choosing your style. Fortunately, there has been a great shift toward beautiful brands for plus size shoppers in the recent years. So, if you are looking for nice trends, you should certainly check what Gwynnie Bee has to offer. This is a monthly subscription service that focuses on women with shapes of 10-32 sizes by providing them with an opportunity to rent articles of clothing for a reasonable fee. To make unlimited swaps, you will need to become the member of the club. The shipping is absolutely free. Then the number of items you can borrow is determined by what the level of subscription you choose. According to the company, their clothing is gently used by clients and laundered before shipping out to the next wearer. When unused, it is kept in pristine condition. If you like any specific item, you can buy it. The representatives of the Gwynnie Bee say that it is like having a department store as your closet. You can get clothing exchanges and unlimited free shipping for little money.

To become the member of the company, you will need to enter your email address and create a password. You will be able to create a guest account that will allow you browsing their clothing collection. This browsing experience is intended to surpass online shopping by the easy and fast search within article categories. You can also filter items based on color, size, and brand. Each user has their own “Closet” where they can add specific items. It is recommended to have a minimum of six items in your Closet, so if something becomes unavailable, you will be able to receive other items. Users may benefit from "Attic" items they would like to favorite for later Closeting, for special occasions or for a change of season. It is expected that your first Gwynnie Bee box will be shipped within 2-3 days of signing up. You can keep clothes for as long as you wish. When you are ready to return the items, you will need to put the items into the bags included in each box of clothing. It is not necessary to launder clothes before returning them.

Customer Reviews - Does Gwynnie Bee Really Work?

Gwynnie Bee is a quite new company offering an unusual service. There are many examples of customer praise not only on their site, but also on many independent websites online. However, there are some negative or critical reviews in forums and blog posts too. Nevertheless, Gwynnie Bee's services have gained an overall positive customer reputation. The majority of plus-sized bloggers appear to be singing their praises to the services and clothes. It is important to mention that the company offers an affiliate program for bloggers and most of them are already members of this program. Those fashion bloggers are genuinely amazed with the service and highly appreciate what they were offered for their fashion options. Another positive touch is that you can notify the company when you are returning items in the mail, so they will prepare the next box for you to save your time. People, who have used the services, claim that all items are always clean. To be sure that all the clothes are sanitary, Gwynnie Bee promises that every item is thoroughly inspected three times before shipping.

Some customers are concerned with possibility of damaging rented clothing. No charges are mentioned for damaged articles. However, you will need to send such items back to the company and inform their customer service that this or that item needs replacement or repair. All items in stock are available for buying at a discount but you cannot purchase pieces before trying them. It is also mentioned that pieces are retired once wear and tear starts to show. These items are then donated to a local charity.

All of the users are highly recommended to familiarize themselves with the sizes of various brands, because the sizes may vary. Ensure what is better for you before investing your money. The only negative testimonial found in our research was sizes 18-22 or 1X-2X are only available for most clothes. One blogger expressed criticism that many of the clothes available were seasonally inappropriate and that shipping times were not mentioned on their website. According to the customers, it takes up to a week to get the ordered items. Let us take a look at some of these reviews.

"I am completing my free trial month with Gwynnie Bee. I have got four dresses already and I am satisfied with them completely. Now I have enough dresses in my closet. I fell in love with the second dress, so I bought it for more than 50% off. I also liked the third dress but I decided not to buy it. The last dress is great but a little tight in the bust. This is a wonderful service for someone who wants to wear different clothes every day. They offer a large variety of items to choose from."

"I have been a member of Gwynnie Bee for more than a year and I just love it. It is fun to wear something new almost every day. I just toss it in a bag and send it back without laundering. I have not experienced any problems with the service or clothing. Everything was in good condition. Due to this service, I have found things I would never buy myself because of their high price. I order more than ten things every month and I look forward to every shipment. I like those try-on sessions in the comfort of my home. Thank you for the responsive customer service."

"I have only positive experience with Gwynnie Bee. Even though I have received some clothes that I just tried on and returned; but in general I am pleased with the service. I have bought some items. I am happy with the fact that shipping both ways is free. I get a new box every week, every time with a different number of items. I try to send back at least three items at a time. Every time when I return items I go online to my account, mark it "return" and fill in the questionnaire. I fold it, put it in the bag and drop it off at the Post Office. At present, I am sending five items at a time."

My Final Summary

Gwynnie Bee is a nice service for bigger sized women who want to wear new things every day without the need to buy them. Many customers have left their reviews online reporting how pleased they are with the service. Many of them have used it for many months already and plan to continue cooperating with the company. They enjoy the service and claim that it is worth the money. There is an opportunity to start with the free trial (one month with three items out at a time). Then you can upgrade to the 7-items-at-once plan and the maximum plan available (10 items).

The company offers a wide selection of clothes but they seem to focus on dresses and tops. You will also find skirts, pants and jackets. New items are added at least once a week. Shipment is completely free. One great advantage about this service is that you can try on new things without buying them. So, if you are the type who gets bored with clothing items very quickly, and you would like to wear new things every day, Gwynnie Bee will be a perfect option for you.

Where To Buy Gwynnie Bee In Stores?

The company's rates depend on the number of pieces you can have in rotation and are charged to your credit card on file every month. Let's check these rates: one item - $35, two items - $59, three items - $79, five items - $99, seven items - $129, ten items - $159. There is a referral program that will allow you to earn a free item for a month every time your friend subscribes. You can cancel a subscription at any time, but the items must be returned within a week to avoid paying the full price.