Hagerty Insurance Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty Insurance is a company that was founded in 1984 by Frank and Louise Hagerty. It specializes in insuring antique and classic automobiles and boats. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and claims to have insured more than 25,000 motorcycles, 10,000 boats, and 700,000 vehicles, worth a total of $19 billion. Hagerty Insurance is much bigger than its specialty competitors. Compared to their competition, this company claims that the majority of their employees, whether in claims, customer service, or upper management, are very passionate about classic cars. It is claimed on the official website that 10% of their net profits are directed toward the classic car community.

Actually, there are several main categories of Hagerty's Insurance products. Classic Car Insurance covers: Vintage motorcycles and scooters (1989 and older), Antique tractors (1868 - 1983), Classic military vehicles (1992 and older), Classic trucks and utility vehicles (1989 and older), Classic and collector vehicles (dated 1884 through 1979) and more. The company offers guaranteed value coverage that provides 100% of your car's insured value in case if you totally lose it. The Hagerty Plus option is a 24/7 full service roadside assistance program for battery jumps, lockouts, emergency fuel delivery, tire changes, and more. It also includes guaranteed flatbed towing. Hagerty's classic auto policies are customizable to meet your individual needs, such as if you travel with your car to different shows, if your car is in the middle of a restoration, etc.

Customer Reviews - Does Hagerty Insurance Really Work?

Another important product of the company is Classic Boat Insurance that covers the following types of watercraft: Wooden (originals and high-quality reproductions), Fiberglass (manufactured in 2000 or earlier), Runabouts, Launches, Utility boats, Sailboats and Cruisers. Their classic boat policies are charged based on the level of coverage you want and come with a number of benefits such as trip interruption coverage, restoration coverage, and coverage for spare parts, consequential damage, tools, valuable papers coverage, etc. Besides, Hagerty Insurance provides unlimited coverage within US and Canadian waters and has no fixed usage limits on your boat. The company promises to cover your boat even when it is trailered. If you want to know how much Hagerty will insure your boat for, take a look at their Value Your Boat tool. The company also offers some other types of specialized insurance.

Hagerty's Private Client Services (PCS) insurance is designed for individuals who possess large auto collections. The service presupposes up to $50K for VIN fraudulent and theft titles, up to $2.5 million in automatic coverage for newly acquired cars. Hagerty's Motorsports insurance provides guaranteed value coverage for a classic car, although this applies only while it is not on the track. Hagerty's International coverage offers insurance for overseas travel with your antique or classic auto, including events, touring, shipping, guaranteed value coverage, and so on. Hagerty's business insurance offers coverage for auto-related groups and businesses, including builders, restorers, museums, storage facilities, dealerships, car clubs, and so on.

There are numerous customer reviews about Hagerty Insurance. In general, considering the number of cars Hagerty insures, it appears to have a very positive online reputation. Yelp gave the company an average rating of two stars based on several dozens of customer reviews. The clients seem to be satisfied with the customer service but some people complain about difficulty getting policies and high premiums. Actually, the company's experts try to react to such online complaints and resolve these concerns really quickly. It is important to mention that The Hagerty Group, LLC is based out of Traverse City, MI. It holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with just four closed complaints. These complaints cite less coverage than expected, as well as difficulty obtaining coverage. It is a great idea to take a look at the real users' reviews left online. Here are some of them.

"I am with Hagerty Insurance for the first time in my life. Even though I am just starting, I like what I see. I can assume that the things will go even better in future. What I can say for sure is that the company's representatives offered me the assistance I needed. I am pleased with the customer service. It is easy to contact the experts and to ask my questions. Setting up my insurance is the best experience if have ever had with an insurance company. They simply exceeded my expectations in offering me a fair price. Thank you for great service."

"I have been with HagertyInsurance for a few years already and I feel very thankful for the services I received. They are easy to deal with and provide coverage at a reasonable price. I have an old pickup truck and I needed coverage for it; however, there were certain restrictions on using the bed of my vehicle. However, I needed to use the bed because I often travel to shows far away. The company's expert did his best to provide me with the needed coverage. Thanks so much!"

"Hagerty insurance provided me with the best insurance buying experience I have ever had! The knowledgeable and friendly personnel work really fast. Plus the coverage I have is completely worth the money I spent on it! I know what I received for my money. The towing assistance was excellent, especially with my unique vehicle. The expert followed me up until I received the necessary assistance. The phone personnel are experienced and kind too."

My Final Summary

Compared to other companies of the kind, such as State Farm, GEICO, Farmer's, and other, Hagerty Insurance is a more reliable specialty insurance carrier. It often has stricter underwriting guidelines, but it means that your vehicle will be protected very well. Do not be afraid of any hoops while obtaining a policy. You may need to send the description of your vehicle as well as photos of your car and of the inside of your garage. After that, you are expected to get a policy.

You should be aware of the fact that Hagerty Insurance has a great number of customer reviews online. Fortunately, the company appears to have a positive overall reputation online. If you have any questions, you may contact the company. You can also obtain a quote by calling them. According to the majority of customer reviews, Hagerty Insurance is the best car insurance company those customers have ever had! If you also want to enjoy good experience, competitive pricing and great customer service, just start working with Hagerty Insurance. I do recommend them!

Hagerty Insurance Pricing and Rates

The amount of money you will need to pay to insure your vehicle through Hagerty Insurance depends on numerous factors, including how your vehicle will be used, the type of vehicle, citations or accidents held by you and other family members. On average, their classic car insurance is, 43% lower than daily driver insurance offered by a non-specialty carrier. To obtain a quote call a company's representative at 877-922-9701.