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Hair Illusion Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Hair Illusion Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Hair Illusion is a safe cosmetic treatment for hair loss that claims to naturally conceal balding or thin hair on an instant manner. This topical solution was developed by Ronnie Passariello who fought his own battle with hair loss. Unlike other hair loss treatments that use building fibers, Hair Illusion is said to use only 100% natural human hair. For this reason, it is expected to remain firmly in place through any weather conditions including rain, wind, and perspiration. The manufacturer claims that you can even work out in it with no need to worry about the product's staining your clothes or skin.

Hair Illusion is claimed to be suitable for both men and women regardless of your race, age, hair type, hair color, or level of balding. The product can even be used on facial hair and bald spots. It is easy to apply. All you have to do is spend apply it to the necessary area within one to five minutes Hair Illusion. You can use spritz or hair spray, and go about your day. Is this product worth pouring your money into? How much can you benefit most from Hair Illusion? Are there better hair loss solutions on the market? In order to answer these important questions, let's take a look at what ingredients are contained in this hair loss treatment.

Ingredients of Hair Illusion - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Hair Illusion

In fact, the manufacturer of the product does not say much about the ingredients contained in it. Can they cause side effects or adverse reactions? These questions need to be answered further. According to our research, Hair Illusion is in a kind of products called hair building fibers. You can find dozens of similar products in this class. The main difference between these solutions is that Hair Illusion uses 100% real hair fibers, while many other products use a cotton-based fiber. These fibers are made in such a way as to "stick" to your own hairs using natural electrostatic charges. Their principle of work is similar to two magnets that are attracted to one another with opposite charges. The manufacturer of the product recommends applying hairspray to make the fibers stay in place longer and better. As the manufacturer claims, Hair Illusion's fibers are able to remain in place for a few days, or until the next washing of your hair.

As the name implies, the product's fibers provide the illusion of density on the spots with thinning hair, or even bald areas. Will Hair Illusion be effective on bald spots? We have explored many other topical hair fiber products and most of them are generally not recommended for completely bald areas, but the manufacturer of the product we are discussing today claims that their fibers can be used on completely bald areas. This makes more and more people interested in the product. Nevertheless, according to the company website's FAQ, you should have hair at least half an inch long, so that Hair Illusion's fibers were able to attach to. But if a spot is completely bald, we are unsure whether this product will work for you well. There is simply no hair to attach to. So, the company's claim that the product can be applied to a bald patch is misleading. I don't think that it will provide you with natural looks even if you have thinning hair only on the top and back of your head. People with thinning in front will hardly manage to create a realistic-looking hairline. Let's take a look at the real users' reviews to find out whether the product shows positive results.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There are not many online customer reviews for Hair Illusion online. Amazon is probably the only website that contains enough testimonials to make any conclusions. An average rating of the product is 3.8 stars based on more than 300 customer reviews. It means that the product has a mixed reputation. The most common compliments reference ease of use, natural look of the product and that it remained in place quite well. There are several 5-star customer reviews all of which were posted within a short period of time. Many of them also contained a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. These are common signs of fake reviews. The most common complaints seemed to claim that other products work much better, high price of Hair Illusion, and that the fibers fall out fast and easily.

One customer of the product says that balding or thinning is a big problem for a man. It seems unattractive and makes a man older. He has tried different anti-balding shampoos such as Rogaine, but all of them did not work much and were not worth the money they cost. The man finally decided to try this concealer and in his opinion, it is better than nothing, even though it does not work perfectly. He says that it does cover thinning and balding spots but not as well as desired. It looks somewhat unnatural. If you are really bald, it will not work for you. Besides, it doesn't attach that well as claimed by the manufacturer, even with the use of the hair spray. The customer claims that he often found it on his pillow when he slept with it. His real complaint is that it's not as adhesive as desired and really messy. Let us take a look at other customers' reviews.

"I bought a small bottle of Hair illusion just to try it out in combination with the spray. I liked it and bought a larger bottle, which was a mistake. The bottle is filled with a fine powder, not fibers like in the small bottle. I did not like that the spray nozzle top became stuck and cannot be used any more. By the way, it came half full. With such experience I cannot recommend the product. The quality is inconsistent. The powder is terrible. I washed my head and will never use it again"

"Hair Illusion is not a worthy product, since it has a low quality. It looks like the remnants of trimmed hair that tend to fall from your head when you move. Even though you feel that you have something on your head, the effect is far from that advised by the company. I wasted my money for something that is not worth more than two dollars. Unfortunately, I cannot give it back"

"When my HairIllusion was delivered I was not able to use this product as the plastic cap had holes, which did not allow any of the solution to come out. I ordered waited a new top for over two months. When it finally arrived the new top did not work either. So I poured it into my hand and sprinkled it into my hair. As a result, most of the product did not stick to my hair. It just ended up in my sink. Waste of money. Do not buy this product!"

Where To Buy Hair Illusion?

The product is available in eight colors, including black, jet black, auburn, dark brown, light brown, brown, blonde, and light blonde. It can be bought through two options. One-Time Purchase (38g) costs $50 plus $7 shipping. Quarterly Continuity Program is priced at $30 plus free shipping. A free bonus is a hairline optimizer. You can buy it via Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

It is important to note that Hair Illusion solution will not give you the appearance of a fuller head of thicker hair. While some people love the product, others find it awful saying that it doesn't look good on them and has low quality. It should be remembered that these hair fibers are a temporary solution and do not treat hair loss like medications or surgical options. If you choose the Continuity Program option, you will receive a new bottle of the solution once every three months, and your credit card will be automatically charged $93.80 each time. I don't think that Hair Illusion is the right product for you.