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Hair Logic

Hair Logic is actually a website of the company that offers a wide selection of beauty and hair care products that can be easily added to your daily routine to bring the results you are looking for. The company provides so many products that you will be able to address any of your hair concerns and find the proper solution for your problem. At present, the primary brand of the company is called True Balance. There are also many styling products and accessories. Hair Logic uses 16 medical grade laser lights and a FDA recognized technology that claims to energize your blood flow at the roots and make your hair grow intensively in as little as six weeks. The method is equally effective for men or women. Actually, by following the next four steps, you will make regrowing of your hair fast and easy. Press the button to switch on the laser lights. Brush Hair Logic against your scalp in gentle manner to stimulate the growth of hair roots at the cellular level. You will hear a beep every five seconds for you to switch to your next position.

Just eight minutes a day will help you to start the regrowing process, without glue, surgery, or plugs. Thinning and balding hair can make you feel deprived and make others believe that you are older than you are in reality. Hair Logic offers an attractive concept, but it is necessary to take a look at the real facts before buying this magic brush. The device uses low-level laser therapy known as LLLT. Low-power LEDs create specific wavelengths of light (between 600 and 1000 nanometers with power from 5 to 500 milliwatts) that can penetrate the surface of the scalp, reinvigorate dormant follicles, and boost blood flow. There is some scientific evidence that this method does help to regrow human hair; however, the results may vary from patient to patient. What factors influence the results? Let's try to answer this question further.

Customer Reviews - Does Hair Logic Really Work?

Hair Logic promises to give excellent hair regrowth results if used regularly and if you follow the directions to the manufacturer. There are many customer reviews about the product on different websites on the internet. The users appear to be generally satisfied with the effect of the device. The good news is that it does not usually cause any side effects. It was scientifically proven that stimulating the scalp with brushes, magnets, and massagers can really improve blood flow to the hair follicles. The blood brings all the nutrients and elements necessary for proper hair growth, thus, this significantly reduces hair loss and improves growth of new hair. Hair Logic works on the basis of this principle. It was approved by the FDA, which means that its effectiveness, safety and construction have been checked and the product corresponds the highest medical standards. The risk of experiencing any side effects is miserable.

If you search online for "hair regrowth combs", "LLLT combs" or "laser comb," you will see a few options similar to Hair Logic. Some of them include HairMax, UltraGrow by UltraActiv, and helmet-based LLLT devices like iGrow and Theradome. Probably, the biggest difference between the available combs is that some of them can cost you up to $800 (82 individual lasers. Hair Logic is priced at a much more reasonable price of $40 (16 individual lasers). It is important to note that authoritative sites claim that only a narrow wavelength of light helps to regrow hair. This is what the device exactly provides. There is enough information on the official website proving the effectiveness and safety of the product. The customer service can be reached by phone in case of having any additional questions. If we take a closer look at the user reviews, we will see that the majority of customers have experienced improved hair growth and hair thickness. Other LLLT models seem to have lower-than-average ratings. While many people claim to have been satisfied with the Hair Logic, there are some complaints about the product too. The most common of them referenced poor quality and that the device didn't work as claimed. But these complaints are too rare. A lot of positive feedback can be found in the media, for example, the New York Times reported that True Balance products are able to pH balance human hair, which promotes health of your hair. There are many other sources that praise Hair Logic and its performance. However, it is high time to read some of the real users' reviews.

"Hair Logic works for me well. I am also taking hair vitamins and using minoxidil. As a result, I can see real improvement in the growth and condition of my hair. At first, I had an increase in shedding and was even scared but this lasted for one week only. Ten the shedding stopped and I started noticing the growth of new hairs on my head. They were so small and thin at first like those of a baby, but then they grew thick and long. I have never been happier!"

"Hair Logic definitely works. I use it three times a week after washing my scalp thoroughly. I also used the Hair density system and enjoyed the results. My hair density and growth significantly improved after eight months of using the device. My wife also suffered from thin hair and after she started using the comb, her hair has become much stronger. I do recommend this product!"

"Before using the Hair Logic I almost lost all of my hair. I thought I would never get my hair back again but this comb works wonders. After using this it for half a year, I have got noticeable increase in the amount of hair. I used the device according to the directions and just stuck with it. I advise you to be patient and you will also succeed! It does help and is not expensive for a product of this kind."

My Final Summary

Hair Logic is a wonderful hair regrowth method that offers a lot if benefits, especially when you order the product through the official website. The manufacturer provides guarantee that you will have healthy hair if you thoroughly follow all the recommendations that come with the product. The device has been analyzed, well researched, and tested by professionals who are aware of all the secrets of hair care and know what they are doing. Thus, when you place your order, be sure that you will experience the positive results guaranteed by the company.

There are numerous positive customer reviews online. According to the majority of users, Hair Logic is really effective for restoring and improving the state of your hair. This brand offers other products that can be used in combination with the device to provide you with even better and faster benefits. So, if you dream about smooth, beautiful, and healthy hair, Hair Logic is an excellent option for you. I do recommend this product to everyone who suffers from hair issues.

Where To Buy Hair Logic In Stores?

If you are interested in Hair Logic products, then you are recommended to go to the company's official website. All of the products are fairly priced and are shipped just after you order. If you experience any issues with the product, you can make use of a money-back guarantee and receive a return. All products vary in price. The Hair Logic LLLT brush costs $39.99, plus free shipping. The product comes with a 30-day refund police. In order to request a refund, just call the customer service at 855-668-1655.