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Harmony Prenatal Test

The Harmony Prenatal Test uses a new DNA analysis method that claims to screen your unborn baby for possible chromosomal abnormalities at the pregnancy term of just 10 weeks. It can also evaluate the number of X and Y sex chromosomes and fetal sex. You will need to take three steps. First, take a maternal blood sample at 10 weeks or later, send it to the Harmony laboratory for thorough analysis. Your healthcare provider will send your results within 5-7 days from sample receipt. This test is easy to use and proves to be more accurate than traditional screening tests. It will give you answers to really important questions. Let's take a look at how Harmony test works but before this it is important to discuss the role of chromosomes. These are threadlike structures inside the nucleus of our cells. They are made up of tightly coiled DNA. When a cell divides, the chromosome is responsible for making sure that all the genetic information is copied well to the new cell.

The transcription process may go wrong, whether due to the parents' age, genetics, or family history. As a result, an extra chromosome is left. This can result in such conditions as Edward syndrome (trisomy 18), Down syndrome (trisomy 21), and Patau syndrome (trisomy 13). The Harmony Prenatal Test is able to detect these risks. This is a non-invasive prenatal test is made on the mother's blood and detects these chromosomal disorders with almost 100% accuracy. Harmony uses the company's proprietary DANSR technology that deals only with cfDNA (fragments of the baby's DNA found around in the mother's blood cell-free DNA;) from the chromosomes. Algorithm called FORTE can distinguish high and low-risk results more clearly. Let us discuss some other important features of the test.

Customer Reviews - Does Harmony Prenatal Test Really Work?

Harmony is considered to be a non-invasive prenatal test that involves drawing only about three vials of blood. This test is not associated with the increased risk of miscarriage. Harmony Prenatal Test has been clinically tested and, according to the published studies provided on the official website, has been proven to have a higher than 99% accuracy in defining Down syndrome cases. In addition, the company claims that the test has been used by clinicians to check more than half a million pregnancies all over the world. So, it is correct to say that this is the most broadly studied non-invasive prenatal test in the country. What about the opinions of real patients sharing their experience of using Harmony Prenatal Test? There are thousands of customer reviews about this kind of test on the internet. Women describe not only the way how they used the test, but also the whole process. Some of them even share their own results. It appears that this NIPT comes with an overall positive reputation from patients.

The users of this prenatal test are pleased with high accuracy of the results. In some examples, patients have experienced inconclusive results due to the lack of fetal DNA in blood sample. In many cases, their blood was redrawn and retested completely for free. Another complaint about the Harmony Prenatal Test was long wait times. Some clients had to wait two weeks for their results. Company Harmony is brought to you by a CLIA-certified laboratory, Ariosa Diagnostic, who processes different test kits as well. It is undoubtedly very important for a future mother to be sure that her child will be healthy. This is the major reason why so many modern women decide to have their blood tested on the early stage of pregnancy. Is Harmony Prenatal Test really worth trying? Are there any other alternatives? To answer these questions, let us take a look at the actual patients' testimonials.

"I did Harmony Prenatal Test after doing NT scan/blood. I received almost identical results 1:10203 from NT vs 1:10000 from Harmony. The latter provided a much higher accuracy %, so now I have more peace of mind that my child will be healthy. By the way, we are having a girl. You can do amnio after Harmony if you want to, but I have always appreciated the non-invasive options more. I do recommend Harmony to all future mothers."

"I am satisfied with the Harmony PrenatalTest. In general, it took less than fourteen days for me to get the results. All showed clear and we are having a baby girl! It is such a great bonus to learn the sex of the baby! I decided to do this test because I was over 35 when I got pregnant, so I was worried about my "old eggs". I had a miscarriage before, so I didn't want to risk. Harmony is the way to go for future moms like me. It shows risks of different chromosomal disorders with almost 100% accuracy. Do the test just to have peace of mind."

"Harmony Prenatal test is a very accurate non-invasive test. My friend recently gave birth to the baby with Down syndrome, so I decided to check my pregnancy too. The test showed me that my child is completely healthy, so I am calm now. I would certainly recommend it to every woman who wants to get the peace of mind. It is undoubtedly worth the money it costs and you don't have to wait too long for your results. In any case, if you are not satisfied with the Harmony test, you can get a refund of the cost of the test."

My Final Summary

Considering all the factors, as well as drawbacks involved in the process, it is only up to you to decide whether or not the Harmony Prenatal Test is right for you. You may ask your doctor's advice too. This is the test that has been clinically studied and proven to be 99% accurate in determining risk of different genetic abnormalities. It has been used by hundreds of thousands of women all over the world and comes with high marks from customers. Besides, this test is rather reasonably priced. It will certainly fit the bill.

With this said, you should remember about several important things. First, the Harmony Prenatal Test has been approved by the FDA and is recommended by many medical specialists in the country and abroad. It is a non-invasive method that does not require a big amount of blood. It is easy to assume that it won't cause any unpleasant sensations or side effects. Otherwise, you may demand a refund. This prenatal test is associated with a positive customer reputation online. Taking into account all pros and cons of the service, I do recommend the Harmony Prenatal Test to usage.

Where To Buy Harmony Prenatal Test In Stores?

You can order the test from the company on their official website. No prices are listed on the official site, though. The customers report prices that range from $800 to $2,000. Many US insurance plans cover a big portion of this test, so the sum of money you are going to pay may depend on your insurance plan. You can choose from three options for paying for your Harmony Prenatal Test. Patient Protection Program means that your private insurance pays for part or complete cost. Prompt Pay Program provides a discount to those who pay their bill within a month. Financial Assistance Program comes with a sliding fee schedule, regardless of insurance status. If you are not satisfied with the test, you may demand your money back. You can reach the support staff by calling at 855-927-4672.