Harry's Razors Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Harry's Razors

There is a wide variety of shaving products on the modern market but which brand to choose? Today we are going to discuss Harry's Razors and maybe we will help you to narrow your choice. The brand promises to provide the customer with a simpler yet more convenient approach to shaving. At the same time, their replacement blades are available at lower prices. Instead of having to buy replacement blades from your local supermarket, you will need to follow Harry's subscription-only model that allows you to receive shaving consumables at your threshold. First, you buy a trial set that includes a can of foaming shaving gel, a brightly colored rubberized razor handle, and a travel cover for the single five-blade cartridge. If you are satisfied with it, you will be enrolled into regular deliveries by choosing one of "Shave plans." Each plan includes a certain number of blades. You can stop deliveries whenever you wish. But what is it like to shave with Harry's Razors? Well, to answer this question, let us take a look at the main features of the product and some interesting facts.

According to the official website, the company was founded by Andy and Jeff, a pair of friends who were tired of paying too much money for poorly designed razors. So, they decided to purchase a razor factory in Germany and started producing their own razors. Their major product performs pretty well, mainly due to the well-designed razor handle and high-quality blades. The handle is convenient to use as it is covered with comfy orange rubber and offers a weighty feel. The cartridges have a high quality. Each of them features 5 skinny stainless, steel blades, as well as a lubricating strip at the top. There is a finned rubber area responsible for pulling the hairs on your face into prime position before cutting them off. There is a rubber hinge between the blades and the handle. It flexes to keep the razor in contact with your skin with no need to apply too much pressure. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by actual customers of Harry's Razors to find out whether they work or not.

Customer Reviews - Does Harry's Razors Really Work?

During our research we have encountered a great number of customers' testimonials about Harry's Razors. Most users report that they are impressed with the shaving performance of the razor. If your stubble is left to grow out for several days and you don't shower before shaving, so that your bristles are not softened, you risk having not the best shaving procedure. You will need to drag your hairs over your beard. But if you shave regularly and tend to keep your stubble short, you will find Harry's razors perfect. You will not cut yourself, since the blade will be able to shave you as closely as possible. The razor is also durable. One guy reports that in two months that he has been using Harry's, he has only gone through two cartridges. He has to shave three times a week because he has a goatee. This razor is a good thing. The man has chosen a once-every-five-months shave plan that cost him a total of $37.55 in the first year, followed by $33.60 per year thereafter.

Another customer says in his review that he has been shaving his face and head for many years already and he has used single blade safety razors. However, he has never been satisfied with any of the razors he tried until he ordered Harry's Razors. The man noticed that the shaver was easy to get the razor attached. The second thing he noticed was that the blade was absolutely flush with his skin. He can now enjoy a closer shave with minimum pressure. The man loves this shaver and recommends it to everyone who is looking for a close smooth shave. One elderly man claims that he began using Harry's razors many years ago when he was looking for a reasonably-priced razor. He found out that Gillette was a good razor, but it was too expensive for him. He found Harry's to be more acceptable. A trimmer blade on the back makes the blade even more useful. But what is the most important is that these razors have a good price. The customer service is great too. If a many-year customer has not had any issues, you will probably also appreciate these products and their quality.

One man has reported that he received the sample pack of Harry's razors for just $3. It included two blades, the Winston handle, and a small shave gel. He doesn't shave every day and has a goatee, so he only shaves his neck and cheeks. The customer is pleased with shave, which is even better than the Gillette he had been using before. It seems the blades last him forever. The man recently received another order and now he has enough gel and blades to last a year. For this reason, he is going to change his delivery plan. The only thing he doesn't like about the product is the trim blade on the other side of the blade head. He considers it to be a bad idea. He got some cuts that healed quite soon.

A new client of Harry's says that it was his friend who told him about the company. He decided to give them a try. The razor blades from this brand work great. They are smooth, sharp and last a lot of time between changing. They have set up an easy-to-use ordering system, so the customer has never had any issues with any orders he placed. The price is fair too. Another customer claims that he chose Harry's Razors because of Hollywood Handbook ads that were funny. They also support one of the greatest podcasts. The man likes the companies that support the things he likes. He likes the way the razors work. They are high quality and remove stubble from his face without any difficulties. Delivery is accurate and fast too. The man shaves his face with these razors every morning and the blades last over three weeks. Harry's razors provide better and smooth shave. One customer reported that after two years of using the plastic connector broke. The company sent him a new one for free without any questions. Let us take a look at the opinions of some other people who also recommend trying Harry's razors.

"I have been always happy with the Harry's razors as they last longer than the Gillette and cost less money. There are improvements in the blades and the handle itself. I find the shave more comfortable than with the Gillette. The shave is smooth and does not leave any stubble. I also like the Shave Gel that is also smooth. Recently I ran out of it and had to use my previous gel. To tell you the truth, I couldn't wait to get my next Harry's Gel."

"I must confess I have good skin and I have never got razor cuts, burns or anything. However, I have had the same problem with every razor - it has never provided me with a close shave. I recently tried the Harry's Razors trial and I was surprised that not a single piece of stubble was left. I also bought their shave gel and I like it too. I received the face lotion and after applying it onto my face I was pleased with how it feels. This is the best razor I have ever used."

"I love Harry's Razors for many reasons but the major one is that they are effective and do the job perfectly. That is exactly what is called the most innovative razors. The manufacturer doesn't even make all these promising claims about high effectiveness of their innovative razors but they really provide a decent shave without any other hassles. I am satisfied with both the quality of the product and the service itself. It is great to get razors on a regular basis with no need to leave my home."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Harry's Razors, the product turns out to be a convenient and reasonably-priced alternative to some of the most popular brands. A great number of customers confess that these razors work much better than Gillette. At the same time, they are also much less expensive. Harry's Razors provide comfortable shave closely to one's skin effectively removing the smallest stubble. The users also highly appreciate sixth trimmer blade saying that it is handy. Of course you can find cheaper blades on Amazon but that does not mean they will work in the same way as Harry's Razors do. This product turns out to be more cost-effective. Its another advantage is that you can easily subscribe for the service and receive a set of blades on a regular basis without leaving your house. By the way, replacement blades purchased in the supermarket do not guarantee a close shave. Taking into consideration many happy customers who get their blades on a regular basis, we do recommend Harry's Razors.

Harry's Razors Pricing and Rates

First of all, you can order the trial set on the official website of the company at the price of only $3.95. In fact, you are paying for "postage" only, the razor and gel are free. You can have blade cartridge replacements for $14 for eight. Replacements are shipped every two, three or five months, based on your shaving needs. If you choose to include shaving foam in your regular deliveries the price will considerably increase to $16. The "family pack" includes two cans of shaving gel and 16 blades. It costs $36. As you can see, Harry's razors are not as expensive.