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It is not easy to be pregnant and it is even more exhausting to raise a child. Caring for a little human being requires a lot of work, especially in the modern world where everything seems upside down and young moms are worried whether they are doing it right. Besides, young parents are not sure how to maintain their children's health in the right way. Hatch Baby is a new invention that intends to give you some peace of mind. It is a smart changing table that allows you to track your baby's length, weight, feeding information, sleeping, diaper changes, and more. All this information is then directed to your phone. So, if you are going to visit a pediatrician, you can export this information to your physician. It is more than just a caregiver. It allows you to feel more connected with your baby during the whole day. But how useful will this information be in reality? And how much time will you need to constantly track it?

Hatch Baby was founded by Ann Crady Weiss when she became a mother herself and was constantly worried whether her child Maya was getting enough breast milk. The matter is that this device offers a connected variant of a traditional foam diaper changing pad that comes with an app showing your baby's diaper schedule. Hatch Baby will allow you to automatically track your child's diaper weight and some other information before and after each feeding and compare their growth percentile with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. The measurements are taken to the 0.25 ounce, or 10 g/ml in metric. Then, this information will be sent to your iOS or Android app for you to be able to track it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With the Hatch Baby app, you will also be able to observe your baby's sleep times, growth, and feeding data (duration, amount, etc.). You will be able to upload photos and export them to your physician via email.

Customer Reviews - Does Hatch Baby Really Work?

If you take a quick look at the pictures of Hatch Baby, you will probably think that it is just another changing station. There is a white plastic BPA and phthalate-free base going up at the edges, so that your little one is kept in place. Yu have a quilted pad made of machine-washable polyester microfiber on top. Then there is a touchscreen display of a small. The whole device weighs about 9 pounds and has a size of 31" X 15" X 3.5". It is expected fit fine on most standard changing pad tables. The Hatch Baby works on 4C batteries that last more than 6 months, and are able to communicate with your smartphone via an 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz network. It means that you will need to be running at least Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 or higher or iOS8 or higher to be able to use the app. It allows you to track one child or twins and can be downloaded to as many smartphones as you wish. By the way, you can even invite other people to share your account (a caregiver or a nanny). So, you will be aware of how your child is while being at work or running errands.

There are many customer reviews about the Hatch Baby Changing Table. The majority of users are pleased with its modern and innovative design. There is no need to worry about any dangerous or small parts. The product has received a lot of attention from mass media, including articles in popular publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, CNBC, etc.

It is known that the co-founders of Hatch Baby, Ann Crady and David Weiss, appeared on the 1/15/16 episode of Shark Tank. Shark Kevin O'Leary called this device a "$200 scale". Due to its benefits it is able to compete with other devices in the "smart baby" marketplace. In addition, such blogs Project Nursery, A Mommy In the City, and Pregnant Chicken tried the Hatch Baby changing table and shared their experiences. Project Nursery found the device very easy to set up and use, Mommy In the City named it a "game changer" while Pregnant Chicken said that it was an essential newborn baby item. Most people seem to love this kind of device as well as its app that is extremely easy to use. Many people call it a must-have. Many customers agree that the product is well-made and is great for parents who worry about their kids. It reminds an apple product to some users both in the quality and the ease of use for the app. But what people appreciate most of all is the customer service of the company. It allows weighing a baby every day. If you face any problems with your unit just contact the customer service and you will have it resolved immediately. Here are some of the real users' reviews left online.

"I saw Hatch Baby online and decided to give it try. I found their official website and ordered the device that arrived rather quickly. My little daughter liked it very much and I found this table just irreplaceable. I love the daily picture and I can monitor my baby even when I am away. It is very convenient. I would highly recommend this great invention to all young parents."

"I bought Hatch Baby a few weeks ago and I found it to be a great product! Earlier I had trouble with nursing, as my baby nursed too quickly and could not get enough milk, according to our pediatrician. Due to the scale, I ensured that he was getting enough milk and gaining weight. Our pediatrician was wrong. App simplifies the process of using the device significantly. I can say that it is worth every penny and I highly recommend this product to every new mom."

"Hatch Baby is one of the best things we have in our nursery. I bought it to make sure that our little girl was gaining at least an ounce of weight every day. When she was only one month, she suffered from acid reflux and at the age of five months she was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. The device gave us the comfort and huge relief. The benefit of tracking how much she consumes is a real relief for me as a mother."

My Final Summary

Hatch Baby is a good Smart Changing Pad that is well designed and comes with a scale and a simple app. The latter makes tracking your baby's patterns and growth easy. The app is free, while the device itself costs $250. It is a great invention for one baby and for twins. It significantly simplifies life of new parents. You can track such important data, as weight, sleep, feeding times, diaper change information, and other patterns. The only drawback of the system is that you will need to manually enter some information.

As every new parent worries that their baby grows properly and is getting enough food, Hatch Baby will be an irreplaceable device. It automatically monitors your baby's weight and other important patterns. None of the customers experiences any trouble weighing their children. On the contrary, they claim that both the device and app are easy to use. You are expected to get your purchase within two days from the ordering date. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend Hatch Baby to buying.

Hatch Baby Pricing and Rates

Each product is currently priced at $199, and you will be offered to choose from four different quilted pad colors: Ash, Rose, Sky, or Sand. An additional soft pad can be bought for $29.99. Hatch Baby changing table comes with a 30-day refund policy. It should be remembered that it needs to be in the original packaging in order to qualify.