Heelys For Men Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Heelys For Men

You have probably heard about Heelys: these are the sneakers with wheels in the heels. They allow children to transition from walking to rolling with great ease. You'll be walking when a youngster suddenly glides ahead through foot traffic. We came from the age of the roller-blade era, so this innovation can be a surprising experience. We may be even a little bit envious. The shoes have become extremely with children in the last several years. Heelys Inc. earned $188 million in sales last year, $21.3 million two years earlier. Most adults may think that there are no Heelys above a size 5 but they do exist. So, if you are not a kid anymore, you can get a pair and check what it is like to be walking and gliding from time to time. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Heelys directly from the manufacturer, so you have got to go to the Sports Authority, Zappos, Modell's, and other stores of the kind. There is an urgent question of aesthetics. Heelys For Men come in about thirty styles, including reprehensible (brown on brown). Most of the models look like skate shoes, though some of them resemble Nike trail runners. It is not a problem to find a pair of any size nowadays. Even adults can enjoy Heelys. You can choose from blue and white sneakers, multicolored pairs, those with faux-suede, perforated leather, and reflective trim. Heelys For Men look like bulky shoes, as the heels need to be wide and deep enough to house the wheels. In fact, you can choose a rather charming pair with a ketchup-red Heelys logo on each shoe. Let us read what actual buyers of Heelys For Men are saying about their experience of purchasing and wearing them.

Customer Reviews - Does Heelys For Men Really Work?

When describing their gliding experience, Heelys owners usually mention when they heeled for the first time. They are pleasantly surprised to find out a hidden mechanism with the wheels. The wheels can be removed, but you will need some suitable tool to get them out. Most people say it is quite simple; however, you may face certain difficulties when trying to ditch the wheels while wearing the shoes. The main thing for you to remember is that if you decide to go out gliding, you will need to have the wheels in. Walking with the wheels may seem difficult at first and not comfortable enough but children don't seem to be very bothered by this concern. If the size is wrong you may feel that your shoes give you shin splints. These shoes are not comfortable for walking only, when the wheels are inside. They can be good for just walking across the street to one of the heeling spots in your area. You have to be sure to start gliding with each step. Of curse the beginners are at risk of falling down as if slipping on a banana peel. It can be dangerous enough if you are moving too fact, though. If you are just starting to test your new Heelys For Men, you are recommended to be accompanied by your friend or family member.

The majority of these sneakers' wearers, heeling in Heelys is quite simple. All you will need to do is to push off with your leg, place the other one forward and lean back on your heels. Repeat this action many times and you will see it is not difficult at all. It takes less than an hour to learn how to roll in Heelys For Men. As soon as you find your balance, you'll start gliding like a professional. Heelys have been thoroughly tested in a variety of environments but the best one is a square or a park with pavement. You can wear them to heel to your work but be careful on the subway stairs or metro platform. Try to choose maximally smooth and flat surfaces to heel. The concrete floors are perfect for gliding in Heelys For Men. They are a bit veneered and well-buffed, which makes them not slippery.

During our research we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Heelys For Men on third-party websites. They are mostly left by adults who either wear these shoes themselves or have bought them for their children. One elderly man reports he has bought Heelys to wear them at home. He is very self-conscious to wear these shoes in public simply because he is not as young. Another customer used to wear them when he graduated from high school. The student wheeled up to take his diploma. The shoes have high quality, so the man wears them nowadays too.

One 19-year old guy who left his review online reports that he had always dreamed about Heelys and finally his dream has come true. Now, he has a squad of friends with whom they can ride on Heelys For Men. It is so much fun! The guy is pleased with his style of shoes saying that they are appealing to his age group. All of his friends love the style that are casual looking. They also work fine as regular shoes without the wheels. Anyone who has worn Heelys For Men knows that they are a bit awkward to walk in with the wheels in. for this reason, you should remove the wheels if you are going just to walk. The young man considers these shoes to be worth the money they cost, especially considering all the joy they bring to him. Heelys are also very durable. They may be kept in a closet when you don't need to wear them. Don't be afraid of looking like a child wearing these shoes. Your life it your life and you want to live it the way you like. Don't pay attention to the negative judgments of other people. It is high time to take a look at some of the actual customers' testimonials about Heelys for Men, namely Launch Fashion Sneaker found online.

"I never had Heelys when I was young, so being an adult I decided to try out Heelys For Men. There is a learning curve at first, but the shoes are really fun to glide around in. They fit perfectly and feel well made. I like their quality a lot. The back of the heel has a cutout that allows you to tilt your foot back without scraping the surface of the ground. It is wrong to say they are suitable for general use, but they are rather comfortable to walk around in for a short period of time. They look like regular shoes, so the hidden wheels are only your secret until you start gliding around. The wheels pop in easily and are easy to pull them out with a special tool that comes with your order. A pair of "caps" are also added to cover the wheel hole after removing the wheels. Overall, I like my purchase."

"I recently got my Heelys For Men and now I can roll around whenever I want. I heel around my college campus and I feel like a child, which I like. Other people can't stop staring at me. I am going to buy a pair for my girlfriend. When I ride too much I get really tired. It's like working out. So, if you want to lose weight these sneakers are definitely for you."

"I am very grateful for my new Heelys For Men. These shoes have changed my social life. I usually ride around with a few of my friends in Heelys while the others are watching us. I have also found my beloved woman while wearing these shoes. I am going to skate down the aisle with her in my hands once we get married. Getting to and from work has never been so fast and easy! I hope I will be able to ride around in these sneakers when I am retired. I have told my family that I want to be buried in these shoes. Thank you for these great shoes."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about Heelys For Men, this kind of shoes turns out to be not just a fun but also a functional high-quality product. The wearers report they can get to different destination much faster while wearing them. Gliding makes your pace faster and even entertaining but be ready that everyone will stare at you. You can walk in Heelys if you wish. Just remember to shift your body weight to your heels. The wheels can be easily removed, and your shoes will perform the function of ordinary shoes. Each pair comes with a special tool for removing the wheels and with a top to close the hole afterwards. Heelys are just as dangerous as scooters, skateboards, or inline skates, so there is no need to be afraid too much. Of course you may need some assistance of your friend in the beginning. Children seem to get some injuries when heeling. There is a weight limit for Heelys For Men. It is 176 pounds. These shoes are designed to look like sneakers, but their use is more broadened. The main function of Heelys is to make the boring activity of walking a little bit less boring. Taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages of Heelys For Men I would recommend wearing these shoes.

Heelys For Men Pricing and Rates

There is a wide variety of Heelys For Men and they differ in price significantly. Let us take a look at some of them. Bandit Adults, Nitro Adults, Piper Adults, GR8R Hi Adults are priced at $69.99 each. Motion 2 Adults, Racer Adults, Voyager Adults, Vopel Adults and Split Adults can be bought for $64.99 for each pair. The price of GR8 Pro Prints Adults is $49.99. Adult Heelys - Gr8 Pro Black/ White / Red are priced at $59.99. You can buy Rift Adults for $54.99. Gr8 Pro Flames Adults and GR8 Pro Adults are priced at $59.99. The initial cost of Premium 2 Lo Adults was $89.99 and now it is $45.00. Motion 2.0 Adults and Vopel Adults are priced at $64.99 each. Currently a pair of GR8 Pro Adults can be purchased for $39.99 instead of $ 59.99. Adult Heelys - Voyager Black / Bright Yellow GID and Adult Heelys - Voyager Black reflective / Black can also be bought at a 50% discount - for just $34.99 instead of $69.99. Propel 2.0 Adults are priced at $44.95 instead of $64.99.