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Hockey Monkey

HockeyMonkey is an online store selling the following categories of products: Equipment, Roller, Game Wear, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, NHL Fan ZoneE-Gift Cards, Hockey Skates. Equipment includes such products as Sticks, Shafts and Blades; Hockey Helmets; Hockey Protective; Hockey Gloves; Hockey Pants; Equipment Bags and Backpacks. Roller includes the following products: Roller Hockey Skates; Roller Hockey Pants; Roller Girdles; Padded Shirts; Wheels; Roller Skate Hardware; Street Hockey Equipment. The category of Game involves WearNHL Jerseys; Team Jerseys; Practice Jerseys; Hockey Socks; Hockey Jocks, Cups and Jills; Undergarments; Referee Jerseys and Pants. Apparel includes the following items: Adult Hockey Apparel; Youth Hockey Apparel; Women's Hockey Apparel; Headwear; Sunglasses; Sweatpants, Boxers and Pajamas; Arm Wraps and Sleeves; Apparel Accessories. Footwear involves Men's Footwear; Women's Footwear; Youth Footwear. Accessories include Goals & Nets; Skate; Stick; Helmet; Pucks & Balls; Protective; Belts, Straps & Suspenders; Training; Sports Medicine; Equipment Care; Water Bottles and some other products such as Hockey Coaching Aids; Mini Hockey Nets & Sticks; Souvenirs / Novelty; Referee Hockey Accessories; Other Hockey Accessories. There are also E-Gift Cards and NHL Fan Zone. The official website of the store is, so you are welcome to visit it and make your purchases. The postal address of the company is Hockey; 1550 Magnolia Ave. - Suite #101; Corona, CA 92879, US. Their telephone number is 1 888 286 6169, so you can freely ask your questions. You can also write your e-mail to It is a wise idea to take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Hockey Monkey Really Work?

There is a great number of customers' testimonials about HockeyMonkey on third-party websites online. Fortunately, most of them carry a positive character, as the people are pleased with the wide choice of products in the store, the ease of ordering and shipping, easy payment methods, reasonable prices and good customer service. Let us take a look what some of the customers are writing about their experience of dealing with the company. One woman reports that she ordered several things with HockeyMonkey online. She lives in Australia and they tend to have very high prices on this category of products in this country but with this online store it is still cheaper to buy anything with the shipping added than buying the same item there. The stores in Australia don't have sizes for kids of 5. Well, the woman made a few mistakes in her order, so she sent an email to the company. She was surprised to receive a fast reply from one of there reps named Sommer. She informed the customer she was trying to track down her order. At that time the woman found that there was something else wrong in her order and rang up the customer department. It was Andrea who replied and was helpful in the conversation. She took the mission of tracking down the order. Not to leave the client on hold she got her phone number and promised to call her back. The client was sure she would not but 35 minutes later Andrea called. She let her know she had tracked her order down and continued to correct all the customer's errors. Andrea demonstrated great patience performing all of the tasks. She said the customer's order would be shipped the next day. The woman checked her order the next day and found out that it was sent the previous day. She was impressed with the exceptional speed of the delivery. She received her order the next day, on Thursday afternoon. She felt sincerely thankful to HockeyMonkey.

Another review was left by the male customer who had bought from this company many times as he finds it worth his money and effort. The items at the store are much cheaper than at regular stores. The customer service is marvelous - the company's reps sorted all of his queries and added some extras to his parcels. The only thing he is nervous about is the distribution restrictions on some brands on the site; however, it is not a fault of HockeyMonkey but rather of the brand owners. The man had a custom jersey made and it turned out just perfect. It feels great and costs less than half of the price. He was also pleasantly impressed with the company's customer service. The customer needed to call them to get some help with his order and have some of his questions about the product answered. He considers himself to be a knowledgeable person in terms of in-line skates and he was pleased with the knowledge of the people who consulted him over the phone. His order was delivered within three days only without any additional payment for shipping. His order was as promised. The man was pleased with his fantastic products. He has never had any issues and he finds sellers to be great.

Another satisfied customer reported that he ordered a few items on HockeyMonkey site because the prices there were much lower than those in traditional stores. Even taking into consideration the expensive shipping the prices are still lower. The young man has always had a positive shopping experience with the store. The reps of the store did everything to help him. The man lives in Japan and his son plays hockey, but he was in Los Angeles on business and decided to buy some replacement sticks for his boy, as his last Bauer X:60 was broken and they are not in sale in Japan. The man didn't have enough time to get the item shipped to his hotel, so he called the company to learn about other ways of buying their products. They agreed to ship some sticks to the store in Irvine, where the man dropped by to get them. The sticks were there on time and the man was amazed with their professional approach to each customer. He was happy with his experience with HockeyMonkey and will order from them again in future. Here are some more testimonials from the customers of the store.

"I like HockeyMonkey, especially Brian and Johnny, the best representatives ever! They helped me to pick out a stick for my son and it fits him for skates very well. I did not notice any pressure on either purchase. I wanted to buy a stick and skates and received the necessary consultation. Both the skates and the stick were just what they were thinking about. Johnny was pleasant to ask us if we needed his help. He checked my son's skate size and took into account the width of his foot. We ended up purchasing them."

"I ordered high-end inline skates from HockeyMonkey and everything went well. I appreciated the fast shipping. I don't understand why some people have given the store only one star. It was the only place where I managed to find a wider size and I was finally satisfied. I will definitely do business with them again. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I do recommend this store to everyone."

"HockeyMonkey offers the best customer service I have ever seen in my life. Previously I did not have any issues but recently I ordered the wrong product and immediately called the customer service department. One of their representatives had my return tags ready for me to print without any hesitation. He did not even ask me any questions, was polite and friendly. I will certainly purchase something else from them again. Thank you, HockeyMonkey."

My Final Summary

HockeyMonkey is an excellent online store offering an extensive collection of ice hockey equipment. In addition to hockey equipment you can get specialized gear from this store too. It is very easy to make an order online. All you will have to do is to go to, look through the available ice hockey helmets, hockey sticks, skates, and other items, choose the ones you need and add them to your basket. There are many payment methods, so you will find it easy to purchase online. The shipment does not take much time. Usually the customers receive their orders within three days or even earlier. HockeyMonkey has very positive customer reputation. Most people are pleased with the wide variety of ice hockey skates, tools, accessories and care products, great customer service, discount coupons and reasonable prices. The customers also appreciate the high quality of the products. So, if you need any hockey equipment or garments, you cannot go wrong with HockeyMonkey.

Hockey Monkey Pricing and Rates

HockeyMonkey offers a wide variety of products so we will take a look at only some of the most popular ones. Senior Ice Hockey Skates are presented in different models. The original price of Bauer Supreme S150 Senior Ice Hockey Skates is $149.99 but you can buy them from the site for only $99.98. At present you can buy CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Ice Hockey Skates for $499.98 instead of $899.99. Bauer Nexus N2700 Senior Ice Hockey Skates are priced at $229.99. Bauer Vapor X400 Senior Ice Hockey Skates - 17 Model can be purchased for only $77.99 instead of $129.99. Bauer Supreme S27 Senior Ice Hockey Skates cost $209.99. Bauer NS Senior Ice Hockey Skates are priced at $69.99. The original price of CCM Jetspeed FT390 Senior Ice Hockey Skates is $699.99 but the price on is $399.98. CCM Tacks 2092 Senior Ice Hockey Skates can be bought for $49.98 instead of $79.99. The store offers other items as well. Bauer IMS 5.0 II Hockey Helmet Combo is priced at $54.99. Warrior Krown PX3 Hockey Helmet can be purchased for $59.98 instead of $139.99. CCM FL40 Hockey Helmet Combo costs $49.99. Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet is priced at $39.99. CCM 50 Senior Hockey Helmet Combo costs $64.99. The original price of Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmet is $84.99 but HockeyMonkey sells it at the price of $69.99. Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet Combo costs $54.99. Bauer Re-Akt 75 Hockey Helmet can be purchased for $95.99 instead of $119.99. There is a wide collection of Senior Hockey Gloves. Warrior Alpha QX4 Senior Hockey Gloves can be bought for $79.98 (Original Price $99.99. Bauer Nexus N9000 Senior Hockey Gloves cost $69.98 (Original Price $129.99). The price of Bauer NSX Senior Hockey Gloves is $59.99. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Senior Hockey Gloves are priced at $99.99.