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Home Chef

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that has been on the market for about seven years that boasts a wide menu with special meal ideas. It promises to provide you with the quick and simple ordering process, flexible subscriptions, and reasonable prices. It provides natural and fresh ingredients as well as easy-to-follow recipes for you to cook a great dinner in half an hour, despite your poor cooking skills. You will be able to enrich your menu with a lunch that takes only five minutes to make as well as with fruity add-ons. We will take a deeper look at how this service works to help you cook foods with fewer efforts and eat more healthily. Home Chef offers seventeen fresh recipes on a weekly basis. The menu includes three lunches, twelve dinner ideas, and two fruity add-ons. Their lunches give you an opportunity to make a delicious lunch quickly in any surrounding. They are not expected to take more than five minutes on cooking. Home Chef dinners are made to meet the needs of the pickiest eaters, since they involve meat and seafood options, as well as vegetarian, low-calorie, soy-free, gluten-free, and low-carb dishes. The dinner recipes named Quick 'N Easy are designed for beginning home cooks. If you are craving for something sweet, you can choose from a couple of add-ons at the end of your meal. These usually come in the form of smoothies and fruit baskets.

Home Chef promises to provide quite flexible plans to meet anyone's needs, without asking you to stick to any particular regime. You can skip a delivery, alter your order or even cancel it any time, but ensure to make the necessary changes before the weekly cutoff. It is at 12 pm (CST) each Friday before the delivery day. You can buy a gift card in the amount of $60, $120, $240 or your preferred value, which can be used to order meals from the official website of Home Chef. The cheapest gift card costs $50. The company also has a marketplace where you can buy utensils, kitchen dishes, and other tools for making its recipes. Thus, if you are missing any tools in your kitchen for preparing meals, you can buy it from the company too. As a matter of fact, this meal kit delivery service is not very popular in America, even though it has been on the market for half a dozen of years. There are some concerns about food safety and its eco-friendliness. However, the company promises to contribute to the planet's health. Let us take a look at what actual clients of the service think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Home Chef Really Work?

Before registering with Home Chef, you will need to fill out a taste chart, in which you will specify what sort of ingredients you prefer to see in your meals. The company offers detailed meal choices depending on your preferences. In this way, they build your taste profile. You will start out by choosing seafood, meat, vegetables and other common foods. You can specify any ingredients you would like to avoid; for instance, you can choose not to eat red meat, pork, gluten, soy, mushrooms, nuts, shellfish or dairy. You can also choose whether you want to have a low carb or low-calorie diet. This service seems to be especially useful for vegetarians or allergic people. When you have chosen your taste preferences, you will be asked to choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals per week for 2, 4 or 6 persons. This is very flexible, because you have got many choices. Then you will be able to choose the day of the week when you want your meals to be delivered - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Recently, Home Chef has introduced a beneficial feature called Flexible Servings. It can be used with select menu items as it allows adding two or four servings to the chosen meal. So, if you have friends or need more food for any other reason, you do not have to change your subscription. You can just order more servings whenever you want. When your order arrives, you will need to follow the provided recipe cards. The latter are said to be easy to follow even by beginners in the kitchen.

There is a great number of testimonials left by real dieters. Almost all reviews carry a negative character. Many people claims that the company is a scam! They are reported to change their customers' orders and prices whenever they want without even informing their customers. Some dieters confessed that when their food arrived, it was old with some products even starting to spoil. Although some customers sent them a complaint with the photos of the spoiled products, the company's reps asked to provide the photos about the complaint. They seem to be very ignorant! Be ready that your account will be charged fully before providing you with the menu. They often don't give you a chance to choose from foods and seem to be dictating you what to eat. Many customers are not satisfied with the quantity, quality, and variety of the offered foods. Some people complain having received delivery late at night, which makes it impossible to plan their meals in advance. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials about the service.

"I ordered my first HomeChef meal pack, which was arrived on Wednesday within four days. It contained salmon, which is very incorrect when taking into account the fact that the FDA claims that fish is only edible foe 1-2 days when kept in refrigerator. The vegetables inside the box looked like not fresh too, since that had black spots on them. The top part of the parcel was not cold. I contacted the customer support service and they gave me full credit. After 4-5 days food is not edible. Be careful not to get sick."

"My husband spoke with the company's rep regarding the disaster of our Home Chef order. Many items were missing and the food came lukewarm. All of the ice packs were melted. They also forgot to send me the recipes. My husband spent sixty minutes trying to contact the company and when he finally did he was placed on hold for another twenty minutes. He wanted a full refund and to cancel the order for the next week but he was rejected in the refund. We are not satisfied with this resolution. We spent more than $200 on the meals. We are looking for a different company offering healthy meal plans. I am shocked that with the customer service."

"I sent a gift in the form of two Home chef meals to my friend. The box contained Korean steak and salmon. I know that the meals were shipped on Monday and arrived on Thursday afternoon. I contacted my friend and advised her not to eat the food. Fish cannot stay fresh after four days on the road! The same can be said about the steak. I had to cancel all the future orders. I was lucky to receive a refund."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Home Chef it does not seem to be a reliable meal delivery service. Even though it claims to provide seventeen recipes on the menu every week, many customers report that they are limited in choice and have to eat what they are sent. Besides, they often received not fresh and even spoilt products. When they try to get a refund they often face difficulties with doing so. Even though the company has been on the market for a while, it has not gained positive reputation among customer. The majority of customer reviews carry a negative character. With this in mind, Home Chef cannot be recommended to anyone.

Where To Buy Home Chef In Stores?

The company takes care of offering you fresh ingredients that can be found in local stores. Almost all of them have similar price. The cost of one meal is $9.95 per serving. You can choose from 2, 4, or 6 serving options. Five-minute lunches cost $7.99 per serving. You can order any number of different meals. You can even buy smoothie and fruit add-ons for $4.95. There are also premium meals that are more expensive than other menu items, such as holiday specials, which include multiple sides and a desert. In this way, you might not have to spend your time shopping for foods you need for some special occasion. The delivery is free for orders over $45. It is $10 for orders below $45.