HomeAdvisor Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY HomeAdvisor Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


HomeAdvisor is actually one of the giants in the industry of connecting homeowners with professionals responsible for getting different home projects completed in a short period of time. They have a professionally made official website used by millions of homeowners in the country. Those people appear to be very satisfied with how their home projects are completed. It is not difficult for a potential customer to find this company. All you will need to do is to search HomeAdvisor online. You are expected to succeed in a minute. You can request estimates through the company who claims to connect you with their high-rate pre-screened professionals. Most customers seem to be pleased with the service.

Next, the customer needs to submit the details on their project and contact information to the HomeAdvisor website. The company sends that customer referral to all of their painting contractors. The latter will do the actual work. Each contractor who gets the lead will have to pay for that lead. Then you they will need to contact the lead who will schedule the estimate, and control the completion of the business. This is the usual scenario how most lead services function. HomeAdvisor is one of the biggest companies of the kind in the country. They tend to provide more leads than other lead services. This cost money, though. To understand whether HomeAdvisor is worth your hard earned money, let us take a look at what real customers of the country think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does HomeAdvisor Really Work?

You can find numerous users' reviews about the company online. Some of them are positive, while others are not. Not all people appear to be satisfied with the work of HomeAdvisor, but their service is undoubtedly very useful if used wisely. There are many ways to get the best out of this company. You can utilize their service successfully to develop your business, even though it may not be as easy as it seems. When ordering their service, try to be maximally selective with the leads you get. HomeAdvisor gives you an opportunity to choose the types of leads you are competing on. But it is your responsibility to be picky about these types. Next, set a solid budget not to spend much money too fast. Focus on big-sized jobs. These can be interior 4+ rooms, full house exteriors, and so on. These kinds of job usually cost at least $4,000. With such job, you can spend $400 to book a job. Competing on small leads will require much higher conversions to make them worth it.

Don't be afraid of demanding refunds on bad leads. If you are not satisfied with bad leads, be persistent to get credited back. This will save you some money. Remember to monitor your results to ensure that you are succeeding. Don't be afraid of failures, you can always learn something new and improve what you already know. The first $300 spent might not yield a big return, but the next $300 should yield a higher return. Improve again until you receive the desired return. Try to create a strong profile on the official website of HomeAdvisor and get reviews.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about the company from customers. Some of the common complaints included shady sales practices and charging a high price for leads. To my mind, every potential customer should make their own personal research of the company before using its services. If you consider it to be shady, stay away from it, but if you like the services it offers, just give it a try. Second, before applying to a company's services, read all terms and pricing attentively. It is too expensive for you, ten it is not an option for you. I don't understand those who opt for services that don't fit their budgets. There are many compliments about the company. Numerous customers write that they are simply amazed with the high professionalism of customer service and contractors. Those people are helpful and responsive. All of them intend to meet their clients' needs and preferences. Many customers claim to receive quick responses from the company's staff. The professionals thy deal with are usually professional, friendly, cost efficient, and did their best to compete the job to the highest standard. They definitely recommend using HomeAdvisor to their friends. Here are some of the real users' testimonials left on different websites on the Internet.

"I love Home Advisor very much. Their team of professionals helped me to get rid of the hassle of contact different contractors and searching for one that is available and worthy. They gave me the option of getting professionals online which is very convenient for me. I managed to schedule the work and estimate online too. I am pleased with the whole process. Whenever I need their services at my home again, I will contact these professional again and again."

"I am improving my yard at present and I needed mowing service desperately. So, I requested information about mowing a two-acre lot around the house. I was glad to receive a call from them within one hour. Lawn service manager requested a drive by before giving me a quote. We met the same day and he quoted a reasonable price. So, I hired the service but due to bad weather had to postpone mowing on the next week. I have now completed the service and I am satisfied with an excellent job. Thanks."

"I have used the services of Homeadvisor three times for different projects. I am happy to say that I have not had any regret. It is wonderful to have one place where you can get a bunch of services and recommendations. All of my projects have been completed as I wished. I was pleased with carpet cleaning and HVAC replacement job. Each time I received a call from a company's representative very quickly. I chose this company based on positive reviews from other customers."

My Final Summary

There are several ways to learn whether this or that service is suitable for you. The one is to read numerous customer reviews on the company and its services. HomeAdvisor appears to have a very positive overall customer reputation. But the best way to find out whether this company is suitable for you is to test its services personally. When testing your business, you should track the number of leads you generate, the total amount you spend on marketing, the number of estimates you generate, etc. The amount you spend on marketing should be maximum 10% of the total sales generated. Doing so, remember that in order to make money you will have got to spend it first!

HomeAdvisor is not a very expensive option. What you will rally appreciate is the high professionalism and responsiveness of the company's personnel, as well as the high quality of projects completed. Based on the experience of real customers of the company, you will have success with HomeAdvisor. Most clients feel very pleased with their service. The staff will contact you as soon as you apply for the service online. Taking into account positive and negative issues about HomeAdvisor I do recommend them.

HomeAdvisor Pricing and Rates

You will be charged for leads but there is no information on exact pricing on the HomeAdvisor official website. However, this isn't a problem because you can contact their customer service and receive the necessary information immediately. You can also get refunds on bad leads.