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The HotelsByDay is a company that provides access to the collection of three, four, and five-star hotels through their official website and mobile app. The guests can check-in during the AM and check out in the PM. They are promised to be able to save up to 60% off nighttime rates. In this way, you can use this service whenever you need a remote office, a daycation, a place to get ready for a show, a break during a shopping trip in the city, or somewhere to recharge during a long layover, you may find this solution quite attractive. The company offers more than 450 hotels located in fifty cities. But is it a logical solution if you are looking for a day use hotel? Is there any better competition you should be aware of? Which important factors should you consider before committing? We will try to answer these and more questions to help you make a wise decision. But at first let's take a look at how HotelsByDay works.

HotelsByDay claims that you can make a reservation through their website or iOS or Android app in just a few seconds. On the homepage, you will select the country, city, and the necessary date. Then just press the Search button. If you click on the geolocation symbol, you will browse the site's Hotel Map. You will see the results, and you will be able to filter these by check-in/out times and price. Scroll down to choose the hotel you prefer. If you find a listing you like, click on it to view pictures, learn more details about rates, things you can do in the neighborhood, as well as a list of services and amenities offered onsite. The HotelsByDay site allows booking reservations for the same day, certainly if you do so before 2 pm (14:00) local time. Besides, you can book up to ninety days in advance. However, it should be kept in mind that most reservations start after 10 am and usually last between four and nine hours. To complete the booking form, click the Book Now. You will enter your email address, first and last names, and a message for the hotel.

Customer Reviews - Does HotelsByDay Really Work?

As you can see, the reservation process is rather fast and easy, at least as described by the company. However, there are some problems that may be associated with this process. Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation within a few minutes. If you see that something is wrong, it can't be modified, which is a big drawback. All you can do is cancel and re-book the room with the correct details. This can be time-consuming. According to the official HotelsByDay website, all rooms accommodate two adult guests (over the age of 21). Children under ten are allowed to stay with their parents free of charge). Additional guests may be permitted at the hotel's discretion. Remember that the front desk will check the copy of your reservation and your ID during check-in. Both documents must match the name of the individual who booked the reservation. You will also need to provide your credit card you used to make the reservation. Otherwise, you won't be able to check in.

There is a lot of customer reviews about HotelsByDay online, even though the company has been in business for almost five years (since 2014). We encountered the majority of the online customer feedback on Google Play and iTunes. These user reviewers had given the company a four-star average rating, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. Compliments revolved around the access provided to the hotels and ease of use. At the same time, complaints cited difficulties of using the official website, less-than-stellar functionality and poor customer service. Thus, one man reports that at first, he tried to sign up on his phone but the app was not working. Finally, he managed to sign up through his laptop; however, he disliked that I could not see what kind of room he was booking on that website. The man contacted the phone number provided online but did not get a response.

Many users agree that the interface of the site is awkward. The site is hard to navigate. It is not easy to find the right hotel too. Even if you manage to find the hotel it may be very annoying to get logged off constantly. Many people expect to receive the discount but they seldom receive it. Instead they have to go online and search for a promocode. Another issue is that cancellations are not allowed. The customer is only allowed to review the order to correct possible errors. One client complained that the hotel was unable to locate reservation, so she had to cancel and book directly through the hotel. The woman messaged HBD and received no response. Let us take a look at the actual reviews of HotelsByDay clients.

"HotelsByDay is nothing more than a team of scammers! The list of the hotels on their site is not accurate. It turned out that the day hotels they have listed offer night rooms only. It was a waste of my precious time. I do not recommend using this service to anyone."

"I am not satisfied with the HotelsByDay service. First, I had no opportunity to see the room I booked. When I decided to use their site again I found out that the price increased. Now it is non-refundable. I am certainly not happy with that at all."

"It would be better if you didn't have to sign in every time I use the HotelsByDay app. Sometimes I forget to sign in and I do not collect points. I like Hotel Tonight, a service that has a more user friendly interface."

My Final Summary

HotelsByDay has been in business for a few years and comes with a mixed online customer reputation. People who have booked rooms through their website or app often found them unsatisfying. There are many complaints about the difficulty to navigate and use their website. There is no chance to see the room you are booking. It is difficult to cancel your reservation. The company offers no refunds. If you need to stay somewhere for a night, you are advised to continue searching elsewhere. The site like HotelsByDay does not seem to deliver meaningful options for you to appreciate. With all the higher described disadvantages of the service, I cannot recommend HotelsByDay.

HotelsByDay Pricing and Rates

The prices offered by the company depend on such vital factors like star rating, location, and amenities. They can vary a lot. We researched different cities with a booking date for one week and we encountered the following information. New York City offered 65 results with prices from $89 to $500. Chicago had 15 results with prices from $78 to $200. Los Angeles offered 16 results with prices from $75 to $200. San Francisco had 11 results with prices from $79 to $199. The HotelsByDay website says that these rates are listed per room. Remember that a deposit is required at check-in. Frequent Travel Club points do not apply to any booking. You can cancel for free up to 24 hours before check-in, which can be accomplished via the "Cancel My Reservation" link on the website. You can reach customer support at 855-925-2530 or