Hurricane Fur Wizard Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Hurricane Fur Wizard Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Hurricane Fur Wizard

The Hurricane Fur Wizard is a lint brush that is claimed to help you clean almost anything twice as much in half the time. It features an extra-large, double-sided design and a self-cleaning base. According to the commercial, the brush works using numerous tiny bristles that grab any fuzz they meet on their way. You can dip the brush into its self-cleaning stand to clean well both sides when it is necessary. The procedure can be done in just one pass, as the manufacturer promises. After you have cleaned your pillows, blankets, couches, pants, and everything else, you can remove the stand's base clip easily and quickly to empty all the gathered fur and lint. This can be thrown into the trash.

There is no information about the company behind the product online, which means that neither the company, nor the product can be trusted. However, there is an official website that provides little information about the brush. Probably it was created with the major purpose to earn money. Based on what we have learned from the site, the Hurricane Fur Wizard follows a compelling concept that seems to effectively solve different problems associated with tape-based lint rollers and other devices of the kind - including the need for constant refills. Can you Hurricane Fur Wizard really deliver a proper level of value? Let's try to answer this and many other questions by taking a look at how it works and what real users think about this brush.

Customer Reviews - Does Hurricane Fur Really Work?

Since Hurricane Fur Wizard is a lint brush it works like other brushes on the kind. Actually, lint is not a very complex topic, as told by the Daily Dot. It is made in the form of tiny, tangled fibers from textiles and fabrics that accumulate on our clothes and in our dryers. To get rid of it, you can use some of the most common options like rollers with replaceable tape attached, as well as those that use a special fabric made to gather and hold lint and dust. It can be used for brushing over fabric just like a hair brush; however, it only works in one direction. When used in the opposite direction, it makes this fabric's small "fingers"; release debris that has been already accumulated. This is something you wouldn't want to see on your clothes. This is probably one of the major problems associated with the use of Hurricane Fur Wizard. Its base contains the same fabric to remove piled up lint quickly.

According to the background information in the product's commercial and on its official website, it appears that this fabric should be used in only one direction. We decided to find out how this fabric is called, but when we contacted several different customer support representatives of Hurricane Fur Wizard, none of them managed to tell us what its "micro bristles" were made from. This is a big red flag. We haven't encountered too many customer reviews about the product on third party websites, but the available ones are not as enthusiastic as promises in the advertisement. The users report that the unit does not collect fur well enough. They are also not satisfied with the quality of the product. Most users claim that this brush is too overpriced and is not worth the price. Let us take a look at some of these testimonials.

"I am not pleased with my Hurricane Fur Wizard. Its quality leaves much to be desired. First, the handle is not glued properly. When I tried to clean it with the holder, the blue handle came off. I had to glue it on my own. It does not even pick the fur as well as claimed in the advertisement. This product is certainly not worth the money it costs. I would not recommend this hazard to anyone."

"Hurricane FurWizard is a product of poor quality. I ordered it on the official website of the company and my parcel arrived after a seven-week shipping delay. All I can say is that the product has a very poor quality and design. I used it about six times and when I was using it the end snapped clear off. The item is certainly overpriced and is definitely not worth the money. However, it is a rather good concept when it comes to lint collection. Do not waste your money on this low-quality staff."

"Buying the Hurricane Fur wizard was big mistake of mine! I tried a lot but I cannot get the wand out of the holder. It still remains stuck, so I can use only the small brush. It's a pity but I cannot use it as intended. I regret wasting my hard-earned money. Guys, do not believe the advertisement, it is deceptive! I would not recommend this unit to anyone."

My Final Summary

For the most part, Hurricane Fur Wizard is a lint brush and nothing actually differentiates it from other lint brushes available on the market. We were disappointed with the fact that none of the customer support representatives we spoke to were able to verify what materials the product is made from. We did not test the device ourselves, but it appears that it is made from the same material as many other traditional options. The only difference is the color of the fabric. We are not even told the product's overall dimensions or head size. It means that we cannot be sure whether Hurricane Fur Wizard will allow you to clean more fabric in a shorter period of time, or whether it is worth the higher price when compared to the competition. Other product can be simply bought from local shops but you can see what you are buying.

What I want to say is that when the cloth meets the brush, no one can say for sure whether it will deliver better performance than that provided by traditional brushes. If you are looking for a dispenser base with the same "micro bristles", I would recommend you looking for another cheaper brush. It appears that the Hurricane Fur Wizard has a much better competition on the market. The only positive moments about this product is that the manufacturer behind it offers a 30-day refund policy, even though you will have to pay $8 shipping. You may need to additionally pay money for sending it back depending on your location.

Where To Buy Hurricane Fur In Stores?

You can order Hurricane Fur Wizard from the official website. One unit will cost you $19.99, plus $7.99 shipping. For this price, you will get not just the device, but also a self-cleaning base and a mini brush with base that can be used for quick clean ups. You will be able to double your order for an additional $9.99 fee during checkout. All orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but the product needs to be in a new condition. To request your money back, you will need to call the customer service at 855-235-1850.