Hurricane Spin Scrubber Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a new helpful product manufactured by a well-known American company. Other Hurricane models offered by the company include Red Copper Pan, Ped Egg Power, Atomic Beam USA, and many others. The device works with the help of a built-in rechargeable battery. The head spins at 300 RPM, which is a rather high speed. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber claims to clean, rinse, and leave your shower clean without any spots. You can do the job only within 30 seconds. This device creates such a strong torque that can cut through any grime and dirt. There are three interchangeable brushes attached to Hurricane Spin Scrubber's head. Each of them has flexible bristles that mold into crevices and cracks. In this way, you are enabled to attack mildew, soap scum, and more even in corners. Besides, this scrubber has an extension arm that is helpful for people with arthritis. The device can easily clean areas which are difficult to reach and it can be used outdoors!

Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a great device for restoring the shine and luster of the shower without harsh chemicals in a fast way. And what it the most important is that you don't have to scrub or rub the surface. Doing the hard work has never been easier. It can effectively clean that cloudy film covering your shower called soap scum. This is the result of the reaction of magnesium and calcium in water with the fatty acids in soap. It does not only look unsightly but also creating a suitable breeding ground for bacteria that can pose a health hazard for people. With Hurricane Spin Scrubber, soap scum is not a problem already, because it is a great home remedy that can remove it effectively and effortlessly.

Customer Reviews - Does Hurricane Spin Scrubber Really Work?

Hurricane Spin Scrubber works mechanically to scrape soap scum due to its high speed and great power. This device uses brushes to physically remove soap scum from almost any surface. This device's head spins at 300RPM, so it creates strong power at which it spins. It is very important because good torque creates enough pressure against the surface (tile or glass) to remove soap scum. Hurricane Spin Scrubber was checked in multiple scenarios. It was concluded that the device matches the company's claims. The scrubber has gone through a hands-on test and showed high-rate performance. Another test showed that cleaning a stand up shower can be easy with Hurricane Spin Scrubber. All you will need to do is to apply a mild cleaner onto the shower surfaces. A special extension handle can reach the floor with no need to bend down. You won't need to press down too hard on the scrubber in order to clean the surface properly. Sometimes you will need to grip the device tightly in order to control it. Holding the device with both hands is required at times too. After you are finished, the floor remains wet, but the scrubber has cleaned the everything well. No dirty spots are left.

The next test involved the use of the corner brush on the door rails and ledge of the shower cabin. It did a good job when cleaning the corners, but the head sometimes slipped from side to side. We also used the dome brush to better clean the corner from mildew. At the end, we used a flat brush. It demonstrated a big improvement in removing mildew and soap scum from the glass shower door after just a few minutes. It can be said that Hurricane Spin Scrubber did a great job. If the surface is too dirty, you may need to use a stronger cleaning agent. Cleaning a bathtub is not a problem for the device too. At first, it is recommended to spray some mild cleaner on the shower wall. Then you can use the dome brush for the tile wall. Use the flat brush for the floor. The corner brush is perfect for grout and corners. However, you may need quite a bit of time to focus on each individual area to make it clean. If you have too deep dirt in your shower or bath, you may need to use a stronger cleaning chemical.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber can be also used for cleaning a sink faucet. In this case, you are advised to use a corner brush head. If you feel it difficult to keep it stable apply more strength to keep it in place. You may also change the head to get into the small crevices. Cleaning with Hurricane Spin Scrubber is much better and easier than by hand.

You can find a lot of Hurricane Spin Scrubber user reviews online. There is both positive and negative feedback about the device. This is a common thing about most TV products. Many customers claimed that they have had a positive experience about using the device. Some users faced shipping delays. In general, people are satisfied with the work of customer service, however, there are those who found it to be unresponsive. Despite these complaints, most customers are happy with the work of AJ Khubani's Telebrands that is the largest company in the ASOTV industry. In fact, they have had this kind of business for more than thirty years already. Most users are pleased with the quality of the product. For you to have a better image of Hurricane Spin Scrubber I have gathered a few user reviews.

"Hurricane Spin Scrubber met my expectations, even though I used a device of this kind for the first time. I used this product for cleaning my bathtub. I am really pleased with the functioning of this device. I didn't have to scrub the surfaces on my own. I suffer from arthritis and bad shoulders. But the product did all the job itself. It successfully removed a thick layer of dirt that was driving me crazy. Now my tub is shining like never before."

"I bought Hurricane Spin scrubber at a box store, so I didn't deal with any shipping issues. I was lucky because I had no problems with charging the heads. This scrub brush works just perfectly for any surface in my house, but it is not meant for deep cleaning. I recommended this item to my sister who also bought it. She is also pleased with the device. It is better to buy it in a store as you can return it any time."

"I have been waiting for my Hurricane SpinScrubber for many years, as it has always been difficult for me to clean my bathroom. This device is just a savior for my shower and tub. I have actively used it for two years and it finally wore out. I decided to get a new one, so I bought it a week ago. I experienced a definite improvement in a new model. In no time, I managed to clean my entire shower and tub. The room is now shiny and absolutely clean."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend buying and using Hurricane Spin Scrubber as it has a number of advantages. It is really effective for cleaning any surfaces of with any kind of dirt. The device is not very expensive, it can be bought from traditional stores. It is also easy to clean. All you will have to do is to run it under water, rinse it and let it dry. after conducting a number of tests, we found out that Hurricane Spin Scrubber can make cleaning showers and bathtubs easier and faster. It can be even used by people suffering from arthritis and back pain. It means that it is physically easy to use, even without cleaning agents or chemicals. However, you may need a bit of time to deal with each separate area. Removing the mildew and soap scum is much easier. In short, try Hurricane Spin Scrubber and you will not be disappointed.

Where To Buy Hurricane Spin Scrubber In Stores?

One item will cost you $39.99, plus free shipping and handling. This set includes one Extension Arm, one Hurricane Spin Scrubber Brush, one Set of Scrubbing Heads and one Mesh Storage Bag.