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HydraLight Flashlight

The HydraLight Flashlight is a new flashlight that runs on any kind of water: distilled, regular, or salt. It requires no batteries for work. A single water dip provides up to 100 continuous hours of operating and has a 25-year shelf life. These claims sound very promising but are they true? Well, the company cannot be trusted completely, since it is badly known in the company. It seems to offer no other products. The official website is dedicated to HydraLight Flashlight. There is little information on how the device works, but the site is full of many other promises. The site does not provide the official postal address of the manufacturer, but if you are not satisfied with the product, you may send it back to Return Department / Hydralight; 2880 North Lambs Blvd; Las Vegas, NV 89115. So, the company behind the product is called HydraLight. If we have a damaged product, send it back to the company within 7 to 10 days from delivery and you will receive another unit. Let us take a look at the other claims of the manufacturer.

According to the official website, each fuel-cell lasts up to 300 hours, which is good for camping, emergencies, backpacking, or everyday use. This flashlight replaces old technology that was seen earlier in Emergency Wind Up, Solar power, Crank, shake out flashlights. HydraLight Flashlight should be kept in your car for unexpected emergencies. Keep it around the house for power outages and take it camping. The device can generate power on its own. To do this you will need to remove the hydra-cell fuel cell, dip it in water for 10-12 seconds and lace the fuel cell back in the flashlight. It will have enough power to work. As you can see, the manufacturer provides many benefits but is the HydraLight Flashlight as effective as claimed? This question still needs to be answered and one way to do this is to take a look at the real customers' reviews available on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does HydraLight Flashlight Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product online and most of them carry a negative character. Most users complain that the flashlight is not bright at all. One customer is kidding that even his twelve-year old dog is brighter than this "flashlight". He regretted having wasted his money on this product. He says that the company's promises were too good to be true. Another user reports that he followed all the directions in charging the light but it only worked once. After that it stopped working and simply rusted. The product doesn't live to the advertising of it. Another customer reports that the device only worked for two days and then nothing! That's too little for such money. This guy cannot suggest this flashlight to anyone.

One man writes that he really liked the idea of giving HydraLight Flashlight to his dad as a Christmas present. However, after the first use, the device's battery rusted and stopped working. It was very embarrassing that his present bombed. Another man reports that his item also gave out after using and even he reactivated it, the flashlight wouldn't work. He called the customer service to return the product but he failed to contact anyone there. So, it is still lying in the man's living room with no use. One more user confesses that it works, but it is very inefficient, so he would never recommend it to anyone. Besides, the device does not run on water as promised. Light is not bright enough too. After a few months corrosion started growing on the outside and inside of light. So, the man had to throw it away.

One guy even had his battery leaking battery acid, which is completely ridiculous! For all purposes, it runs on a non-replaceable and non-rechargable battery. They keep the water out to make it look like magic but the battery still runs well. The man recommends buying anything else, but not to waste your money on HydraLight Flashlight, a deceptive abomination. One guy says in his testimonial that it was a birthday gift from his wife. He likes flashlights, so he started using it immediately. He dipped the cell and saw light but not bright, though. The man let it sit a few days but saw no brighter light. He also noticed some brown colored water. The product seems to be a scam. He is sure that the good reviews were paid for by the company. According to some other users, this is a scam. The product doesn't "run on water", but it is only activated by fluid, which is a big difference. It is not true that the more hours you get, the more effective the flashlight will be. It is wiser to buy a regular flashlight with batteries. It is disgusting that Amazon allows such a scam. Will you waste your money too? Let us take a look at actual users' reviews available online.

"I was disappointed with Hydra Light Flashlight as soon as I received it. First of all, it does not run on water. It is not true at all. The actual source of energy for this device is a metal electrode made from magnesium. When the electrode is used up, water will not be able to make the item work. This flashlight is similar to another one, the Eaton The American Red Cross Blackout Buddy H2O, which can be bought for much cheaper. The Eaton flashlight is claimed to be "water activated", which is a more honest representation."

"Hydralight Flashlight is a good concept but the execution is not so good. I am not pleased with all the leaks that simply create a yucky mess. Besides, battery acid can be very toxic for human health. It is not a good solution when you need some light. This flashlight had oozing white liquid on it when I used it last time. I don't know what it was; I just boxed the stuff and returned it to the company. Fortunately, this happened before the 30-day return window expired and I had a chance to get my money back."

"I received HydraLight Flashlight two weeks ago. I can say that this is not a light, but it is a dark. Taking into account its small size, it is a total waste of money. It does not work as a flashlight should. As a lantern it should keep you from tripping on the way but it does not provide enough light for doing so. I should not have wasted my money on this useless thing."

My Final Summary

Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of this device, I cannot say that it is a worthy product. The light it provides is very dim and the flashlight tends to get corroded after only a few uses, based on the real customers' reviews. This flashlight is not cost-effective, it is too expensive for such low quality. It is much better to buy an ordinary flashlight running on batteries. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend HydraLight Flashlight to purchasing. The modern market offers many other options for you to choose from.

Where To Buy HydraLight Flashlight In Stores?

You can order this flashlight for only $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping. Your purchase will also include a Bonus Fuel Cell for free! Buy two and save 10% and get each unit for only $26.95 plus free shipping. You can buy three items and save 15%. In this way, each HydraLight will cost you only $25.45 plus free shipping. All purchases from www.HydraLight.com come with a 60-day money back guarantee. You will have to pay $7.95 shipping for items sent to Canada and $12.95 for items sent to Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and US Virgin Islands. If you have any questions or want to request a refund, call the customer service at (844) 734-3650. There is an email: hydralightcs@worldpackusa.com. You can check your order status on hydralight.worldpackusaorderstatus.com. If you are not satisfied with your product, call their Hydralight Customer Service department. If you receive a damaged or defective unit, you can get a replacement within 7 to 10 days. All purchases can be returned unused only. Provide your original receipt too. Amazon price for one unit is $29.95.