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Igenex Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Igenex Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

There are many tick-borne diseases but most of them have similar symptoms. If you know or suspect that you have been bitten by a tick, you are highly advised to see a healthcare provider who will say which lab test you will need to take based on your symptoms and geographic region where you were bitten by a tick. It can be Lyme disease. After determining the necessary test, you will be able to order a test kit from IGeneX. The company offers different kinds of test kits. The Urine Collection Kit is compatible with all tests for determining tick-borne diseases. It requires your urine sample and can be useful during the acute phase of an infection before antibodies are found in the body as well as for patients with vague symptoms of long duration, seronegative patients, and previously-treated patients with recurring symptoms.

The Blood Collection Kit is compatible with the majority of the tick-borne disease tests and panels. The latter are very comprehensive. They are available for testing for Borreliosis/Lyme disease and co-infection with other tick-borne illnesses. The Miscellaneous Collection Kit is compatible with those tick-borne disease tests that require cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), placenta, tissue, or breast milk. Each of the kits can be ordered from the official website at the cost of $20.00. The company promises to provide a personalized path to answer the questions of their clients. They try to make sure that they provide personalized service with knowledgeable and friendly staff. The company can be contacted directly: US: (800) 832-3200. Their international number is +1 (650) 424-1191, while Email is customerservice@igenex.com. The company is located at 795 San Antonio Rd; Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA.

Customer Reviews - Does Igenex Really Work?


There is a limited number of customer reviews about Igenex. People find many drawbacks in the service. You can order test kit only after discussing your health condition and symptoms with your doctor. You should order your test kit directly from the official website. Your kit is expected to arrive at your door within a few days for next steps to test for tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease. Some customers report experiencing delays. Your kit will include different forms for you to complete with your doctor to define which tests IGeneX should conduct with your samples. Remember that incomplete paperwork can lead to testing delays. The next step presupposes taking your test kit and its contents to a blood draw site. When your sample is collected, you will need to mail the kit to the IGeneX lab for deep analysis. The company will conduct the appropriate tests once your kit is received. They will send the completed test results directly to your doctor who will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the test results, your diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

One customer of Igenex says that she feels too tired to go into details but there is a lot of information out there on this topic. The main issue is that laboratories may report a "negative" test because the number of positive bands on your Western blot does not meet CDC criteria, even though the bands on your test may be specific for Lyme disease. They still can be used to interpret your risk of having Lyme disease. Remember that a negative Western blot does not rule out Lyme disease, which makes it really frustrating. A bacteria that hides from the immune system and a compromised immune system leads to an infection that is difficult to pick up on a test. There are numerous strains out there which can change their protein expression after your getting infected with them. If you want, you can post the results of your Mayo Western blots to understand what they may mean for you. List the results.

Another customer writes in his review that he had a Lyme test run recently. It came back negative and the man decided to send it to the Mayo Clinic for them to check the test for Lyme IgG Western Blot and Lyme IgM Western Blot. The man is still waiting for an answer. His doctor told him that they could not use them because of insurance. Igenex tests are unreliable, according to the doctor. The man thinks that it is extremely difficult to find any reliable tests in the USA. It is high time to read the actual customers' reviews available online.

"IgeneX offers tests that can be used to define a Lyme disease. The Western Blot is one of them. The IgM mandate says that there is no such thing as positive IgM's beyond three months. It is important to understand that negative results are not necessarily negative. This is why a WB is vital: it informs you which bands are positive, and since definite bands are Bb specific, you can assume that if two or three bands lite up that are Bb specific you have got Lyme. I also believe in the utility of the C6, which is specific to borrelia. It may be a strong indicator for an infection. You can also try the George Mason urine test. IGeneX tests have their own weaknesses, so I cannot recommend these."

"Igenex is a standard lab for Lyme testing at the moment. It is really certified by CLIA and its tests are covered by Medicare. However, there is some evidence of definite issues with their testing. They have not proven to be reliable for me, so I don't really care that the company has received all the certifications in the USA. The company does not provide an ideal Lyme test but still some people may want to use it."

"I think that there may be some problems with igeneX, I specifically mean the ways in which their tests are interpreted. There was one double-blind study on Igene's testing, and it found their testing to be unreliable. I am very cautious with their Lyme testing. Don't forget about the possibility that your symptoms are caused by a co-infection like Babesia or Bartonella. I would recommend covering several tests from different labs. I would order a Western Blot, which contains a C6 peptide. It can tell you whether you are growing sicker."

Where To Buy Igenex?

The company offers Urine Collection Kit, Blood Collection Kit, the Miscellaneous Collection Kit at the price of $20.00. You can order any of these kits from the official website of the company. By calling at the company's international phone number you can get answers to your questions about the offered tests, learn your result status, and get an interpretation of your test results. Your doctor can help you determine the type of test you will need to order as well as provide you with an analysis of your condition.

My Final Summary

It sounds as if the Ingenex test is unreliable, based on all the negative customer feedback available online. Most customers are not impressed by the blurb and would not recommend others to spend money on the test. The official website of Ingenex seems to be created by people who are assuming that their clients know absolutely nothing about immunology. It does not look like a site I would want to order a test from. There is one test called the "31kD epitope". The problem is that to a professional immunologist this name means nothing. Western blots do not detect epitopes. They can be used to probe for epitopes with cross blocking studies. I don't think you would receive anything like this from Mayo because they realize that their clients are familiar with immunology. Taking into account everything we have learnt about Ingenex I cannot recommend this company offering tests.