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Illuminosity Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Illuminosity Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Does your skin look sagging and dull when you wake up in the morning or return late home? If it does you need to deal with this somehow. One of the ways is to use the Illuminosity Cream that promises to convey you clear and enduring skin. The manufacturer of this product claims to have done a great work for creating a powerful cream able to decrease skin wrinkles and to smooth out your skin. According to the claims of the manufacturer, this cream contains powerful ingredients that are likely to clear the skin in a short period of time. It is claimed that none of the dangerous components has been used for creating the formula, so you are not at risk of experiencing any side effects. However, you have to understand some more information concerning this cream to ensure that it is suitable for your skin.

The first factor to consider is the manufacturer of the Illuminosity Cream. Unfortunately, we failed to find any information about the company behind the product. This is a big red flag, since you cannot the product that has no trustworthy background. If the company behind this cream is unknown, it means that it is not reputable too. We also failed to find the official website of the product. It seems to be associated with a number of mysteries. Can this skincare product provide you with a long-lasting results and shining look? Should you trust the promises of the company that provides no contact information online? Are there better options or your skin? At present we have no answers to these questions but we have done a thorough research of the ingredients in Illuminosity Cream and here what we have found.

Ingredients of Illuminosity - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

To provide the user of Illuminosity Cream with positive durable results the product needs to contain a special blend of appropriate constituents that don't have any negative effect on the skin. As a matter of fact, this product's major ingredient is peptides that offer solid advantages to the skin. Potential side effects from this compound include itchiness and redness on the area. Another component of the cream is Aloe Vera that has skin-restoring and firming properties. It can shield the skin from harm caused by sun rays. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not mention how much of this ingredient is contained in the product, so you may be subjected to skin allergic reactions. Vitamin C is responsible for providing a protective layer to the skin from harmful UVA/UVB impact. It also helps to prevent dull spots on the face. There is information that the formula contains some other vitamins too but we are not sure which ones exactly. There is no doubt that vitamins give support to skin and help to enhance skin quality. Illuminosity also contains antioxidants that protect the skin from the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other drawbacks on the skin. Collagen has been also included into this skincare product. It supports skin flexibility and keeps it from sagging.


Lavender is a compound that acts as a cancer prevention agent and fights wrinkles, free radicals, and dead skin cells. It can protect your skin from free radical damage and promote its capacity to battle illnesses and contaminations. It is unknown what form of lavender is used in the product. AHA has peeling properties, which means that it can be used to remove dead skin cells. Beta Hydroxy has an ability to penetrate deeply into the skin pores and prevent harm. Retinol is another component found in the cream. It is used due to its ability to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. It has antioxidant properties and fights free radical damage. It is not indicated how much of this ingredient is contained in the cream. High amounts may lead to undesired effects. Finally, Copper peptides are responsible for making more collagen in the skin and reestablishing it inside it. As you can see, the Illuminosity Cream contains a great variety of ingredients but there is no information on the amounts of these compounds. It means that you are never sure what to expect from your skin - positive changes or adverse reactions. I would recommend checking the impact of this cream on your skin by applying a small amount on the inner side of your wrist. If irritation or redness does not occur, you may use the cream for your face. In case of any unwanted reaction, do not use the product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of the Illuminosity Cream says nothing about possible side effects of the product. Even though the recipe is made from natural ingredients, there is still risk of experiencing side effects including skin irritation, hives, rashes, redness, shivering or disturbing sensation, itching, etc. If you experience any of these reactions, stop using the cream immediately and consult a doctor. Ask for medical help if the symptoms don't fade away within three days. It is recommended to apply the cream two times a day. However, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist before starting to use the cream. The product is for grown-ups only, keep it away from individuals younger than 18 years. The cream should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. There are limited customer reviews about the product. Most of them carry a positive character, which may mean that they are made by fake users. Real users are not pleased with the outcomes! Let us take a look at some of their testimonials.

"I have used Illuminosity cream for a month bus the state of my skin hasn't improved not a bit. I don't think that I will buy this product again. Besides, I had that unpleasant greasy feel on my face. To tell you the truth, I have used many other anti-aging skincare products and they worked. Do not waste your money on this useless cream."

"I ordered Illuminosity to diminish the occurrence of wrinkles on my face, since it promised to decrease age spots and under-eye marks significantly. Unfortunately, I haven't reached these outcomes. Now I am thinking about restorative surgeries more seriously. I don't recommend using this cream to anyone."

"It was my friend who recommended me to try Illuminosity. I did but I regretted this really soon. I developed rashes and hives after a few days of use only. I had to go to my dermatologist who prohibited me to buy any cosmetics online at all. It was a trial bottle and I wanted to return it when noticed that my credit card had already been charged. That's unfair. I have no opportunity even to call and complain! They are scammers!"

Where To Buy Illuminosity?

You can only buy the Illuminosity Cream directly from the official website of the company through a free trial offer. But it is only claimed to be free. In reality, your credit card will be charged the full cost of the product even before the trial period finishes. Based on customer reviews, it is an expensive skincare product.

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research, the Illuminosity Cream does not seem to be a worthy purchase. It is linked to numerous disadvantages. The first one is no positive impact on the user's skin. Many people report noticing no results when applying this cream as directed. There is no phone number of the customer service anywhere, so you won't be able to contact the company in case if you have any questions or concerns. Many customers have experienced problems with the so called free trial offer. Some users faced undesired allergic reactions and side effects. If you want to reduce your wrinkles, make your skin firmer and more youthful you should look for another solution over there. Taking into account all pros and cons of the Illuminosity Cream, I cannot recommend this product to usage.