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Indigo Urgent Care Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Indigo Urgent Care Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Indigo Urgent Care claims to deliver a high level of walk-in care that includes a personal touch. There are fourteen Puget Sound locations open from 8 am to 8 pm all year round, along with amenities like coffee, docking stations, complimentary Wi-Fi, and bottled water in their lounge. Their official website often emphasizes that they focus on the comfort of their patients, including clinics throughout the Seattle/Tacoma region, extended hours, and care with respect for your time and money. Indigo Urgent Care can be used when you need to recuperate, relax, rest, play, run, or work. This establishment serves as your personal health care concierge whose team will do everything to help you feel cared of. They are a not-for-profit organization that emphasizes giving back to the local community. Despite all these advantages, urgent care provider may not be necessarily right for you. Let's take a few minutes to study the most important basics about the organization for you to make a well-informed decision.

There are more than 7,300 urgent care centers in the U.S. at present. These facilities have become very popular since they provide care for injuries or illnesses which require immediate attention but are not as serious as to require the services of an emergency room. It means that these facilities are meant to address non-emergency concerns. As mentioned on the official Indigo website, instances of situations that Indigo Urgent Care cannot handle include difficulty breathing, chest pain, seizures, motor vehicle accidents, severe headaches, severe abdominal pain, burns, and sudden blurred vision. Urgent care facilities work like emergency rooms. The patient fills out paperwork at a front desk, provides their insurance information, and sees a physician. Some urgent care facilities claim that they can treat patients faster than traditional ERs. The average time of one-time consultation or treatment is about 30 minutes when compared to sixty or even ninety minutes required to visit an ER. Compared to an ER visit, let's check whether Indigo Urgent Care can help to save your money by taking a look at real customers' reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does Indigo Urgent Care Really Work?

Indigo Urgent Care

We found numerous patient reviews for different urgent care locations of Indigo. These reviewers together gave the company an average rating of about four stars. There are both compliments and complaints about these facilities. What people liked included high-quality facilities, friendly and helpful staff; short wait times, and effective care. However, there were some complaints the most frequent of which revolved around receiving a lower level of care than advertised and high cost of the services. In many cases, the representatives of the company were willing to offer help when their customers needed it. But there were situations when the patients' requests were not responded. From a perspective of the corporate, Indigo Urgent Care belongs to the MultiCare Health System, a network that consists of two in the Inland Northwest and five hospitals in the Puget Sound region, including: Auburn Medical Center, Allenmore Hospital, Valley Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Tacoma General Hospital, Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Network, and Deaconess Hospital.

How can one understand that Indigo is the right Urgent Care Facility for them? We have already discussed that there are many urgent care facilities across the USA. But what are the criteria to be used when deciding whether Indigo will meet your needs? According to the article from Becker's, 95% of urgent care center physicians do not require hospital-admitting privileges. Less than 4% of patients required to be transferred to an emergency room (as for 2012). Because the MultiCare network includes seven hospitals, some of Indigo's physicians might offer you additional care after attending an urgent care location. There is an opportunity to select locations via online scheduling with the help of MyChart. You can also manually enter information, if you wish. This way, an appointment can be scheduled in advance to reduce your wait time. They seem to focus on patient care and support. There isn't a chance to distinguish one urgent care facility from another, so you will need to be based on the specific location you need. Before making your final decision, you are recommended to do a thorough research of positive online customer reviews and frequent complaints. By the way, Indigo Urgent Care is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. Let us take a look at the testimonials of people who have been patients of these facilities.

"The guys from IndigoUrgent Care seemed to be amazing at first but then I got disappointed with their services! I have been there several times because of my asthma last year. The last time I visited the establishment the doctors were not as willing to help me quickly. I lacked attention at the front desk! I need really urgent care, so I am going to look for another company!"

"I have had some health issues in the past six months and I used the services of Indigo Urgent Care. I was probably not fortunate with the personnel. They were very respectful and friendly, but it was obvious that they did not know how to help me and how to treat my disease. I appreciated patient privacy, though. CityMD is closer to my home, so I am tinking about visiting this urgent care"

"When I went to Indigo UrgentCare for the first time, I waited 45 min in the lobby. When I asked the representative how much longer I was expected to wait, I was told that it would be another hour because they were short staffed. I was not told about that before, to begin with. So, I left and went to CityMD, where I received help within 30 minutes! I will never visit Indigo again and do not recommend it to anyone"

Where To Buy Indigo Urgent Care?

The cost of the services provided by the urgent care facility depends on many vital factors like the specific facility you attend, your condition, whether or not you have insurance coverage and their overhead costs. According to The Atlantic's Lindsay Abrams, the average cost of treating a urinary tract infection (UTI) was $2,598, while The Annals of Internal Medicine claim that the same treatment averaged about $156 (2009). The official Indigo website says that they take part in Medicaid managed care plans, different commercial health insurance plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. They do not accept discount card programs. For more details you should contact your insurance provider.

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about Indigo Urgent Care from websites like the Centers for Disease Control, Becker's, and The Annals of Internal Medicine earlier, there are few advantages offered by this establishment. Their business model leaves much to be desired, including high costs and long wait and treatment times. The personnel are mostly attentive but sometimes seem to be not qualified enough. In some cases you may need to visit a hospital emergency room. Compared to the competition, Indigo Urgent Care appears to emphasize on amenity-filled lounges. It is a part of the larger MultiCare Health System that contains seven regional hospitals. Their patient feedback has a mixed character. Taking into account all this information, I don't think that this urgent care provider will be the best choice for you. The right medical care depends on many factors to account for. Indigo Urgent Care does not seem like a solid contender. You are recommended to look for other medical services.