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Infinity App

Infinity App is an automatically trading online platform that was presented quite recently. Initially, it was created to attract the attention of online investors. The creator of this robot is a guy named Mark Stevenson. He is said to be a former NASA engineer who was inspired by his rich professional experience. He intended to invent a potent auto-trading solution. So, it seems to be a Forex robot that works with a sophisticated algorithm. It is a bit strange that Mr. Stevenson decided that to do a final round of Beta testing before presenting Infinity App Software for future Initial Public Offering (IPO). Despite the power and success of the product, it has not been sold to any big financial company yet. There is at least one explanation for this - the company is relatively new on the market.

The team of the newly launched company consists of trading specialists why probably decided to inspect this software and to provide you with the necessary information about the real work of the program and the results it delivers. Let's try to find out some of the interesting facts about this platform, especially taking into account the fact that it is often thought to be a scam. However, users are free to choose to use this robot or not.

Customer Reviews - Does Infinity App Really Work?

It is not difficult to start with the Infinity App. There are free spots available for you to be able to join the software. All you will have to do is fill in the registration form on the system's site. You will get access to your trading account you have just opened. In order for it to be functional, you will have to make an initial deposit. The minimal size of the starting investment among the brokers compatible with the app is $250. These funds can be withdrawn at any moment without problems. Once your deposit has been accepted and your identity has been verified, you should decide on the features you would like to use. You can start from the assistant mode or you can trade manually. If you have any questions on the topic of joining, using and trading with the Infinity App software, you can address their 24/7 customer support via live chat or e-mail.

If you visit the site of the Infinity App you will find out that the main concept for this online investment system belonged to Mark Stevenson. He was working on a system that could predict the movement of meteorite trajectories. According to the reputable sources, the work on the software took seven years of adjusting and testing of the codes. After that, the robot went through several beta-testing phases and brought amazing results. The platform is now promised to have a very high strike rate which allows it to produce positive results on the behalf of its users. It looks great, but there is lack of evidence to confirm these claims. There are usually some general explanations without a coverage.

Today many potential users are worried whether the Infinity App is a scam automated investment robot or not. We took into consideration all the information we managed find out about this system, and we can say that the authenticity and trustworthiness of this online trading solution is quite doubtful. Those who have invested their money with this robot and share their experience online have very mixed opinions about it. It means that there are both negative and positive testimonials. While some customers seem to be satisfied with their results, others upload negative feedback online. Generally, the Internet space is full of claims that it is a scam. It should be a warning for many potential users. However, we have not found 100% evidence that this automated investment robot is a scam. On the other hand, this software has some positive features that are useful and unique in their character. One of these features is Profit Booster. We have also revealed that the creator of this software is a real person, which is an advantage, of course. We have also checked the system's customer support center and had some positive impressions. So people who are radically against this system do not seem to be objective enough. All of our questions were answered by the company's reps. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"Personally I have had only positive experience with the Infinity App. It helped me to earn some additional money for my family budget. I am pleased with the customer service to. The questions I asked were all answered in a professional way."

"If you want to make some money online, you should pay attention to Infinity App. this platform really works but you need to use it wisely, because you can also lose your money. Anything requires practice. Based on my results, I would recommend this automated investment robot."

"I don't understand why Infinity App is associated with so many negative seems that it has too much competition online. I have never had any problems with this software. If you cannot use it wisely, it does not mean that it is a scam."

My Final Summary

As you remember from this review, the Infinity App is an automatically trading system that claims to bring positive results and pleasant online investing experience. Since there are some issues about the authenticity of all these statements, we decided to check it out. We found out that not all users are satisfied with their final results. While some people say that the software is a scam and it should be avoided, the others faced positive experience with this product. They say that it is a good way to invest your funds, but you will need to do this wisely and make sure that you are dealing with a reputable and proven platform. This website is easy to navigate and appears to work without any problems. The creator of the platform is a real person. Even though the majority of user testimonials are negative they seem to be fake. Our team has conducted a comprehensive research of The Infinity App and found out that this product is genuine, although it is linked with many complaints. We don't think that it is a scam because there is lack of evidence to prove this. The Infinity App is producing high profits to many users. We haven't found reasonable and considerable reasons to be suspicious about this robot. So, if you want to multiply your funds you can use this trading platform. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages I do recommend the Infinity App to usage.

Infinity App Pricing and Rates

Infinity App is a way to deposit your funds. This automated software provides maximum returns of 90%. Minimal deposit is $250.