Inogen One Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Inogen One Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Inogen One

The Inogen One is one of the lightest and smallest portable concentrators that provide medical oxygen. It features a very long lasting battery, according to the manufacturer. Generally, the oxygen machine is meant to make its users more independent. This concentrator can be easily held in one hand and does not require a rolling cart. There is no need to use oxygen tanks, because this unit does not need to be refilled. It means that you will not have to worry that your oxygen may run out suddenly! The unit weighs no more than five pounds with the eight-cell battery and 5.7 with a sixteen-cell battery. The device comes with a carry bag, so you can wear it over your shoulder. The batteries were manufactured and tested to be durable. The eight-cell battery can last up to four hours at a setting of two and the sixteen-cell battery can last up to eight hours on a setting of two. The batteries have a quicker recharge time at about four hours with the eight-cell battery and six hours for the sixteen-cell battery. The size of Inogen One is only 7.25 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 8.75 inches long.

This pulse dose concentrator works on setting from 1 to 5 with oxygen concentration levels at about 90%. The machine is very quiet (39 decibels). So, you can use it in church or a library. It also has an easy to read LCD screen that displays battery life and flow settings. The machine is FAA approved for usage on buses, most cruise ships and even during flights. This makes it a good solution for travel. The Inogen One G3 Starter Package contains the Inogen G3 Unit, AC power supply, 8 cell battery, DC power cable, cannula, carry bag, and manual. More batteries or accessories can be bought separately. The manufacturer offers Three-Year Warranty on the unit and 90-Day Warranty on accessories. The best way to learn whether the product really works as advertised is to take a look at what real users are writing about their experience of using Inogen One. However, before this we will find out what is known about the company behind this device. Well, the company is also called Inogen. It has Corporate Headquarters at 326 Bollay Drive; Goleta, California 93117. Customer Support for Existing Patients can be reached at 1-877-466-4364. Oxygen Therapy Users may call at 1-800-630-3144 (toll free). You can reach HME Providers by calling at 1-805-562-0611.

Customer Reviews - Does Inogen One Really Work?

There are quite many customer reviews about Inogen One online. They carry a mixed character, which means that some users are not as satisfied with the product. The most common complaints reference lack of information of the official website, poor quality, negative customer service experiences, and high price. One man writes in his testimonial that he purchased an Inogen One oxygen concentrator from Inogen in June 2012. It was his physician who recommendation the device to him. Despite the fact that the product was to be used for home purposes, the man was strongly advised to buy a second battery for $495,00. The user did so. When he realized that the Inogen One came with its own battery, the man tried to return the unnecessary one. But he was answered that it could not be returned, even though the package with the additional battery had not been opened. The customer contacted American Express via which he had bought the spare battery and the unit itself; but he was informed that all sales were final. The company had never pointed out this fact to him. If you are thinking about making the same purchase, consider seriously all of the possible consequences of the unnecessary sales. Despite the run-around by the agent for two months, the man managed to return the battery, on the understanding that there would be a $99.00 restocking fee. But several days later the man was called and told that the battery could not be returned and that they were sending it back to him. The customer feels extremely dissatisfied.

Another customer reports that he was looking for additional information about the product and called the company's customer service. The salesman he was taking to was very rude and impatient. He tried to interrupt him all the time when the man tried to tell him about his O2 requirements. The man decided not to deal with that company any more. Of course he did not buy Inogen One from them. Another potential buyer called the service to ask her questions about getting the unit in and out of a car. The matter is that she needs to do it not just once or twice a day, but she prefers shopping at several different stores and needs to get the unit in and out of the automobile. Unfortunately, the woman did not receive clear answers from the company's representatives and changed he mind about buying the unit. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

"My husband's Inogen One concentrator broke down almost immediately. This happened on the weekend and my hubby was taken to hospital. When I called for company's customer service I faced a 45-minute hold. The customer service is very poor. As a result, we received a new machine. We experienced another drawback. If you use settings above 2 the system starts to get louder and uses batteries faster too."

"I am not impressed with InogenOne! I have owned it for just one week and I had to exchange the device twice. Now I have a third one and I am going to send this one back too because it is not as quiet as claimed by the manufacturer. I cannot use this unit in the theatre, cinema or a restaurant. It does not have issues the first two had. I cannot recommend this device to anyone."

"My Inogen One concentrator stopped working today. While waiting the battery being charged the unit stopped working. My husband called the company and requested a replacement. But all they did was read off their scripts. I was taken to the hospital. My husband got a call from the service department representative who was absolutely horrible. It is late afternoon now and I cannot leave the hospital because I don't have any working oxygen concentrator at home. These are the worst people I have had to deal with."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Inogen One G3, this device does not appear to be reliable enough. Even though this oxygen system is equipped with robust features, it may stop working unexpectedly, according to some users' reviews. If you are an oxygen dependent patient of you are working for a proper oxygen concentrator, Inogen One will hardly meet your needs. The customer service of the company seems to be very poor and unhelpful. You are advised to look for another compact home oxygen concentrator that would provide portability and freedom. Inogen One cannot be recommended to usage.

Where To Buy Inogen One In Stores?

The Inogen One G3 Portable Concentrator includes everything you may need to for home use or away. Every unit comes with AC and DC power supplies and an eight-cell battery. You will be also provided with a shoulder-strap carrying case, one nasal cannula, and an accessory bag. Additional batteries such as a 16-cell battery with up to ten hours of battery life need to be bought separately. The manufacturer does not display prices on their page. You can ask your pricing questions by calling the customer service.