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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Internet Truckstop

You are probably new to trucking if you are reading this article. The great number of load boards present on the Internet can be really overwhelming and even confusing. You will need a lot of time to make a research of affordable boards that responsibly generate well-paying loads. To find the most suitable board for your company you are required to start by getting acquainted with the five dominating freight-matching services on the digital load board market. In this article we are going to discuss one of the leading load board giants, its services, accessibility and pricing. It is known as Internet Truckstop and its official website is The company was founded in 1995 by Scott Moscrip. The founder started offering a new way of finding loads for truck drivers. Previously they used to gather around local bulletin boards and to post signs on the side of their trucks. More than two decades later, Moscrip's digital vision has developed and his company's dedicated partners started working together to help truck drivers and their freight partners to promote their businesses. Scott's main mission is to find a better way. At present, offers carriers and drivers access to more than 500,000 loads and one million power units. The company provides unmatched negotiation tools, rate data, and logistics solutions. It can boast having hundreds of thousands of reputable trucking partners. It seems there is no better than Customers can get access to Truckstop Mobile through the App Store or Google Play. The app has a high user rating on Google Play.

Customer Reviews - Does Internet Truckstop Really Work?

There is a great number of customers' testimonials about Internet TruckStop on third-party websites. Many of them are highly pleased with the service of the company. What they appreciate most of all about it is that this is one of the leading load boards in the industry that works hard to connect truckers with loads for them to haul. No one is obliged to take on loads, which gives owner-operators an opportunity to choose the loads that are maximally profitable for them. Freight matching works in real time being a powerful tool to enable you to earn money, with more than one million power units and 500,000 loads. If you are a broker or an owner-operator who is looking for loads for your fleet to work, this is an easy and fast method of connecting with loads with no need to spend too much money meanwhile. Load boards are a main driving force in the trucking industry, and Internet TruckStop is one of the best methods of finding freight fast.

It is easy to get started with the load board. The first step you'll need to take is to go to the load board. It is not a free load board, but you will get your money back after the first load already, so it is worth your funds. There are three subscription options that can give you access to the board: Pro, Advanced and Basic. The pro account costs $149 per month, and it provides you with pin preferred loads; heat maps; hide unwanted loads; posting, offer and history; real-time search results; view of the 20 best paying loads. You will enjoy all of the benefits of the advanced account. The latter includes all of the features of the basic account and a lot of extra features. It is priced at $125 per month. The features of the advanced account include fuel stop and IFTA tax calculations; ProMiles Routing to create proper trips; broker experience factors; spot market rate trending; rates by equipment and broker days-to-pay information. Basic account is just $35 per month. This is a no-frills membership that gives you access to the load boards for you to be able to bid on a load. You can see the results in real-time.

Once you sign up for the Internet TruckStop you will get login to start looking for loads. There is no Free Trial, but you can ask to demo the system by calling the company. There are no hidden fees. All of the costs are listed on the official website, so you will not be surprised by any additional fees. All of the subscriptions have a month-to-month character. If you need loads during yearly downtime, you can sign up and cancel your subscription. The company offers many different payment options accepting most major credit cards. You can also make a bank payment. Signing up for the company's service will provide you with certain benefits. Here are some of the most prominent features. You will be able to find the best loads. Based on your membership type, you will be able to see twenty best paying loads any time. These loads go pretty fast, and they can help you increase your profits. Another feature is Real-time Matching. You want the freshest loads, and the site offers 500,000 loads at any time and more than one million power units. This enables you to look for loads in real-time, which prevents you from finding loads that have been delivered already. Region Hot Spots is the feature that helps you to find the "hot spots" for loads in your area. This is done through the region "hot spot" map depicting the best places for freight. Rate tools give you an opportunity to choose a rate that is suitable for you and bid in such a way to bring you profit. If you are posting a load, the feature allows you to ensure that you are setting a rate that is aligned with the industry average. In this way, you will never overpay.

Partner Search Information will help you to get matched with documented and well-researched partners. You will be able to access the credit history of the broker, days they take to make payment and custom sort the results to organize carriers. All this is possible with a pro account only, though. Analytical data is showed in such a way as to enable you to make smart choices when choosing a load. There is in-depth information about a poster so you can see which loads have been posted as well as their submitted rates for equipment. You can compare rates and fuel rates by week, month, quarter and year. Your account will provide you with the full set of route planning tools for you to map out the best routes and to refuel with confidence. You will be able to set your favorite places to refuel and your discounts. MPG will allow you to determine the price of every load to choose the proper load. Let us take a look at what actual clients of Internet TruckStop are writing about it online.

"Internet Truckstop works pretty well. What I like best is that I can book loads and have them covered fast. I am satisfied with this load board and I have not experienced any problems with the service. The platform is really effective at helping me to find suitable carriers. The loadboard software is great and easy to use. Setup is easy too."

"Internet Truckstop is a good loadboard that offers a lot of ways for me to sort my results. I also appreciate the feature that I may have several searches running simultaneously. There is something I don't like too. Every time the company updates its site it starts running very slow or even crashes. Besides, brokers can post one load in many different ways. But generally, I am satisfied with the service and the site. It shows available loads. I can decide whether to use a Broker or to go direct with the shipper."

"Internet Truckstop is a great company for freight brokers. I like that it gives me access to carriers across the USA and is easy to use. I am sometimes irritated with too many logins. I need to log into the loadboard but in order to see the rating tool I need to log in again. But generally, it is a wonderful tool for the transportation industry. It allows to cover loads and get rates."

My Final Summary

Internet Truckstop is a load board that launched in 1995, so it was the first freight-matching company on the web. According to statistics, over 200,000 shippers, brokers and carriers use the site to find loads. is easy and convenient to use. It offers three levels of load boards for trucking companies. Pro is a live board that contains real-time data and shows high search functionality for the most profitable loads. Pro and the cheaper Advanced packages offer credit and days-to-pay information on brokers and shippers. Basic load board provides posting, searching, and results. Al the data are updated every minute. There are over 500,000 loads available on the site, so you will have access to them any moment. This is a perfect option for new truckers to fill the gaps when they have downtimes. Dispatch software offers brokers dispatch information. Internet Truckstop is a credible company with more than twenty years of experience in the industry. It allows you to get the most out of your membership. When looking for loads, you will be able to automatically refresh the results to see all of the loads without missing anything. Decision tools will show you how much negotiating power you have when selecting a load using rate information. The Internet TruckStop app is easier to use than the website as it works faster. If you need more loads or you have a lot of downtime, you can increase your income with the platform. We can certainly recommend Internet TruckStop.

Internet Truckstop Pricing and Rates

The Truckstop Pro account costs $149 per month. You can opt for the second-tier Advanced load board that is priced at $125 per month. Basic is only $35 per month. If you are a Main and Billing user you can make a cancellation request by calling and talking to a rep, through your account from the Billing page, or through the chat service on the official website of the company. Canceling the debit or credit card associated with a account won't cancel the account.