Interstate Battery Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Interstate Battery

Interstate batteries are known to be the most popular and preferred battery brand in North America. These batteries can be found in many different kinds of transport. The company also offers a great variety of other kinds of batteries that are not designed for vehicles only. Target markets include light trucks, automotive, motorcycles, heavy duty and commercial vehicles. They are among the oldest battery manufacturers in the automotive field. The company has many years of experience in the sphere. Interstate batteries are a reputable replacement car battery brand that has been in business since 1952. They are believed to be number one in recycling more car batteries than they have sold. The company has close partnerships in almost any community. Interstate batteries are available for any type of vehicle nationwide. These batteries have the necessary power to meet the needs of any vehicle.

The origin of the manufacturing process for these batteries is uncertain. Interstate Batteries supplies batteries for commercial trucks, automobiles, and small engines. Their SLI batteries have been bought by thousands of car owners. They have some batteries made in Mexico but the majority of their plants are located in the USA. If a battery is made in Mexico the law requires having a sticker "Made in Mexico" on the top of it. If there is no sticker, be sure it is made in the USA. Each battery made by this company is backed by the Outrageously Dependable service, so you can be sure that you get the best quality for your product. Interstate Batteries has more than 1,200 route trucks and 300 Distributors, servicing more than 200,000 dealers across the country. They promise to provide availability of our products and the best customer service. You are free to visit their official website: You can called at their phone: 866-842-5368 or write an email to The address of the headquarters is: 12770 Merit Drive; Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75251.

Customer Reviews - Does Interstate Battery Really Work?

Interstate Batteries is the major automotive battery manufacturer in America with numerous locations all over the world. The company sells about 98% of all automotive batteries in the USA. They intend to enrich human lives delivering trustworthy sources of power and doing honest business based on biblical principles, Any person is free to interact with the company. The company aims to make positive experiences for team members and anyone who deals with interstate batteries by serving others to meet peoples' needs and provide solutions to existing issues.

There are enough customer reviews about Interstate Batteries on third-party websites to conclude that this product is worth your attention. Actually, there is nothing perfect on the market, which is why this kind of product also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The company behind Interstate Batteries has generally a positive customer reputation and is known for relatively reasonable price policy. What most customers appreciate is that you don't need any appointment for an on-site battery installation and testing. The company offers professional, fast and friendly customer service not only online but also in actual stores across the country. Staff is experienced, informative and can thoroughly check your battery. If you need you will be provided with helpful tutorials within just fifteen minutes. Confidence in the company is even more increased by their association with AAA. Their representatives are honest about possible time frames necessary for completion of the job. As soon as you walk into any of their stores, everyone is happy to see you and ready to help. Many customers of Interstate Batteries claim that they feel like part of their family whenever they enter any of their stores. As a courtesy the staff will check other parts even including the alternator to make sure that everything works as it should. Interstate batteries don't require receipts for battery adjustments, which is another big benefit for the clients of the company.

As a matter of fact, Interstate Batteries have some cons too. While the warranty service is generally good, some customers have faced certain issues. There is a small chance that some interstate battery handlers will fail to honor the warranty. As a result, the customer may experience a loss. Some interstate batteries go defective or dead before their guaranteed lifespan. One customer reported that he got the blame for a faulty product. He bought a cca900 for $280. It failed in six months. The company exchanged it for a cca750 priced at $169 new. The customer got charged $100. It stopped working a week later and the man didn't get any refund or exchange. Very few customers were not satisfied with the customer service, while the majority of customers are highly pleased with the service. They say that the company's staff live up to the brand's values and culture. There were a few issues when the reps were not ready to serve customers because it was time for them to go for lunch. The customers were a bit frustrated. But generally the majority of testimonials about Interstate Batteries are highly positive. Let us take a look at some of the reviews available online.

"Interstate Battery is a great battery. Well, I bought this battery to replace my 3 year-old AC Delco in my Lexus GS. It was several months ago and I remain happy with its work. I have aftermarket sound systems in my car. There are no issues with headlight and the sound system works pretty well. So, after I installed the Interstate battery, the headlight has become so much brighter. I am truly impressed with the product. My friend has had this kind of battery in his Dodge ram 1500 since June 2000. he lives in Minnesota and, according to his words, cold winters are not a problem anymore. He has the service with distilled water every year. I wonder what the record for this battery life is."

"I just purchased an Interstate battery for my Tundra. The label says it was made in Mexico but it works very well. Everything operates well in my car, so I am a happy customer. By the way, before getting the battery I had contacted their customer service. They found a new battery for my automobile quickly and were polite with me. I do recommend Interstate Batteries."

"I have used one Interstate Battery for several years already and I am satisfied with the product. I maintained my Battery as recommended. I have to say that it is important to follow maintenance instuctions; otherwise, you risk facing problems with your battery. This may even result in failure of your battery! I am also pleased with outstanding service provided by the company. I am happy that such great batteries are manufactured in America."

My Final Summary

Interstate Batteries is the leading manufacturer of batteries for different types of vehicles in the country. They also report that they recycle more batteries than they produce each year. The company has been committed to the environment since the 1950s. All of their workers are Green Standard-certified, so their batteries are made up to the highest standard and securely handled. Interstate recycles one billion pounds of batteries every year. While being used those batteries are durable and promote the proper work of your vehicle. The company has a number of plants not only on the territory of the USA but also in Mexico. This exclusive auto battery product is mainly associated with positive customer reputation, which means that the customers are pleased with their purchase and the company's customer service.

Interstate Batteries is known for making top-quality products and providing reliable service for almost 70 years. The brand is widely preferred by auto technicians in North America due to the high quality and availability for any type of vehicle from personal watercraft and golf carts to forklifts and over-the-road big rigs. Beyond vehicles, the company also provides custom solutions in the critical and motive power industries as well as offers almost any type of battery. The stores across the country employ friendly battery experts who are always ready to serve businesses and local consumers. The company also serves internationally and intends to create high-quality products and provide reliable service to their customers. With all these pros and cons in mind, I do recommend Interstate Batteries.

Where To Buy Interstate Battery?

According to our research, a typical car battery costs from $50 to $120. Premium batteries are somewhat more expensive. They cost from $90 to $200. The price of Interstate batteries at Costco depends on their type and size. At present, the prices of these batteries range from $50 to $100 depending on their type and size. This is an absolutely reasonable price range when compared to the competition. It is necessary to note that all of our Interstate batteries come with a maintenance-free warranty that ranges from 18 to 30 months. This term varies depending on the type of battery you have bought.