iOffer Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


iOffer is an online trading community based in San Francisco. It was founded by Steven Nerayoff on May 1, 2002. In February 2008, it had about one million users, including 75,000 sellers, but it is unknown how many of these people are active. The company deviates from the standard model of an online auction business and follows the negotiated commerce model that is more applicable for flea markets and garage sales. iOffer operates on the basis of negotiation between sellers and buyers rather than bidding. If a negotiation is successful and involves a transaction, the company charges a "final value fee" according to the sliding scale. The official website advertises this activity as not an auction but something better. iOffer allows free listing of items for sale, asking for payment only for premium listing services (highlighting, bolding, and listing on the home page) or when items are sold. Sellers can request offers or post an asking price; while buyers can make an offer or buy an item at its asking price. All transactions are recorded and can be seen by other users.

There are other negotiated e-commerce websites of the kind, as well as online auction websites (for instance, eBay). According to Greg Holden, the author of books about eBay, iOffer is both a "good alternative" and "complement" to eBay. The software program of the company allows sellers to relist items from such websites as Overstock and eBay onto iOffer, as well as import feedback ratings on eBay. Unlike eBay, iOffer offers little protection from transaction problems such as fraudulent. However, it operates a C.O.P.S. scheme. iOffer does not have customer service via the phone, but it can be reached via email; however, form letter responses are frequent. In 2011 iOffer ranked 16th out of 16 marketplaces with an overall rating of 3.6, according to the survey of over 2,800 online sellers. The company followed eBay that took 14th place with 4.2 out of 10. Ease of Use gave iOffer the highest marks (4.42 out of 10), while Would Recommend This Site gave it the lowest marks (3.14 out of 10).

Customer Reviews - Does iOffer Really Work?

As you understood, this company is an online marketplace that offers a trading platform for sellers and buyers all over the worldwide. Some people think that this website is owned by a Chinese company, based on the long time needed for orders to arrive (about two weeks). However, it is necessary to note that it is an American company, but it permits vendors all over the world to sell their wares. The site appears to have fewer restrictions than other sites of the kind, which is why it boasts such a broad range of sellers. According to the numerous users' reviews, iOffer is a great place to sell, buy, and trade. Although that's what eBay is, so is there really a need for both? The company's creators say that they came up with the idea of allowing people to negotiate their personal prices with sellers not by bidding through an auction process but by making offers.

The hype is available from some of the deals at iOffer. Many of them seem great and in most cases they really are. For instance, there are numerous knock-off items sold through vendors on this website. If you see an expensive item from a popular brand on sale for a low price, you can be almost sure that it is not the real thing and you may receive a fake thing when it arrives. You have to spend a lot of time at their website if you are looking for a worthy deal. After that, commit to dealing with a seller and put trust in the fact that you will get the thing as it is depicted on the site. You are expected to receive it within two weeks. Authentic goods cannot be cheap. If you take a look at numerous testimonials left by the users of iOffer online, you will see that many people love this website. another advantage is that you can buy really good items cheaper. The only issue is that most sellers are Chinese, so you may need to wait for your order a bit longer. The website says that the delivery may take 2-5 weeks but sometimes it can take even longer, up to 60 days. However, most customers are not too bothered with this fact. It is high time to take a look at the real users' reviews left on different websites on the internet.

"I am an active buyer for on ioffer and I have used this great service for four years already! I am completely satisfied with the website. It is easy to use and offers good deals. If you hesitate, just check the reviews and you will see how many people have used this website for years. I do recommend this website to others."

"iOffer is an awesome website that allows me to buy and sell different items. I have been shopping on here for a few years and have always had a wonderful experience! My last purchase was just awesome! I bought a leather purse that was very similar to those available in the department stores. I like all of my purchases, and I do recommend this website to my friends. The site offers great stuff, and is absolutely reliable."

"My experience with i Offer has been very pleasant. Every item I bought had high quality. The delivery was often faster than expected. Some items arrived with a small delay, but I enjoyed great communication with the representatives of the company who kept me informed of the whole delivery process. Each item was exactly as depicted on the site. The price was reasonable. I highly recommended this seller and I am going to buy from them again! Excellent service!"

My Final Summary

iOffer is getting our thumbs up for many reasons. They do justify their promises and offer great purchase deals. The idea they have set many years ago is a sound one. The company is really experienced. Their official website looks very professional but at the same time is easy to use. Be sure that the website is 100% real and reliable. All sellers are genuine, mostly Chinese in nationality but it is not a problem for most buyers. They use Paypal, which is convenient for both sellers and buyers. The overall customer feedback on the website appears to be very positive. I can confidently say that is a 100% legit website full of diverse goods that will meet the needs of every buyer. Traders are selling high-quality goods and are happy to have this sort of business. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I do recommend iOffer.

iOffer Pricing and Rates

The website is completely free to use. Buyers are not required to pay any additional costs to using the site. However, the seller is charged fees to list and sell their items. This is the way how iOffer makes their money. There is no detailed information on exact fees for sellers. If you need any information, just contact the customer service and you will be politely consulted by the company's representatives. One of the greatest advantages of the site is that it gives an opportunity to buy expensive items much cheaper.