Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy is a cosmetic company that offers a monthly subscription service for $12 per month. The company provides its subscribers with a makeup bag consisting of five deluxe cosmetics samples including nail and skin products, perfumes, skincare items, and makeup. The company was founded in 2011 by Michelle Phan, a youtube blogger whose YouTube makeup tutorials have been very popular within the last several years ago. According to the terms of the service, each month, a subscriber receives an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus with 5 full-size or sample-size products. Some items in the bag are full sized, while others are sample sized. Ipsy does not guarantee its customers that any of the products in the monthly bag will be full size. Each week the company starts two flash sales of famous beauty products. After they are sold out, customers can see promo and discount codes which they can use on the specific brand's site. It is not necessary to be a Glam Bag subscriber to buy an Ipsy Offer product on their site.

Ipsy's official website features a great number of contests and giveaways. To enter, customers must usually post a photo on a specific social platform and use a certain hashtag. The site also offers a lot of tutorials and videos on using the items included in the monthly Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. These tutorials are available for non-subscribers and subscribers. The subscribers have an opportunity to receive points for staying active on the site and on the page of social media. You can redeem points for free products. The company has special subscription bags for women who are fond of makeup, as well as budget-conscious consumers and selective consumers. The official website of the company is www.ipsy.com.

Customer Reviews - Does Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Really Work?

During our deep research we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus on third party websites. The majority of people are pleased with the service saying that it is easy to get the bag. However, the company provides a limited quantity of these bags. For this reason, you are advised to reserve your spot for the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus beforehand. In addition to Glam Bag Plus there is also Glam Bag and Glam Bag Ultimate. The Glam Bag Plus includes five full-size samples and the Glam Bag includes five deluxe-size beauty samples. Those who order Glam Bag Ultimate get eight full-size products and four deluxe-size beauty samples on a monthly basis. You can get any of these bags by signing up for the service. The customers claim that it is quite easy and fast to do. You can choose the option of having multiple memberships. Of course, you can personalize your Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. You will have your own beauty profile where you can indicate what kind of products you prefer. So, it is high time to check what actual clients of the company are saying about the service and products it offers.

Well, one young lady says that she has been an Ipsy subscriber for more than three years already and she isn't going to cancel her subscription anytime soon. What the woman particularly appreciates is that they pay special attention to her beauty quiz and other customers' product reviews. Each bag she gets is tailored based on her individual preferences. After three years, the customer can say that all of the bags she received were a great pleasure. When the company offered the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for the first time, the woman wanted to get it so badly but there was a long waiting list. In a month, she decided to email the company and request an upgrade to her subscription. According to the woman, the customer service was wonderful and the next month she received her first bag. The customer was very happy with all of the products she received and now she can't wait for every month. She gets five full size products every month. They have high quality and are relevant brands. She appreciates the fact that the company's staff always include at least one high-rate skincare product in her box and next month, she is going to start receiving actual makeup bags and will be able to choose one of their five products on a monthly basis. The service gets better and better with each month. The woman and happy with amazing customer service and great products.

Another customer of Ipsy claims she fell in love with the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus despite the fact there were a couple of things in her bags she didn't like. In general, she is sent the items that are rather suitable for her. The company's reps seem to read the reviews because they take into account everything the customer writes to them. They used to send her a lot of brushes, and after the customer explained she didn't need them they stopped sending her brushes. The bags are top notch and there is always a chance to add more stuff to each bag. The woman only wishes that there were more hair care products. She would like also to get more perfumes. The woman also wants to receive some nail polish from time to time. In the end she sums up that it is one of the best beauty boxes she has every received. It is really great value. Every month the bags are different and are always cute. All in all, the customer has no issues with the service.

One young lady appreciate the way Ipsy packages their boxes - each of them is very beautifully and absolutely personalized. Every month she feels like she is receiving a special gift in the mail. The lady also feels as though the company has spent a lot of time selecting specific items that she would prefer. The woman is thankful to subscribe with Ipsy. She is glad to have an opportunity to try out different products she would never be able to afford. They are high quality. She even purchased several regular size products to give to her friends. The latter were very pleased with their gifts. Another customer of the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus confesses that it is really a good value purchase. The company has good stuff with make ups. They have enough knowledge to determine your style based on which they send you the items that would look good on you. The woman likes fast shipping and delivery. The company's staff are consistent in delivering their products and have never disappointed the customer. She is looking forward to her next items. She always receives stuff from famous cosmetic brands. The woman also likes that they make a survey about yourself on their site and your preferences. Then they send you the products based on your answers.

"I have had a monthly subscription to the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for about two years now and I really like it. Every time I get a new, usable and unusual make-up bag and five sample sizes of beauty products. The price is very affordable ($9.99) with the shipping included. I am happy with the samples they choose for me and I am sure they consult my thorough beauty questionnaire. I had a chance to deal with their customer service and I was completely pleased with their assistance in my situation. I am going to keep my Ipsy subscription in the future."

"I have been getting the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus on a regular basis and I am very pleased for what I receive for just ten bucks. In fact, I think I get $40 worth of samples. They are different every time. They are also a decent amount - each item for seven days worth. This is the best deal I have ever had and the products are wonderful. I have never had any problems or concerns with shipping. Ipsy is undeniably the best. I do recommend this service to all of my friends."

"I am absolutely satisfied with the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus that I get on a monthly basis. Ipsy truly offers one of the best delivery services I have ever had. I have not faced any problems with the products or shipping but I had some issues with accessing my account. I could not retrieve my password because of an old email account on file, so I called the customer service department. I was responded by James who was very helpful in changing my email address on file. Then I had issues with logging in with the new email, and he helped me as well. He gave me a temporary password. To tell you the truth, I would never expect a company of this kind to take so much care of their clients. I was more than impressed."

My Final Summary

In conclusion, it worth saying that Ipsy is a well-experienced cosmetic delivery company. It has been on the market for over eight years already so its reps know exactly how to please each of their customers. The subscription service is not very expensive (about ten-twenty dollars per month depending on the chosen plan) but each bag contains products that are together worth twice more. The cheapest bag of cosmetic samples is priced at $12 per month. The company's business model has attracted numerous subscribers across the country and they are highly satisfied with their purchases. It is worth saying that the customer service of Ipsy deserves separate attention. According to the actual clients, the staff members are incredibly helpful and caring. They are open to solve any of their customers' complaints. The company seems to care about each of their customers. Most people love their makeup samples, especially those found in the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Most products are from famous brands and have high quality. The shipping and delivery is always on time. You can track what is going on through the app. If you have any issues you can contact the company by phone or write an email to Ipsy. You can also cancel your subscription any moment and get a refund. With all these pros and cons in mind, I do recommend the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Pricing and Rates

The official website of the company ipsy.com offers a great number of different products, so we will take a look at only some of the most popular ones. Sleek'e Hair Ceramic Volumizing Hair Iron is generally priced at $129.00 but Member price is only $42.00 plus free shipping. Haul-iday costs $396.79, $59.99 for members. Iby Beauty Ocean Awakening Eyeshadow Palette can be bought for $16.00 (initial price is $38.00. Midflower Rejuvenating Mask Set is priced at $124.00 but it can be ordered for only $19.50 by members plus free shipping. Nelson J Beverly Hills Healing Trio costs $73.00; however, member can purchase it for $24.50. Member price of Ipsy Winter Wonderland is $16.00, while its retail store is $51.00. Minetan Self Tanning Kit is priced at $72.85, $22.00 for members. Personal Microderm Classic can be bought for $79.50 instead of $159.99. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus contains five full-size products personalized specially for you. Each delivery is a $120+ value. It is $25 per month. The shipping is free. You have an opportunity to choose one product each month. The company starts billing monthly members on the first of the month. Your Glam Bag Plus is expected to arrive about two weeks after you are billed.