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IQbuds are special ear buds that combine a noise canceling headset, a Bluetooth earpiece, and an assisted living device. This wireless and easy-to-use device will personalize your hearing experience. It was presented by the company called Nuheara. Its advanced speech amplification will help you hear better in such public places as a crowded restaurant. The Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation (SINC) technology will provide you with the ability to tune sounds around you, to listen to any kind of audio. The device is handled via customizable Android and iOS apps. Due to the built-in microphone, tap-touch control, and long battery life, you will be able to manage phone calls in a convenient and hands-free way. According to Nuheara, IQbuds offer high-quality audio blend of music and sounds around you. Are these trendy wireless earbuds really better than the competition? If so, what are the advantages?

Let us take a look at some important aspects of the earbuds and find out what differentiates them from top competitors to help you make a smart decision about which device is more worth your hard-earned money. Nuheara defines IQbuds as an intelligent Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) with Bluetooth 4.0 capability. This will allow you to connect it to other electronic devices. These earbuds feature a balanced armature speaker, high-fidelity MEMs digital microphones, and a 100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is able to provide you with six hours as a listening device or four hours of streaming music. Each earbud weighs 11-12 grams and is 26mm x 20mm x 15mm. Each one contains three microprocessors, three boards, two microphones, a tap-touch control, one speaker, and two antennas. The purchase includes a charging case for you to recharge your earbuds three times. This will take about an hour. You can recharge the case through an included USB cable. IQbuds are designed with three silicone tips of different sizes. This allows a wide range of ear sizes for comfortable and secure usage. They are also water resistant and sweat-proof.

Customer Reviews - Do IQbuds Really Work?

There are numerous reviews for IQbuds on the Internet. The overall customer reputation seems to be quite positive, even though there are some negative testimonials too. Tech Hive tested the product at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As a result, Nuheara received three awards. It was noted that the earbuds provide an impressive speech enhancement, the reduction of background noise and the overall enhancement of dialog was quite good too. The whole experience of using the device appeared to be very pleasant and fun. The Cult of Mac article reported amazing experience with IQbuds mainly due to its vibrant audio; however, the speech wasn't 100 percent natural. Nevertheless, the quality was similar to that of much more expensive hearing aids. These wireless earbuds have received quite positive reviews. Let us take a look at the details.

One man reports that when he received his IQbuds, he was a little confused at first. The matter is that when he paired them, the earbuds paired easily with the app. But then it told him that he had to pair with the iPhone in Settings. However, when he went there, he was reported that they were already paired. So, he went back to the app but it didn't work. When the man tried to watch the video during the day, he noticed that the app was already paired but the actual IQbuds were not paired. The user was confused but this time he managed to pair them finally and voila. The earbuds worked as advertised. The man has been using them for a few days already without any issues. On one night he was invited to a concert, and, to his amazement, the sound was just perfect. After the concert, he was actively talking to others in a very noisy bar, and no one even noticed his IQbuds. They look really cool. What is more important is that they can be worn in the office and even when you are driving a car. Many users appreciate them for phone calls over the car audio due to the high quality of the sound. Listening to music is just amazing, even while you are having a conversation with others. Some users claim that the product managed to change the way they perceive the environment. This freedom is worth the price, but let us read the testimonials of actual users of the earbuds.

"I am satisfied with my IQbuds at present but I had some issues ordering them online. I had to place a call to the office in Perth. The representatives turned out to be helpful and understanding. I was impressed with their desire to help and send my order to me. The lady I spoke to accompanied me through the process and I received confirmation that the product was on its way shortly after our conversation. I am happy with my earbuds, now I feel a healthy person again."

"I have had my IQbuds for ten days already and I am absolutely amazed! They sent me the right size for my ear canals. I have tried them while listening to music outdoors, the sound is just perfect. I started to use my earbuds by wearing them just for one hour a day but within these ten days I got used to these things in my ears completely. I find them comfortable now. When I do not use them, I leave them in the charge case. I only need to charge them every second day. This is a worthy product!"

"Pairing IQbuds was easy and I am can now listening to music of the highest sound quality. I managed to pair them to my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both worked well together. The light tapping of the left bud operates the music easily. I sometimes use "Restaurant" mode when I am in a public place. When I set it on "Home" mode, I can listen to music and talk to someone at a time. When I phone to my friends, I can hear very clearly. When I go outside, I can even hear the wind. That's marvelous!"

My Final Summary

IQbuds is a nice product for people with hearing issues. It was presented through a 2016 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where the company behind the product, Nuheara, raised about $880K. Even though the product was presented to the market just in February 2017, it has gained very positive reputation among users. IQbuds provide a great listening experience, according to numerous customer reviews online. In addition, these wireless earbuds are not expensive when compared to the competition.

There is plenty of information about IQbuds, so you can consider it to make a wise decision. What is good about the product is that it comes with a 30-day refund policy. These earbuds use proprietary software algorithms called SINCTM (Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation) to enable the user to fine-tune the level of noise. The device is handled via IQbuds' iOS and Android apps which allow you to personalize your sound and to adjust proper settings for each ear. With this in mind, IQbuds are worth paying the money.

IQbuds Pricing and Rates

The product is currently available for $299 and can be ordered from the official website of the company. All IQbuds come with a 30-day money back guarantee. It should be remembered, though, that you will have to return your purchase in its original packaging. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. To ask your questions of request a refund, you will need to contact the company at for an RMA.