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It's Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch (IJL) is a company that claims to offer a personalized matchmaking service. It is specially created for busy people who would like someone else to organize personal and private dates for them. It is said on their official website that they are the best personalized matchmaking service in the world. IJL offers something in between online dating and actual dating. The company was founded in 1991 and currently features more than 150 locations all over the world. They employ professional matchmakers who are responsible for finding suitable dates for their customers. According to the company's website, their members are interviewed about their relationship goals, lifestyle, and dating preferences. Then the matchmakers look for appropriate matches from their base of members, organize the first date, and stay in contact with them afterward to learn what happened. The company's site tells that their team of professional matchmaking is committed to the success of each customer.

Instead of analyzing each person's profile created on a website, the matchmakers of It's Just Lunch conduct phone interviews in which their clients have to answer some questions about their personal attributes, life goals and their dating experiences, personal hobbies, relationship goals, and long-term career goals. In this way, the company strives to provide you with potential dates, help you find love or simply spend your free time in a pleasant company. Each client of the company is guaranteed to go on dates with the most suitable matches. The matchmakers handle all detail of these dates, from dinner reservations to the destination. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the company's customer support team by calling at (800) 489-7897. You can also get general service information, dating advice, and the necessary coaching. When you connect with It's Just Lunch for the first time, you will be scheduled a private interview for them to clarify what you are looking for in a match. Let us take a look at some other features of the company, as well as what real customers think about their experience.

Customer Reviews - Does It's Just Lunch Really Work?

After the interview is completed, you will have to sign up for the membership. After doing so, the matchmakers of It's Just Lunch will check their collection of clients to find potential matches for you. When the matchmaker chooses a match for you, they will call you and inform you about their phone numbers, addresses, and other personal info before the first date. If both parties are interested, the matchmaker will organize a low-pressure date for you to meet face to face. If you like each other and choose to continue seeing each other, you can suspend your membership. No matter how the date finishes, the matchmaking team will contact you to get your opinion and continue looking for a different match. According to the official website of the company, true customer feedback is a vital part of the IJL matchmaking process. It provides the info they need to find the proper match. However, the company cannot guarantee that you will find your love; nevertheless, you will be able to go on dates that can provide you with new possibilities for your enthusiasm and happier life.

There are quite many customer reviews about the company's activity. According to the testimonials found on, many people believe that It's Just Lunch is overpriced. It often costs several thousand dollars only for membership. However, the actual cost may vary significantly depending on the city you live in and the number of dates you go to. When compared to other matchmaking services, this price is much higher. For this reason, it would be a good idea to consider other online dating options available on the market. We encountered over 4,000 customer reviews on Consumer Affairs. Most of them reported having negative dating experiences with the company. Members said that they appreciated the assurance from the company's matchmakers that dating should be simple and fun to fit into their schedule. The staff's commitment leaves much to be desired, according to some testimonials. Not all representatives of the matchmaking staff are professional or passionate about their job. Some clients found it difficult to have to go through a matchmaker. They prefer to have more personal control over the process like on mist online dating websites. It's Just Lunch has a mobile website, but members don't get to browse profiles or photos because all matching is done by the company's staff. For this reason, many reviewers are frustrated at the slow speed that the service moves at. The representatives of It's Just Lunch state that you will be matched with only other members, while people from some locations will be unavailable to you. This may be great disappointment for clients who live far from big cities. They need to pay much money for the limited number of matches in their area. Many people experienced long gaps between dates and felt disappointed with the lack of communication from their matchmakers. Let us take a look at the reviews of actual customers of the company.

"It's JustLunch is a rip-off! I wish I had read all the negative reviews about them before I signed up and threw away a lot of money. Their salespeople seem to be so awesome at first. They said they had a lot of people in their base to find a perfect match for me. My dates were awful! None of the men I met was a paying member. One of them even showed up to a date at a restaurant in jean shorts! Believe me; they are just playing this scam on lonely people. Do not sign up!"

"I was told that It's Just lunch was a matchmaker service and that they had two perfect matches for me. I had a stressful time in trying to connect with my coach after one date. The man was uneducated, interested in sex only, and was 20 minutes late. I wanted to cancel my $2800.00 membership but he told me that is not possible. I tried to contact my coach again but he did not return my call for two weeks. I tried to dispute my charges with the credit card company and a new coach contacted me a week later. I did not respond because I was disputing the charges. I think l have been scammed out of $2800.00."

"Do not waste your money on this service. It's Just Lunch is not worth the money it costs. I saw its advertising on Fox news and I regret deciding to use it. I want to share my unsatisfactory experience in this review. To my mind, it is a deceptive company looking for potential victims. I am out $2,000 because of their deceptive ad. I am a busy executive, so I just wanted to find someone! The agent received my credit card number and took my money. They provided me only one contact. After that I have not been sent any matches for almost a year now."

My Final Summary

It's Just Lunch targets at busy professionals offering them an opportunity to find someone to spend their life with. Based on our research and third-party websites, the company does not seem to be a viable option for a person looking for their second half in life. The service is extremely expensive, especially when compared to online dating. In our research we looked at numerous reviews left by the members of the company. Most of them are disappointed with their experience. Many of them had only one or two dates but they had aid more than $2000. The customer service is unresponsive and unhelpful. Taking into account all we have learnt about It's Just Lunch, I cannot recommend it.

Where To Buy It's Just Lunch In Stores?

The cost of an It's Just Lunch membership can vary a lot based on some factors such as your location and how many dates you want to go on. Signing up for membership will guarantee that your matchmaking team gives you personalized attention, as well as prearranged dates and prospective matches. If you are interested in dating outside your region, many locations come with multi-city packages to expand the number of potential matches for you. The company does not perform background check, which can be a drawback for many customers. They strive to make their clients take responsibility for their safety and use their own judgment.