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Jenny Craig Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Jenny Craig Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that was specially designed for people who want to get rid of extra pounds from their body. The program also promises to help you manage your weight in future. It helps you to attain the weight you want by providing you with pre-packed foods, motivation, and consultation. The program is a brainchild of the Jenny Craig, Inc., the company that was founded by a couple, Sidney and Jenny Craig, in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia. It started its operation in two years. The company's headquarters are based in Carlsbad, California. There are weight loss and management centers of the company all over the country. Their consultants offer weight loss and management counseling while agents deliver the program to their clients. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach the company via email or phone.

The official website of the company contains some information and diagrams about the program. Some of the major sections in the program include the Get Started, Halfway There and the transition section. All of them intend to provide you with the needed information and guidelines to enable you to enjoy your weight loss journey. You can watch your progress, prepare healthy foods and also maintain your new weight levels. According to the manufacturer, their foods are free of binders, preservatives, fillers and other harmful components. The Jenny Craig program can be received via their official website but you will need to register first and acquire membership. After that, your personal consultant will contact you and help you set your goals. You will get access to tasty and easy to prepare meals. You will also get weight loss support and coaching on a weekly basis. You will be able to choose the meals from four weekly menus. Will Jenny Craig really help you lose weight? Let's try to answer this question in the next sections of this review.

Ingredients of Jenny Craig - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

This weight-loos program contains three sections each of which has a different purpose and is aimed at promoting weight loss and supporting it at manageable levels even after one has completed this program. The first section is called Get Started. It involves the meeting of the dieter with a Jenny Craig consultant, which may take place either at one of their centers or at a place of your choice. The consultant reviews the dieter's profile and produces a customized weight loss program that meets the needs of this dieter. The program's bulk makes use of the foods prepared at the centers. These foods can be delivered; however, they need to be supplemented with the dieter's own groceries. The dieter is also supposed to receive useful shopping tips and some sample menu guides.

Jenny Craig

The second section is called Halfway There. In this period the dieter learns how to prepare well-balanced and healthy foods without the use of Jenny Craig Products. This can be quite difficult but this experience can be used after the dieter finishes the program. The third section is called Transition Phase. It takes place when the dieter has attained their weight loss goals; they live according to the received knowledge and eat healthy foods. It is highly important to keep off the lost weight and support their levels of fitness. Unfortunately, the official website of the company does not provide any other information about the sections of the Jenny Craig program. To learn more you will only need to buy the program.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Nothing has been mentioned about possible side effects of the Jenny Craig program; however, this does not mean that it is safe for everyone. To prevent unnecessary reactions you are recommended to consult your doctor before following this weight-loss program. You should also use this program correctly. The program comes with menus you can choose from depending on your needs and state of health. You can use foods that have been already prepared or you can cook them on your own. The major precaution for you to take into account when using this program is to consult a recognized nutritionist before following it. You are expected to see improvements in your weight and shape in 5-7 weeks of sticking to your diet plan.

There are quite many customer reviews about the Jenny Craig program on third-party websites. While some dieters found the program useful and easy to follow, others found it useless and too expensive. There are also some complaints about the work of the company. For example, one customer reports that it has been six months since she made an appointment at Jenny Craig on Sand Lake Road Orlando FL. When the woman arrived the door was locked. She waited for ten minutes and finally saw a lady step up to the reception desk. That lady waved her and walked out of site, after ten more minutes she called the client who had already left. She asked the customer to book another appointment. That's very unprofessional. Another customer writes that he had been on the Jenny Craig diet and didn't like it. The meals he received were not edible and very cheap. These included foods such as popcorn. The customer service refused to cancel the second order. The company's representatives read from a script and are not helpful. Here are some of the actual users' reviews available online.

"I had minimum success with the Jenny Craig program which I followed for eight weeks. I was following the program diligently and I lost only thirteen pounds. I have switched to a different weight loss program after that but I am still being charged a membership fee of $19 on a monthly basis. I am unable to cancel it. Can anybody help me?"

"I have talked with the JennyCraig rep on the phone and was supposed to get an email and a text. But I never did. I went to see them in the center. After I told them that I was not sure whether I could afford it they never got to talk to me anymore. I went back online and contacted a salesperson who told me he would call me back but he never did. They didn't give me a chance to check how much the program would cost for me. I felt very disappointed."

"I have been with the Jenny Craig Program for three weeks and invested $800. I received a sandwich for breakfast and I saw a long black hair in the egg! I was disgusted! Now I cannot trust the quality of their foods. What if the person from whose head that hair was had any diseases? This should never happen. I called Jenny Craig Corp. and received an apology. I replied that this was not a satisfactory response. I got no explanation."

Where To Buy Jenny Craig?

The cost of the program may vary a lot, depending on your needs and personal preferences. It is mentioned to be very expensive. One person mentioned that he has spent $800 for three weeks of being in the program.

My Final Summary

The Jenny Craig weight-loss program does not seem to be effective for everyone. Weight loss results may vary from one dieter to the other. Many dieters are not satisfied with the foods they receive. These foods are very cheap and have a poor quality. A lot of dieters report that the program did not help them to enhance their weight loss and effectively prevent future gains. The company's consultants are often unprofessional and unethical. The customer service leaves much to be desired. The program has some restrictions for usage. A dieter needs to be relatively healthy to follow the Jenny Craig weight loss supporting program. Before making a final decision you are recommended to compare the monthly price of this program with that of other dietary programs. Taking into account all pros and cons of Jenny Craig, I cannot recommend it.