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Jet Alert Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Jet Alert Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Jet Alert is an alertness dietary supplement that comes in the form of pills and features caffeine as its main ingredient. The manufacturer of the product claims that one pill is equivalent to two cups of coffee. We ordered the product and became suspicious when we saw that the packaging didn't offer information about the time of action of these capsules last. Does it last for ten minutes and then you will fall asleep in the middle of your working day? After conducting our own research, we found out that this energy boosting supplement contains two hundred milligrams of caffeine. It was created with the goal to help users stay focused, awake, and on task. It promises to enhance concentration and can be used as a substitute to coffee. Jet Alert caffeine pills actually have a long list of benefits on the official website but what is known about the manufacturer behind the product?

Well, the creator of the pills is the company called Bell Pharmaceuticals. It is a family-owned company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It claims to have been in business for over thirty-five years; however, we have never heard about them. This product has not been on the market long. In fact, it has been manufactured for seven years. Unfortunately, the official website does not provide much information about the company behind Jet Alert. There are many claims, though, that the supplement can boost energy levels and help with focus and concentration. It also promises to keep you awake and increase your alertness and endurance. Jet Alert is also available in liquid and capsule form. Can these caffeine pills really help you to stay awake and focused for a long period of time? Will they increase your energy levels and help you to focus? Let's try to find answers to these and many other questions by discussing the ingredients in the product.

Ingredients of Jet Alert - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the main ingredient in this dietary product is caffeine. Inactive ingredients include Silicon dioxide, Calcium stearate, Lactose, D&C yellow 10, and Microcrystalline cellulose. As a matter of fact, there is no exact dosage information on the official website of the company. They only say that the product uses the same amount of caffeine as contained in two cups of strong coffee. According to the manufacturer, these pills are clinically proven to increase alertness. There are really numerous caffeine consumers from around the world who can confirm these claims. But can you achieve better results using these caffeine pills than just drinking coffee? It's very doubtful.

Jet Alert

Nevertheless, the caffeine craze has made many people all over the world take caffeine pills from different brands to get through the day. However, numerous studies have shown that consuming caffeine can have a negative impact on your heart and cardiovascular health in general. We will discuss more side effects of caffeine in the next section of this review. This is important information to remember when determining whether or not you need to take caffeine pills. Jet Alert is actually associated with a great number of side effects, but lower dose simply won't be as effective. So, it is up to you to decide what is more precious to your - alertness for maximum two hours or your health.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Not so much is mentioned about potential Jet Alert side effects on the official website. Let us take a look at the most common side effects you should consider before using the supplement. Shakiness is the first side effect associated with taking this product. Besides users reported feeling anxious, shaky, and unable to sleep. Many of them also reported that the supplement made them feel sick to their stomach and caused loss of appetite. In general, caffeine may cause a number of other side effects including increased alertness, edginess, poor sleep quality and quantity, digestive issues such as increased peristalsis, loose stools and diarrhea, muscle breakdown (damaging of muscle fibers), addiction and withdrawal symptoms, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, fatigue after caffeine leaves your body, frequent urination and urgency. If you cannot refuse from the supplement completely, you are recommended to follow the recommendations on how to take Jet Alert. It should be taken orally by adults with the initial dose of one tablet. In three hours, you can take another dose. Do not overdose, otherwise this may lead to sickness. You should limit the amount of additional caffeine that you ingest when taking Jet Alert. The product should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women. Do not take this pill if you have heart problems or high blood sugar levels.

There are many mixed customer reviews about Jet Alert caffeine pills. While some people reported that they experienced positive results when using the product, others complained that they did not see any improvement or even felt shaky, anxious or sick to their stomach. This supplement does have some other drawbacks. One user reports that he gave this product a shot for a week and all he can say is that this product has the same benefits as a sugar pill. Another customer is not sure if she just received a bad batch, but when she took 1000mg (5 pills) within several hours she has very little change in her fatigue level or alertness. Some users report that the supplement keeps them up the first time only. Then the product stops working at all. Let us take a look at the actual testimonials from real users found online.

"Please, don't use Jet Alert. This product can be dangerous for you if you don't normally consume caffeine. I usually drink a cup of coffee once a day (in the morning). I took 200 mg of Jet Alert because I felt tired. In a few minutes, I started experiencing the worst stomach aches and jitters in my life. Don't be an idiot and don't take it ever."

"I am not sure if JetAlert is placebo or not. I took the pills at suggested intervals of time and felt absolutely nothing. Then I took two at suggested intervals and ad ne results again. Yesterday I took three pills and still saw no effects. These pills are said to be the equivalent of six cups of coffee. I think I got a bad batch. I will try caffeine pills from another manufacturer."

"Jet alert is a strong caffeine pill. I took one in the morning before going to work and felt like I was going insane! I just felt nuts and got very sweaty. I took 1/2 of one the next morning and I felt nothing at all. It is definitely not worth the money. It is pointless to waste your money. Drink a coffee better."

Where To Buy Jet Alert?

Jet Alert can be purchased through the official website of the company and several major retails stores. Amazon offers the supplement (0.32 Ounce) at the price of $5.64 plus Free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Jet Alert Caffeine Pills have a number of disadvantages. These pills work well for few people; the others simply don't feel any effects. The results can vary from person to person depending on one's metabolic rate. The product is not suitable for people trying to lose weight. Users who have overdosed the product experienced dangerous side effects including feeling extremely nauseous, anxious, and edgy. An overdose can make the user very sick and cause heart problems, high blood pressure and insomnia. The price of Jet Alert varies from place to place. This product can be found at your local drug store or pharmacy. Taking into account everything we have learnt about these caffeine pills, I don't think you should spend your hard-earned money on Jet Alert.