Juicero Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Juicero Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Juicero is claimed to be the best countertop cold-press juicer in the world. The manufacturer says that it is a three-part system that delivers fresh juice. After making an order you are expected to get a well-sealed pack just at your door. Each pack features a climate-controlled packing and a breathable membrane. Inside the pack you will find fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the company their products are grown by organic farms. All of them have been washed three times and chopped, so that you get less food waste and more juice. They do not add any preservatives additives, or water. These packs need to be placed into the Juicero device, which is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, as the website informs. The juicer also features gearing components that function with the use of thousands of pounds of force to get more juice from each pack.

What makes this juicer special is that it is linked to your mobile gadget via its app. While the juice exits the device through a mesh filter, all the important information is transmitted to your mobile app. All you will have to do is to grab a glass and drink tasty juice. People who are used to the traditional methods of juicing, are expected to be pleasantly surprised with Juicero, since it promises to deliver fresh results within just three minutes, without any mess. This might sound like a big time-saver. But will this juicer really provide the promised value based on its cost? Are there any other options on the market you should consider? Is the device's competition better? We will help you answer these questions by taking a look at Juicero Reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Juicero Really Work?

Originally the company behind Juicero was founded by Doug Evans in 2013 in San-Francisco. Now it is headed by CEO Jeff Dunn. It has raised $120 million in venture funding in 2014. In April 2017, Bloomberg made an investigation and revealed that Juicero's packs could be squeezed not only with the Press but also by hand. Of course, this method might not be as user-friendly as the mechanical press, but it managed to squeeze out 0.5oz. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth $400 price tag. The company posted a video on their official website, where the user cut open a Pack and squashed its contents between his fingers. However, its relevancy is muddled, since this wasn't done in the original Bloomberg testing.

There is a small number of customer reviews about Juicero on third party websites. iTunes gave its app only three stars based on one review, which reported that the juice and the juicer were great, but the user didn't like the fact that they had to log in every time they opened the application. Google Play contained only twelve customer reviews at the time of our research. The average rating of the product is 1.7 stars. Most reviewers focused on the device's concept; however, it wasn't mentioned whether the machine was tested or not. Some users claim that Juicero is not worth the money it costs. It is too expensive. Let's see how the product works.

Juicero is 10.25" wide, 16.5" high, and 10" deep. Since it is a countertop device you will need some space to locate it on your countertop. It might take up a fairly big area. You will also need a meaningful amount of cabinet space for storage. The device weighs 31.5 lbs. On the outside, there is a bead-blasted aluminum door. Inside there is a BPA-free, food-grade plastic interior juice chamber. Precision-forged gearing components are made from aluminum. The Packs are made from a mix of breathable materials (LLDPE, LDPE, and PET) that maintain freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 5-7 days in your fridge. What attracts potential customers is the ease of use of the device. Within three minutes, you are expected to get eight ounces of cold pressed juice, without any mess, prep, or cleanup. You can watch a quick video provided on the official website. The pulp inside the pack can be reused or composted. The pack is recyclable. You can connect the Press to Juicero's app with your home's 2.4GHz wireless network connection. Android and iOS app offers sourcing, tracking, and nutritional information about your Packs, as well as sends notifications if your Packs are getting closer to their expiration date. You can also read about the farms your vegetables and fruits are sourced from, manage your deliveries and track Press activity. Let's take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

"We are disappointed in Juicero. My husband and I purchased this this juicer about eight months ago thinking that it would produce high-quality juice. But it turned out to be unable to extract all the juice. I can squeeze "waste" by hand and juice drips off. That's waste of food, so we stopped using this juicer. My sister-in-law purchased an Omega juicer that produced really dry "waste" compared with the one from ours. By the way, the machine is difficult to put together. The screen beneath the juicer is difficult to slide on"

"I am following gerson therapy and was interested in getting Juicero to make fresh juice but it turned out to be a horrible product. I used celery, carrots and apples to test it and the pulp comes out too wet. I tried to put it through again but it still comes out very juicy. Another problem was that the juicer produces a lot of heat. The juice comes out very warm, since the tube is hot. The question of enzyme preservation does not apply here. Finally, the juice contained small bits of pulp in it. It tastes more like smoothie not juice! I was very upset"

"I remember using a juicer similar to Juicero some twenty years ago. It was great at that period of time. I bought Juicero about six months ago because I thought it would be good. It is easy to use but I did not expect that I would have to spend so much time on preparation and clean up. That is why I do not recommend this machine to buying. It's too expensive"

My Final Summary

Juicero is not as effective and user-friendly as claimed by the company. While squeezing a Pack is not as hard as claimed, it is not necessary to spend $400 (originally $700) on a device like that. There are much less expensive machines available on the market. At the same time, this juicer is very complex and difficult to assemble, according to many real customers' reviews. Besides, it is always better to use your own fruit and vegetables for making juice with the use of a less expensive machine. One buyer reported receiving a defective unit. What is good is that there is a number of videos for you to learn more information about the product. However, many people prefer to replace their Juicero with another kind of juicer. Juicero is convenient, but can hardly be called environmentally friendly. Remember that it won't be cheap to ship the device back to the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Taking together all this, I cannot recommend Juicero.

Juicero Pricing and Rates

Juicero's Press is priced at $399. The shipping is free. Individual Packs cost $6-$7 each, while you will have to pay $32-$36 per Bundle (five Packs). Available flavors include Greens, Pure Pomegranate, Glojito, Granate Glow, Sweet Greens, Green Zing, Root Renewal+, Spicy Greens, Sweet Roots, and Beta Glow. New flavors appear each season. You will also need to set up your accompanying Pack subscription. All Juicero Presses come with a 30-day happiness guarantee, as well as a two-year warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials. You can contact the customer support at 650-449-8944 or help@juicero.com.