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JustFab is a website that promises shoppers a great collection of high-quality boots and shoes for the reasonable price of $39.95. In case of their sale, you can buy two pairs for the same price. This service offers additional categories of items to meet your shopping expectations, including jewelry, accessories, and denim. The parent company of JustFab's, JustFab Inc., operates such websites as FabKids.com, ShoeDazzle.com, and Fabletics.com. They have gained positive customer reputation and significantly broadened within the last year. They offer sweet deals on high-quality and fashionable shoes. At present, they service millions of people and have attracted $149 million in backing! If you are interested, continue reading to learn what exactly JustFab offers.

To see the wide variety of products, you will need to go to JustFab.com. The website is designed similarly to Shoebuy, Zappos, or other online retailers. The major difference is that, all shoes, denim products and handbags sold through the site are priced at $39.95 across the board, unlike traditional retailers whose prices vary from product to product. It should be noted, however, that jewelries are priced individually. Each item comes with the standard information: available sizing options and colors, materials, some additional details, and a fit survey. The majority of things come with user reviews to give you the idea of what the product is in reality. Most of the reviews seem to be positive. The pricing system on the website is unique. Products are given two prices: the "VIP price" ($39.95) and the "regular price" listed at $49.00. There is 0.5 cents difference but this issue makes most customers buy items at the VIP price.

Customer Reviews - Does JustFab Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about JustFab on the Internet. They carry a mixed character - while some people are happy with the service and its features, others complain about it. The major complaint referenced subscription charges. Some users of the site were not aware of the fact that it would cost them some money to use the service. However, there is always an opportunity to contact the customer service to learn the details of the membership. If you are not aware of the terms of using the service, don't subscribe to it and you won't have problems. According to numerous positive customers' testimonials, the customer service is very helpful and involves many polite and professional representatives. One guy writes that he ordered two pairs of shoes from the website and received them in a week. He was highly satisfied with the quality of the shoes as well as with the fast delivery. To his mind, the company offers great selections of shoes to meet any tastes, needs and weather conditions.

JustFab is a comfortable service specially created for those who haven't either time or desire to go shopping physically. It is more convenient to sit on your favourite sofa and choose what you want to buy in the comfort of your home. The shoes and boots are available in different sizes and designs. The majority of customers say that the items have high quality. They appear to be happy with their shopping on JustFab website. Some people mentioned having good experience of dealing with the customer service. In reality, the company has no hidden charges, you only need to learn the details if you are interested in subscribing to the membership. Most people are satisfied with the nice design of the official website that is also very easy to use. The shoes they receive are reported to have good quality and to be comfortable to wear. The only disadvantage about the company is that the majority of shoes are non-returnable. If you want to cancel and avoid repeated charges, all you need to do is to contact the customer service representatives. To become the member of the club, you can register with their email address or Facebook. To sign up for VIP membership you will need to take a short style quiz. This will allow the website to make recommendations personally for you. Then you may look through the offered items or their entire stock and buy any item you like at the VIP price of $39.95. Everything is very easy. Let's take a look at the reviews of actual users of the service.

"Many people are complaining about the VIP membership, but the JustFab website says about it in a clear way. The company also provides you with the option in your Cart to benefit from the membership. I had some questions, so I called the customer service and they cleared everything up for me. They also made sure that I knew all the details of the membership and that it presupposes monthly fee. They made it clear that my credit card would be charged $40 every month. So, do not write negative reviews about the company only because you ignored to make everything clear for you."

"I normally avoid leaving reviews about any products or services but I had to because I was not only surprised but indignant about how many bad reviews JustFab has. Most of them relate to the charge per month. To my mind, it is quite fair as the company offers really high-quality shoes and other items for extremely low prices. For example, I ordered two pairs of boots that I liked so much. They cost me only $39. That’s a bargain! I am happy to be a member of this company. There are no hidden withdrawals, believe me."

"JustFab offers a big collection of great products. I also like their fantastic customer service. The website is convenient and easy to use with the pictures of high quality. However, you will need to follow the instructions to set up. I have bought may present for my beloved ones from this site. I have always been pleased with the quick delivery and the entire process in general. All of the products look the same as they are depicted in the pictures on the site. I do recommend this service!"

My Final Summary

JustFab is a wonderful online service that offers perfect collections of boots, shoes, clothes and accessories to people who prefer shopping online. With the company's website you will be able to do it in the comfort of your home. In addition, buying trendy items will allow you to save your money. According to numerous customer reviews available online, shopping with this site is fabulous. Believe it or not but you can buy high-quality stylish boots for only $20.00 and free shipping! The package usually comes in seven days. The shipping is fast and the boots are amazing.

The customer service is helpful and sweet, as most customers claim. Remember that the company offers subscription service, so you will need to sign up for their VIP membership if you want to buy any of their products. Your credit card will be charged $39.95 in the beginning of every month. If you don't want to be charged, log into your account and inform JustFab that you would like to skip purchases for the next month or so. If you are interested in buying high-quality shoes online, this service can be a great option for you. I recommend this website.

JustFab Pricing and Rates

The service can be used online for a $40 fee each month. As it was already mentioned, all items available on the website (denim products, shoes, jewelry, and handbags) are sold at the same price - $39.95. Only jewelries have different prices. Each item has two prices. The first one is called the "VIP price" ($39.95) and the second one is known as a "regular price" ($49.00). This 0.5 cents difference forces the majority of customers to purchase things at the VIP price.