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The Kars4Kids charity makes donating your car, motorcycle boat, RV, personal watercraft, or just about any other vehicle easy, fast, and 100% free. All you will need to do is to spend a few minutes on filling out a form on their official website. You can also call the company directly. Be ready that your vehicle will be picked up within 24 hours, no matter where you live or the state of your vehicle. In addition, the company accepts donations of real estate, cash, life insurance, etc. Donating to Kars4Kids will help you to save your money on taxes and get a voucher for a three-day, two-night hotel stay at fifty locations across the country. All this can be done without headaches, paperwork, or cost to you. This is why this is one of the largest car donations charities. They have more than 400,000 donors at present. Kars4Kids does meaningful work and changes a lot of children's lives for better. Let's try to understand whether Kars4Kids is the best option to donate your vehicle by studying its major features.

To begin, Kars4Kids is based out of Lakewood, NJ. It is non-profit charity organization that addresses material, educational, spiritual and emotional needs of Jewish children and their families. It has worked since 1995. Its network includes more than 1,650 mentors and volunteers throughout the country who help children to improve their lives by providing them with positive experiences in the spheres of school, community, friends, and family. In combination with their sister charity, Oorah, Kars4Kids does this by offering the following services. Youth Development involves summer meal programs, more than forty ChillZone locations, extracurricular programs, summer camp, and youth groups. Educational Services presuppose tuition assistance, school placement and afterschool learning. Community and Family Outreach involves small grant initiatives, charity distributions, family holiday retreats, community outreach, cultural activities, and public service campaigns. In the next section, we will learn what Kars4Kids customers think about this company.

Customer Reviews - Does Kars4Kids Really Work?

Kars4Kids has very positive professional feedback because this charity organization offers nice assistance to Jewish children. But if you are thinking about donating money or time to any of similar companies, it is recommended to check out its website on such important factors like accountability, financial performance, transparency, and more. According to their 2014 filing, the company brought in about $34.7 million. About $3.9 million remained after expenses. Taking all this into consideration, Kars4Kids was given an overall rating of two stars on Charity Navigator. The company received just one star for financial and five stars for transparency and accountability. You can find a very detailed article about Kars4Kids on CharityWatch.com. It was written in 2010 and claimed that the organization has done great job by assisting Jewish kinds. It was more up front with their advertising than JOY and Oorah. It was mentioned in the article that the free hotel vouchers were mainly just tickets to timeshare presentations.

The feedback from Kars4Kids customers appears to be very positive too. In fact, the company had a 99% approval rating on Feefo.com. The majority of clients said that the process was easy and fast. However, few complaints referenced delays getting paperwork post-donation. The organization also had a 3.5-star rating on Yelp that contains about twenty individual reviews. Most compliments cited the ease of the process. The most common complaint referenced paperwork and processing issues. ComplaintsBoard contained dozens of complaints about Kars4Kids, the majority of which referenced problems receiving paperwork. To better understand whether the organization is really worth addressing; let's take a look at what real users think about it.

"Kars4Kids guys are super helpful and friendly. We just moved to another city and were having problems replacing the license plate on our automobile. But they jumped in immediately and fixed the whole housing for the holder for free. They did not make us wait, even though they had a bunch of work. They just wanted to do their neighbors a favor and we were extremely grateful to them. This business is definitely worth supporting."

"Kars4Kids is the best charity organization for Jewish kids. It is designed to fit the needs of Jewish children. You can choose from an always on setting that is recommended for people who travel with children a lot. You can choose the times of alerts and notifications. You can also turn the alert every time you travel. Options can be set differently for each vehicle you use. Thank you for everything."

"I started donating into this organization a few years ago. I benefited from Kars4Kids safety app most of all. It is designed for parental and adult monitoring in cases where other electronic applications fail. It helps to perform a visual check for my children. This app gives me the peace of mind that my children are safe on the backseat. The app relies on Bluetooth technology, so there is no difficulty of using it. It is easy to setup and has a customized alert ringtone."

My Final Summary

Kars4Kids charity organization is associated with dozens of different personal factors that might help you to stop your choice on this company. These include many positive recommendations from friends and acquaintances, the ease of doing business, financials, the charity's overall mission, and much more. Even though each one of these factors weighs differently for each of us, all of them are important. Tips for Donating a Car to Charity include looking for an organization that decreases the use of middlemen. In fact, this is what Kars4Kids claims to do. It is recommended to donate it to a charity that uses the car in their operations.

To ensure that you get the most return on your gift, you might look for other car donation organizations online. However, to my mind, it is senseless and you will just waste your time. Kars4Kids is one of the most reputable and largest charity organizations in the country. It supports a variety of worthy sphere including Jewish children. If you need more information about this company, you can check out Kars4Kids' tax filing tips and the IRS Donor's Guide to Vehicle Donation. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I would recommend Kars4Kids.

Kars4Kids Pricing and Rates

It costs absolutely nothing to donate your vehicle to Kars4Kids. All you will need to do is to fill out a form on their site or call them directly. Your vehicle may be picked up within a day or two despite its condition and your place of residence. Besides, the organization accepts donations of the form of cash, real estate, life insurance, etc. Donating to this company will help you to decrease your taxes and receive a voucher for a three-day, two-night hotel stay, which is available at fifty locations across the country. If you want to be helpful, you should donate through Kars4Kids.