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Keen Home

Each of us likes to sit in the comfort of our home in front of a computer. Imagine that you enjoy yourself sitting in a cozy chair with the right temperature in the room. But when you go out of the room, you realize that your whole house is not as comfortable as your room. The rest of the house is much cooler than your office. You may notice especially cold spots in your house. And it may seem almost impossible to get rid of them. Fortunately, the situation can be changed with the Keen Home's Smart Vents. Each unit uses sensors to control the temperature and the airflow in the area where it is installed. The device helps to shut off the air to other rooms and to eliminate hot and cold spots. But what is more important about Keen Home is that it claims to reduce your energy costs by 30%.

Keen Home's Smart Vents can connect to a few different smart thermostat models with the help of the company's Smart Bridge. It means that each family member can add their own preferences. The device can take command of the airflow and reduce your bank account, according to the company's claims. The product has an official website that provides all the necessary information on how the Smart Vents work. The company behind the unit is called Keen Home. It appears to release Smart Vents in March of 2014 by its founders, Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain. These specialists appeared on Shark Tank in February 2015, where they accepted a $750K deal from Robert Herjavec for a 13% stake in the company.

Customer Reviews - Does Keen Home Really Work?

There are numerous user reviews on the product on different websites. Most users are pleased with how Keen Home Smart Vent is constructed and how it works. Each device is equipped with pressure and temperature sensors. It means that it can be opened and closed at a distance in order to adjust airflow. According to Keen Home, these vents should be installed in those rooms that are the least used during the day or get more cold or hot air than they need. These can be rooms that are too warm in the winter or too cold in the summer. Another thing that people like about Keen Home vents is that they are very easy to install. You will need to remove your current air vent, set your new Smart Vent, and connect it to the Smart Bridge. You can consult the Installation Guide for more information). Each vent has interchangeable faceplates that attach magnetically to turn on your vents. You can select prefinished wood faceplates or unfinished ones to match your decor.

Most users are satisfied with the fact that each Smart Vent works on four AA batteries. These are claimed to last up to three years. The user receives a smartphone notification when it is time to change them. Keen Home's Smart Bridge is about the same size as a wireless router. It requires connection to the internet and works on a ZigBee platform. This device acts as the hub between your Smart Vents, your Keen Home App, and your smart thermostat. It has repeater mode, cloud integration, and smartphone control. The Keen Home App is responsible for opening and closing your vents. But in combination with a smart thermostat and the Smart Bridge, you will be able to control the amount of air and adjust temperature remotely.

The next thing that is highly appreciated by the users of Keen Home's Smart Vents is that these can be used in different modes. There is a Manual Mode that means the use of the app to manually control the amount of air reaching the room. Auto Mode allows setting each room to the necessary temperature, and the vents will automatically balance the airflow to maintain this temperature. The third mode, Integrated Home, can connect your Keen Home system to a smart thermostat. The Keen Home system helps to save significant amount of money on energy bills without any damage. The device took part at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where it was proven to potentially save up to 10 - 15 percent of energy. It is obvious that consumers like the idea and find the system useful for their home. Amazon contains a great number of user reviews on Keen Home with an average rating of four stars. Most people are pleased with the comfort the system offers them. Besides, it gives an opportunity to save money. Here are some of the users' reports I would like to share with you.

"I liked that the Keen Home vents required completely painless setup and paired with my new Smart Vents very fast. It can also be paired with the SmartThings hub, but I wasn't so lucky to do so. The Keen Bridge works as claimed on the official website of the company. It took really little energy and time to make my smart vent system start working. I highly recommended this system for a home automation enthusiast."

"This review is dedicated to the Smart Bridge, Smart Vent, and Keen Home app. All of these items work well together. These have a lot of pros. The product can really make a difference and save a lot of energy. The hardware and packaging are of the highest quality. Each vent incorporates aluminum and well-made plastics, even though the product costs just $100. Additional Smart Bridges can serve as repeaters (range extenders) and they are quite cheap. Their customer service is very helpful and the staff is always kind and polite."

"KeenHome vents work just excellent. As soon as I installed them, I felt the temperature change in my house instantly. Now, the rooms are much cooler than before. The vents come with the covers, so they won't fall down. At first, I was mistaken with the proper placing of the batteries, but then I succeeded. I am in love with my smart vents and I am going to order two more units. I highly recommend them."

My Final Summary

Based on everything we have learned about the Keen Home Vents, there are several important considerations to remember. These units are potentially able to save money. The system can save an average of 10%-15% on your utility bills. It is not very expensive, however, it is up to you to decide whether this product is worth buying. These vents can directly control the airflow in your home, creating comfortable temperature. So, if you want to quickly control airflow, Keen Home can be the best option for you. The system is very easy to install and operate.

The vents can totally change the temperature and comfort of the room you put them in. This invention will help you to save a ton of money on your utility bills! It is great but you should hurry up to buy your unit, as the product has attracted much people's attention. You will likely enjoy their customer support if you need it. The app and product are continuously being improved to get safer and more reliable. If you're passionate about the innovative home automation products, Keen Home will be just right for you.

Where To Buy Keen Home In Stores?

You can purchase Keen Home vents directly through their official website. these are also available through Amazon. Keen Home's Starter kit includes two Smart Vents and one Smart Bridge. The whole set costs $195. According to the company, it is recommended to purchase four vents to start.