Ketosis Strips Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Ketosis Strips Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ketosis Strips

If you hear about Ketosis Strips for the first time, you should be aware of the fact that this is a weight loss product created for people who would like to improve their shape. These are also called keto strips, but in this review we are going to take a look not only at what this product is but also whether it is worth buying at all. To understand what these products are, let us first understand what ketosis is. Well, this is a process in which your liver breaks down body fat. It is a part of normal human metabolism as a result of which ketones are produced. These are the major source of fuel in the human body, which is especially important to understand during a ketogenic diet. It means that if you want to lose weight via this process, you can benefit from these particular bodies every day of your life. Ketosis Strips are created to help you measure your ketone levels during the diet.

Today we are going to discuss Ketone Strips from the company called Smackfat, which is relatively popular on Amazon. The product is said to be FDA approved and to help get ready for Ketogenic Diet. These strips were designed to support the low carb/high fat levels recommended by the ketogenic diet. The company was founded by Kaba, a man who defeated his obesity by losing 85lbs in just four months. The Smackfat brand has been always focused on helping people who want to make their weight goals reality. How do Ketones work? Well, ketones are accumulated when the human body needs to break down fatty acids and for fuel. It is very important when the body lacks carbohydrates or sugar. Smackfat offers a support group of people who long to reach the same goals. Do Ketosis Strips really work? Let's try to answer this question by taking a look at the real users' reviews further.

Customer Reviews - Do Ketosis Strips Really Work?

Ketosis Sticks are claimed to offer a number of benefits the major of which is promoted weight loss. The product promises to help you figure out how you are making progress. It is important because lack of carbohydrates in the body makes the metabolism switch from burning glucose to burning fats. If your body is free from carbohydrates for a long period of time, keton bodies will be found in your urine easily. Within the first week of this special diet, weight loss comes from muscle tissue, glycogen, and water. In this period, you won't lose any body fat. Several days later, your body will start producing these bodies from the breakdown of triglycerides or fatty acids. But, according to many people's reviews, this process needs time to start working full-force. The more ketones are present in your body, the more protein oxidation will decrease. Your body is promised to start fueling itself using fats. This is what this process is about, as the manufacturer claims. So, if you are trying to stick to this diet and do not see any results you may need to reveal the reason behind this problem.

According to the majority of users' reviews, Ketosis Strips are easy to read. Since they are designed to measure the amount of ketones in urine, you will need to urinate in a cup and dip one stick into it for a few seconds. Wait two minutes for the stick before reading the results. To do this you will need to compare the color of your stick to the color provided in the chart on the product's pack. The best way not to get mistaken is to hold up your sample next to the chart and find the color it matches the most. Read the result that corresponds with the color representing your state. According to most users, these urine test sticks are quite expensive for a product of this kind. Let's focus on Smackfat Ketosis Strips. Many customers complain that they are not accurate. Thus, one user reports that during many days these sticks showed no ketones. He decided to obtain Siemens UA strips. The man used the same urine samples and followed all the directions provided by the manufacturers. As a result, the Siemens strip showed considerable ketonuria, while the Smackfat Ketosis Strip did not.

Another customer reported high inaccuracy between readings of different strips. She had to spend additional money and was frustrated with significant deviations in the results. When you are in induction phase you need to track your progress with effective ketosis strips. One user writes in his testimonial that she has used these strips at different times of the day and every time had a negative result. She says that she consumes less than 30 carbs a day, loses abdominal weight and has other symptoms of ketosis. It seems that these strips simply do not work. They are a waste of money and there is no opportunity to get your money back. The woman has less than 10 pounds to lose, which can be reason why these strips are not sensitive enough. One customer thinks that he has got old ketosis strips, since they are not reacting at all. He needs to look for another brand. In another case, the sticks have changed their color to gray, even though they were stored in a cool dry place all the time. According to the expiration date on the bottle, they still have one year, but they seem to have expired! Let us take a look at actual customers' reviews left online to understand whether Smackfat Ketosis Strips work.

"Ketosis Strips worked well for me for the first week or two, but since then they have changed their color. When I use them, they turn a dark brown color, no matter what kind of fluid I dip them into. I even tried water and sour juice. They have not expired yet, according to the label but they are completely useless. I do not recommend this product to anyone"

"KetosisStrips I have been low carb for almost three years but I have had a few cheat weekends already, but, as a matter of fact, the strips did not show any changes in the results. I wasn't getting back into ketosis after two weeks of very strict carb-counting diet following a cheat weekend and still no changes. I ordered another brand of ketone strips and was really surprised that I was deep into ketosis. Smackfat strips are all ineffective and not accurate"

"After testing Ketosis strips for a few days while being on a restrictive diet I was really messed up. I saw no changes in the coloring of the test strips. My husband is healthier than me, so I decided to test the strips on him. He had no changes too. These are bogus and I am going to get another brand. These are not a good choice for me"

My Final Summary

As you can see, with a lot of ketosis strips available on the market, it can be a difficult task to choose the proper ones. Smackfat Ketosis Strips appeared to have low quality and to be unable to reliably tell you whether your body is in that state. If you need quick and reliable results, you will need to look for Keto Strips from some other manufacturer. While considering available options pay attention to the cost of the product. High-quality sticks cannot be cheap. Also pay attention to the real customers' reviews. Taking into account all pros and cons of Smackfat Ketosis Strips I cannot recommend this brand.

Ketosis Strips Pricing and Rates

Amazon offers Smackfat Ketosis Strips (100 strips) for $9.95. The manufacturer provides video demonstration on how to use ketone strips and the ketosis diet in general. There is three-year warranty.