Keurig Kold Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Keurig Kold Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Keurig Kold

Keurig Kold is a coffee machine, quite large in size. You should know this for you understand whether it will be right for your kitchen countertop. So, you should seriously consider whether you have enough space to locate the machine. It is cleverly engineered, thus, it makes tasty beverages, especially that seltzer. You can choose from more than two dozen varieties. It takes about 90 seconds to make a beverage for this coffee machine. Its cost is nearly $400. There are some other things for you to know about the Keurig Kold. One of them is that it produces very good drinks. You will certainly enjoy the subtly lime-flavored seltzer. A lot of technology is packed into that machine. For example, the cooling method involves the two thermoelectric conductors, the two-piece aluminum chamber, and the tiny propeller that splashes water up to the cold aluminum.

Keurig Kold is an impressive innovation, big, wide and tall. It weighs over 23 pounds and has an attractive modern design that will fit into any interior of the kitchen. The front button shows when your beverage is cold, and a glowing indicator shows how cold your drink is. It creates some noise when working but it's normal about powerful coffee machines. It is easy to use. The process is simple. Take pod, remove protective seal, plug in the machine, push the button and wait. It takes around 90 seconds for Keurig Kold to disperse an eight-ounce beverage. The machine produces extremely tasty drinks, according to users' reviews. You can add any of the flavors to add to your drink.

Customer Reviews - Does Keurig Kold Really Work?

The company behind the product is called Keurig. It is based in the USA and this company debuted Keurig Kold, its newest machine quite recently. There are many customer reviews online about this machine - both positive and negative. Some customers are complaining that the machine is too big and takes up a lot of counter space. There are some complaints about loud noise it produces. However, being a specialist in this sphere I can confidently say that all powerful coffee machines produce noise. It is considered to be the norm. Some customers say that they don't notice the buzzing sound when the machine is plugged in. probably this depends from a person who uses it. Some users say that it can take up a few hours for it to cool after being plugged in. Since the device takes much time to cool down, keep it plugged in all the time to use it on a regular basis. But does it really matter? I don't think so. The main advantage of Keurig Kold is that it makes really tasty beverages. One customer says that this machine is an "absolute monster" and he simply adores it.

One customer said that Keurig Kold can overheat unless you keep it two inches from the wall. This is rule for all coffee machines, to tell you the truth. The machine makes single 8-ounce servings of soda from disposable pods of syrup. A few customers said that there is no option to increase the size of the drink. This is not true. They need to read the instructions more carefully. Other users said that Keurig Kold doesn't always case if this happens to you, call the customer service immediately and the problem will be solved as soon as possible. You do not need to waste expensive soda pods. Be wise. If you fail to remove the pod's freshness seal, the company will gladly replace the pod. Another customer said he was glad to have bought this product. It is not very economical but it is convenient to use. Besides, he really enjoys beverages it makes. These are much tastier than those sold in bottles. It really hums a bit but he can easily tolerate this noise.

In general, the rating of Keurig Kold is 4 stars out of 5 on its official website. It contains 74 reviews more than a half of which seem to be positive. Some reviews, however, sound hyper-critical. I think they are left by competitors of the product. There are some critics around the price of this coffee machine. Keurig representatives respond to each of the reviewers. They claiming that the machine contains great technological and innovation advancements. This is the reason of a relatively higher cost of the product. I have to say that Keurig Kold is worth the money it costs. Let us take a look at some reviews ofactual customers.

"I am truly excited to use the Keurig Kold machine every day and for special occasions. My guests always admire the drinks I treat them with. They ask where I bought such a wonderful coffee machine and I recommend them this precious device. I am going to buy more pods and enjoy using this machine and the beverages it makes."

"I am satisfied with KeurigKold but I am waiting for its new version in future. I would like to have a smaller machine and that producing less noise. In general I like what I have now. I am glad to have such a helpful household appliance in my house. I can enjoy tasty coffee on a daily basis now. This machine can automatically chill beverages and it is an advantage for me."

"Keurig Kold always works well. I have not faced big problems since I bought it. However, I called the customer service several times as I had some questions. A pleasant lady was kind to explain everything to me. Thank you. I buy Coca-Cola soda pods in packs of four from the website. They cost only $4.99. Every pod is about $1.25. I love the Keurig company very much and this machine has worked for me great."

My Final Summary

Even though the Keurig Kold has a few complaints from customers online, however, it is mainly associated with positive testimonials. People who have this coffee machine are really proud of it. It is a massive kitchen appliance but it produces such tasty beverages, that all of your guests will envy you. Be ready that they will visit you more often. The machine retails for $370. If it is too expensive for you, you may opt for a hot-beverage Keurig available on the market today, but you will not enjoy it as much. For that, you should get Keurig Kold. This machine also uses pods that can be bought from the official website too. They are not expensive and produce delicious drinks.

The greatest advantage about Keurig Koldis that it uses innovation technologies to create beverages of your dream. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and have your money back. At present the machine can make 26 beverage types all of which are listed at Keurig's official website. These include flavored water, iced tea, soda, seltzer, and energy drink in your pantry. There are carbonated options with CO2 built directly into each pod. So, you don't have to futz with canister refills. No matter which drink preferences you have, Keurig Kold will meet any of your needs. I can certainly recommend this machine to buying.

Where To Buy Keurig Kold In Stores?

The product can be directly ordered from the official website. It is quite expensive for a coffee machine but it is worth the money it costs. One using of Keurig Kold costs about $400.